Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review

Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review – One of Samsung’s most successful smartphones last year was the Galaxy A50. We tested the replacement to see if the best results could be continued.

Samsung has been very successful in the “recovery” of mid-range smartphones – especially the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A40, devices in the mid-range price range between $250 and $350 that have done very well. The successor to the Galaxy A50 is now ready to take hold and has upgraded features from its predecessor.

Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review

Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review

Most importantly, though, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is definitely problematic. Sure, some other phones may have longer battery life or more performance, but at least the Galaxy A51 offers a good, reliable balance that accepts those limitations.

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It is very likely that the Galaxy A51 will be another success for Samsung, although some potential buyers may be put off by small things, such as the amount of pre-installed software (bloatware). If you already own a Galaxy A50 and are happy with it, you can relax. The changes aren’t so big that they require an immediate upgrade.

You can read a detailed account of the test results and our likes and dislikes in the detailed Samsung Galaxy A51 review.

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Review

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Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review

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How can a $400 phone be good? When the device in question is the Samsung Galaxy A51, the answer is simple: it’s very good. As the first representative of the Galaxy A family in the US, the A51 is proof that Samsung can make a good mid-range phone worth buying. In fact, Samsung’s budget phone (£329 in the UK and AU$599 in Australia) even outperforms the iPhone SE (starting at £399, £419 and AU$749) in a number of unique and important ways. With . When it comes to screen size and clarity, phone features, camera quality and performance, the Galaxy A51 delivers, bar one.

The Galaxy A51 is sold on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Amazon and as part of a bundle on Samsung.com.

It is the speed of the Samsung Exynos 9611 that is the Achilles heel of the Galaxy A51. The performance feels slow to perform everyday tasks such as waiting for websites to load or apps to refresh. The empirical evidence supports these observations in the real world.

The Galaxy A51 is definitely behind high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S20, but also when compared to its A51 rivals. That’s because Apple has given the iPhone SE the same A13 Bionic chip as the more expensive iPhone 11, so Apple’s budget devices run faster. The iPhone SE also beats the A51 when it comes to water resistance and wireless charging, both features of Samsung’s more expensive phones. (For a full comparison of the Galaxy A51 and the iPhone SE, see the chart at the end of this review.)

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Test

But the Galaxy A51 is worth it. It doubles the iPhone SE’s storage for the starting SE, giving you 128GB out of the box compared to the SE’s 64GB for the cheaper model — and it also supports external storage. Samsung’s screen is large, with a smooth texture that makes the phone feel modern and compact. Battery life is also similar between the two phones. Both are logged for 16 hours of video testing in flight mode, with laboratory tests on their way. The Galaxy A51 lasted about 20 minutes longer than the SE in this test.

The Galaxy A51 also holds its own on the front of the camera in the usual way of Samsung phones and iPhones: The Galaxy’s images are much more detailed than the standard iPhone’s audio. The iPhone SE gains in video options, but the A51’s four cameras also give you more shooting options than the iPhone SE. The wide angle is what I care about the most, which is absent in the SE. But in everything else, the image quality is very close, with a margin in this or that. For more, my colleague, Lexy Savvides, did a nice and in-depth Galaxy A51 vs iPhone SE comparison.

Remove the iPhone SE from the equation and the A51 is on par with the Galaxy S20 Plus at a third of the price. Considering the A51 is significantly cheaper than any other phone in the Galaxy S20 family, it’s an overall package.

Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review

On the other hand, it’s hard to tell the two phones apart at first glance, except that the A51’s front-facing camera is sharper and the A51 uses an in-screen fingerprint scanner. In general, the fingerprint reader is more accurate for me than the Galaxy S20’s ultrasonic sensor.

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The A51 is a little lighter, too, as it has a plastic back instead of glass. When I put both sides together and watched the same Netflix show at the same rate, the A51’s screen was as sharp, detailed, and colorful as the Galaxy S20 Plus. The ability to be outside in the afternoon sun was also great.

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Photos and videos look great on the Galaxy S20, mainly because the photo quality is sharper for the best models, and because it has OIS, it delivers smooth, stable photos and videos. You can take advantage of Samsung’s native software for the Galaxy A51’s camera, including night mode, and the phone has settings like macro and HDR. You can take 48 megapixel photos with the optional camera. When I compare some photos taken by both phones on my computer screen, it’s easy to see where the Galaxy S20 is better. In other photos, pictures of local flowers and my trip or the dinner I made are perfect.

I think the Galaxy A51 has macro photography where the Galaxy S20 gets worse when you get too close. Sometimes it was too easy to get out of macro focus with the A51. The selfie is great on the Galaxy S20 but it’s better on the A51. Also, you can use portrait mode and beauty mode to lighten the scene.

It’s a shame that the Galaxy A51 isn’t waterproof. Most modern phones have this, although it’s common for budget devices that aren’t waterproof or just “electrical resistant”. The A51’s all-day battery life lasts from dawn to dusk, and averaged 16 hours, 10 minutes after three video tests in airplane mode. I’ll update this review with the results of our Wi-Fi Steaming tests when they’re done.

Samsung Galaxy A51 A515fd Dual Sim Global Version 6.5

Fortunately, the A51 also includes a 15-watt fast charger in the box, but unlike the Galaxy S20 phones, you’ll need to supply your phone with USB-C if you want it. It comes with USB-A to USB-C, however.

Although the release of the phone has slowed down, the Galaxy A51 is one of at least 16 phones coming in 2020. Samsung has also confirmed plans to build another smartphone.

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Update Samsung A51 Price 6 64gb Review

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