Update Samsung A51 Price And Specification Review

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Update Samsung A51 Price And Specification Review

Update Samsung A51 Price And Specification Review

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Samsung Galaxy A51 5g

Can a $ 400 phone really be that good? When the device in question is the Samsung Galaxy A51, the answer is simple – it’s great. As the first true representative of the Galaxy A family in the US, the A51 is a compelling effort that proves Samsung can make a good mid-range phone. In fact, Samsung’s budget phone (US $ 9,329 in the UK and AU $ 599 in Australia) also launches the iPhone SE (which costs US $ 399, US $ 9,419 and AU $ 749) in significant ways. When it comes to screen size and clarity, phone specs, camera quality and performance, the Galaxy A51 delivers where it counts, with one caveat.

The Galaxy A51 is available as part of a bundle on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Amazon, and Samsung.com.

It is the speed of its Samsung-made Exynos 9611 processor that is the Galaxy A51’s Achilles heel. Performance slows down everyday tasks such as waiting for a website to load or for apps to update. Control tests support this real-world observation.

The Galaxy A51 certainly lags behind high-end phones like the Galaxy S20, but also when the A51 clashes with its main competitor. Since Apple has supplied the iPhone SE with the same A13 Bionic chipset as the more expensive iPhone 11, Apple’s budget device is moving fast. The iPhone SE also beats the A51 when it comes to water resistance and wireless charging, which both of the cheaper Samsung phones lack. (For a full comparison of the Galaxy A51 and iPhone SE specs, see the table at the end of this review.)

Samsung Galaxy A51 & A71 Smartphone Review

But the Galaxy A51 has its own charm. For the SE’s starting price, the iPhone SE doubles the built-in storage, giving you 128GB out the gate, compared to the SE’s 64GB for its cheaper model, and it also supports external storage. Samsung’s screen is much larger, with thinner bezels that make the phone look more modern and less waste of space. Battery life is also about the same between the two phones. Both record around 16 hours of round-trip video testing in airplane mode, with more lab tests on the way. The Galaxy A51 lasted 20 minutes longer than the SE in this test.

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The Galaxy A51 is comparable to Samsung phones and iPhones on the camera front as well: Galaxy photos are more saturated than the natural tones of the iPhone. The iPhone SE benefits from optical image stabilization, but the A51’s four cameras offer more shooting options than the iPhone SE. The SE is missing a wide-angle lens, which I think is the most important. But on the other hand, the photo quality is very close and, in one or the other scenario, the other is sharp. What’s more, my colleague Lexi Savvids made this excellent and in-depth comparison between Galaxy A51 and iPhone SE.

Take the iPhone SE out of the equation and the A51 matches the Galaxy S20 Plus for a third of the price. Considering that the A51 is significantly cheaper than the phones in the Galaxy S20 family, it’s an impressive overall package.

Update Samsung A51 Price And Specification Review

It’s hard to tell the two big phones at first glance, the A51’s front-facing camera is sharper, and the A51 uses in-screen fingerprint optics. Speaking of which, the fingerprint reader is more accurate to me than the Galaxy S20’s ultrasonic sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Price In South Africa

The A51 is also slightly lighter, as it has a plastic rather than glass holder. When I joined the two sides and watched the same Netflix show in the same frame, the A51’s screen was as bright, detailed, and colorful as the Galaxy S20 Plus. Even the weather outside in the afternoon sun was beautiful.

Photos and videos look much better on the Galaxy S20, especially since the resolution of photos is sharper on the more expensive model and the OIS makes images and videos smoother and more stable. You can take advantage of Samsung’s native software on the Galaxy A51’s camera, including night mode, and the phone has settings like macro and HDR. You can take 48 megapixel photos by selecting the camera. Comparing the same zoomed-in photos taken with both phones on my laptop screen, it’s easy to see where the Galaxy S20 is superior. In other photos, the photos of local flowers as I walked or the dinner I made looked great.

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The Galaxy A51 has macro photography, while the Galaxy S20 is out for me when I’m up close. In some cases, it was very easy to blur macros with the A51. Selfies are much better on the Galaxy S20, but the A51 is fine. Also, you can use portrait mode and beauty mode to soften the scene.

The water resistance of the Galaxy A51 is disappointing. There are many modern phones available, although for budget devices they need to be waterproof and “hair resistant”. The A51’s daytime battery life lasted from morning to night, averaging 16 hours and 10 minutes after three video tests in airplane mode. I will update this review with the results of our two lab tests over Wi-Fi.

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Fortunately, the A51 also includes a 15-watt fast charger in the box, but unlike Galaxy S20 phones, you’ll need to hand your headphones and all USB-C cables to USB-C cables. But it comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable.

Although the versions of the phones are slowing down, the Galaxy A51 is one of at least 16 phones to be launched in 2020. Samsung has also confirmed plans to make another sophisticated phone.

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Update Samsung A51 Price And Specification Review

The Galaxy A51 is not only one of the best Samsung phones, but also one of the company’s most successful devices. It has attracted millions of customers around the world for its mix of features and specifications at a competitive price in the mid-range segment.

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By the way, it has been almost two years since this phone was released. So, it’s time for Samsung to customize the firmware for the Galaxy A51. Those who own the device will not be happy to know that the Galaxy A51 will receive two updates from the year onwards.

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The Galaxy A51 is on the list of Samsung devices that have received three Android OS updates. It is eligible for Android 12 One UI 4.0 update. Samsung is expected to release One UI 4.0 for the device in the coming weeks.

Samsung also promises to provide smartphones with four years of security updates. These updates are released for devices with a monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual cycle. The Galaxy A51 was previously on the quarterly schedule. This means it will receive new security updates every three months.

The Galaxy A51 has already received the February 2022 security update, and the device has been shortened to a two-year cycle. Samsung will continue to release two security updates per year for the Galaxy A51. It should be noted that the Galaxy A51 5G remains in the quarterly cycle.

Galaxy A51 Review: Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: A Capable Performer

Samsung never gives any reason to take the devices apart, so we don’t know what prompted the company to make this decision. All Galaxy A51 owners can do now is embrace the new norm.

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A new surprise awaits Galaxy A51 customers in the United States. Samsung is now releasing a security patch for the Galaxy A51 variant, which has yet to be unveiled in October 2022. While the Galaxy A51 vector variants do not appear to have received a security update this month, the unlocked Galaxy A51 (SM-A515U1 ) has now joined the queue. […]

Update Samsung A51 Price And Specification Review

It’s been a few months since the Galaxy A51 received a software update and it’s time for a change. Samsung has started rolling out a new update for the Galaxy A51 and is now rolling out a new security package for the 2019 mid-range phone. Although Samsung has made October 2022 […]

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