Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review – Samsung A50 S Phone Price Review Update – The Galaxy A50 has been recognized as the best in this segment this year and to keep the ball rolling, Samsung has introduced the redesigned and improved Galaxy A50s with improved hardware, 48 MP camera, and more. Software. (Samsung Galaxy A50s in Hindi)

The idea here is to round out the week’s marks, clean up the performance and make the Galaxy A50 up to speed with the new technical changes now needed to give the phone a competitive edge.

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

All that extra muscle should keep Samsung’s mid-range phones relevant overtime and help it compete with growing competition from Chinese brands.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

Now that we’ve finished our testing, let’s discuss what worked and what didn’t in our Galaxy A50s review.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s has the same dimensions as the original Galaxy A50. It weighs just 3 grams, and is likely an extra boost from the 48MP sensor that replaces the Galaxy A50’s 25MP primary sensor.

At the time, the Galaxy A50’s design really impressed us and we can appreciate it even more today. In fact, phones this year, in general, have gotten pretty uncomfortable, and the Galaxy A50 is a pleasure to keep with its good looks and ergonomic curves.

The design should appeal to customers who choose a phone from an offline shelf or personal recommendation, noting that I always field questions from customers who ask for a “name” option and are free to answer for themselves or their parents.

Samsung A50 Black 6.4

The material used on the back is still plastic, but Samsung differentiates it differently with high-quality gradients that add spice without jumping out. Add in a gorgeous AMOLED display and you have a winner!

Like the Galaxy Note10, the power button now doubles as the Bixby button. However, you can reset it as a normal power key (Settings >> Advanced >> Side key) or adjust the dual action to automatically launch any app you choose.

The Galaxy A50s also has a fingerprint sensor and a USB Type-C port at the bottom that can accept a 15W active charger. This time, Samsung also packs a protective case in the box.

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

The fingerprint sensor on the A50s was not always responsive at first, but after we reset it it worked fine. It’s not the fastest fingerprint sensor available in its class, but after a week of use, it’s our preferred method of unlocking our A50s. Apart from this, the face of the Galaxy A50s is also open and it works very well.

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Another strong (good quality) AMOLED full HD+ display. The display settings now list Samsung’s new color presets – Vivid and Natural – which worked well for us. Samsung doesn’t specify Gorilla Glass with any other form of scratch resistance, but the screen has an oleophobic coating to prevent smudges.

Contrast is high and the software uses a stunning AMOLED display with always-on display and dark mode features.

The display has a notch on the front camera and the bottom bezel is thicker than what you find on rival phones from Realme and Xiaomi. In other words, it doesn’t focus as much as phones with pop-up cameras like the Realme X or Redmi K20.

We had a lot of fun streaming videos on the Galaxy A50s and had no problems using it outside in direct sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Test

The Galaxy A50 is powered by an octa-core Exynos 9610 chipset, and the A50s gets a slight upgrade – the Exynos 9611. The clock frequency and core CPU design are the same, but Samsung has upgraded the graphics (no Mali G72 GPU cores. Done). can be added). Samsung has doubled the storage to 128GB in both the 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM models (about 112GB is free for the end user).

Samsung has also added a Game Booster to optimize the performance of the PUBG game. In our testing, PUBG Mobile suffered significant slowdowns at HD and High settings, but performance improved when we switched to Balanced and High settings.

The Galaxy A50s may not be an option for heavy gaming, but it will work well for medium and heavy users who don’t need to play heavy games at high settings.

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

There are some software improvements on the Galaxy A50s. Samsung doesn’t hold back on One UI features on the A series

Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb, 4gb Ram 6.4

And the A50s gets the complete package that includes Samsung Pay (not the mini version, but the full version) and an edge processor.

One UI is one of our favorite Android skins, and it certainly gives Samsung a huge advantage over phones from Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO and Vivo that are still pushing the iOS interface. It seems so.

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There are some pre-installed apps on the phone, but users have the option to remove them. For those wondering, the Galaxy A50s is Widevine DRM L1 certified and supports HD streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The most important improvement in the Galaxy A50s is its camera. Samsung has added one to the phone to compete with the sea of ​​48MP camera phones. The benchmarks confirm that Samsung is using a Sony IMX582 processor (the same one used in the Redmi K20 and Vivo Z1x).

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The main camera is paired with an ultra-wide-angle camera with 123-degree FoV. The third sensor is the main depth sensor for image enhancement. As with other affordable phones, these additional sensors are an afterthought.

The camera app is designed like the one used by Samsung on its flagship phones and has great features like “Super Night Mode” in addition to the usual best shot suggestions, scene optimizer, super slow motion video and document scanner.

In the right light, the Galaxy A50 can take a balanced photo with good texture and accurate detail. These photos look better on a phone than blown up on a big screen.

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

Galaxy A50s has a 4000 mAh battery and this is enough power by modern standards and requirements. The battery accepts fast charging. Samsung bundles the box with a 15W fast charger and you can use a USB PD charger for fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In India, Full Specifications (20th Nov 2022) At Gadgets Now

The speaker is very loud and produces good sound quality. The sound through headphones is also amazing.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s is known as a flagship phone and includes high-end upgrades popular with the Galaxy A50. The phone is beautiful, comfortable to use and is a great Samsung brand. Also, we have seen a significant improvement in the software running on the phone.

That said, when it comes to raw performance, it lacks flagships like Realme XT and Redmi K20. And the camera, while not a deal breaker, doesn’t really work to its advantage.

Also, unlike the competition mentioned above, the Galaxy A50s is not an online exclusive and can be found in offline stores. And for online shopping, it will serve as a very attractive option.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Display, Battery & Spare Parts Price In Service Center

© 2011-2022 – , All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | About | Our Team | Contact Us The Galaxy A50s is available in India starting at Rs 20,999. We found out in our review whether the phone is worth the price,

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By Sanket Vijayasarathy: In recent months, Samsung has released updated versions of phones launched in the first half of the year, such as the Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M10s, Galaxy A20s, Galaxy A50s and Galaxy A70s. These phones have the same DNA as their original counterparts, but the internals have been upgraded and look to be fit for late 2019. The Galaxy M30s (Review), for example, offers 2 days of battery life and three 48MP cameras. Today, we’re looking at the Galaxy A50s.

You may remember the Galaxy A50 (review) from earlier this year. It was a stylish and attractive smartphone with features like AMOLED display, in-display fingerprint sensor and battery life, making it under Rs 20,000. Looks similar to the Galaxy A50s, but has more controversy. Sleek design and improved hardware like the new Exynos 9611 SoC and 48MP triple camera.

Update Samsung A50 Real Price Review

While the Galaxy A50 starts below Rs 20,000, the Galaxy A50s is available at a slightly higher starting price of Rs 20,999. Does the Galaxy A50s pack worth less than Rs 25,000? We’ll update to find out

Samsung Galaxy A50s Price In Nepal

Holding the Galaxy A50s will instantly remind you of the Galaxy A50. It offers the same sleek, thin and light body unlike the first model. The Galaxy A50s is 7.7mm thick and weighs 166 grams, making it a very light and portable handset. The slim design combined with the curved tail provides a great hand feel.

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