Update Samsung A50 Description Review

Update Samsung A50 Description Review

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Another Samsung device is receiving the March 2020 security patch via a new firmware update, namely the Galaxy A50 with model number SM-A505F. The update is available for Galaxy A50 models with ILO Israel product code, and the firmware version is identified as A505FDDU4ATB8.

Update Samsung A50 Description Review

Update Samsung A50 Description Review

The firmware version itself suggests that the firmware update contains features and/or changes other than the March 2020 security patch. However, if there are any changes, they are under the hood and not mentioned in Samsung’s official changelog/update tracker.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Is The Perfect Midranger For Gaming & General Use [review ]

The Galaxy A50 is still an Android 9 device today, but technically it should be updated to Android 10 eventually. Until that happens, it will continue to receive new security patches every month. The device received two security patches in January and February 2020, and the new March update should roll out to new regions quickly.

. Alternatively, Galaxy A50 owners living in Israel who are unable to activate the automatic update process can go to our firmware repository, download the package from there and install it on their devices using a Windows PC.

Although the Galaxy A50 missed out on the April 2022 security update, now is the time for this 2019 mid-range smartphone to raise its security bar again. Samsung is releasing the October 2022 security patch for the Galaxy A50; so far, the update is available in many regions. October 2022 […]

Samsung has reduced the long-running Galaxy S10 series from monthly security updates to quarterly releases. From now on, the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will receive new security patches every three months instead of every month. The same goes for the Galaxy A50’s mid-range unit. The Galaxy S10 range was released in March […]

Samsung Galaxy A50 And Galaxy A50s Get Updated To Android 11 With One Ui 3.1

The Galaxy A53, unveiled earlier today, is the successor to last year’s Galaxy A52. But not all Galaxy A52 owners are interested in upgrading to the new device. If you’re currently using the Galaxy A50 or Galaxy A51, the Galaxy A53 will be a great upgrade for your phone. Let’s get […]

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Two weeks ago, the December 2021 security update for the Samsung Galaxy A50 began rolling out. Over the next few days, the update rolled out to many markets around the world. Now, this type of phone carrier is starting to receive the latest security patch in the US. The latest software update for the US truck version […]

After releasing the December 2021 security update for its high-end smartphones, Samsung has released the Galaxy A50. Now, the company has released updates in many markets, including Asia, Canada, and Latin America. The latest Galaxy A50 update comes with the following firmware versions: A505FDDS9CUK3: Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam A505GUBS9CUL1: Argentina, […]

Update Samsung A50 Description Review

The Galaxy A50 didn’t make the cut when Samsung was setting up its new OS update policy, which mandates three Android updates for many of its mid-range phones and all flagship devices launched after 2019. But the company continues to release new security updates for the Galaxy A50, another says […]Samsung Galaxy A50 offers a beautiful design and decent average details, but not enough to compete with the Google Pixel 3a.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Review: Perfect Midrange Phone?

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The Galaxy A50 is one of the first Samsung A-series phones to hit the US. At $349 in the mid-range, it offers a flagship-level design, a gorgeous AMOLED display, and a battery that will easily get you through the day. But with average performance, a lack of speakers, a poor fingerprint sensor, and no software update warranty, the Galaxy A50 doesn’t offer the same value as the $399 Google Pixel 3a.

The A50 is featured in all flagships. It’s slim, sleek and has an edge-to-edge display that’s rare to find on phones in this price range. Apart from a small tear for the selfie camera, there are almost no graphics, another oddity for the price. It measures 6.24 x 2.94 x 0.30 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.86 ounces.

Reviews For Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In Pakistan

Crack open the A50 and you’ll find a glossy black plastic back. The vertical triple camera stack is at the top left, with a monochromatic Samsung logo in the middle. While the design is certainly attractive, it did pick up a few dents and scratches during the review period.

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The top of the phone is bare, while the bottom houses the headphone jack, speaker, and USB-C charging port. On the left side you will find the SIM/microSD slot, and on the right are the volume and power buttons. The buttons are easy to reach, even for small hands, and give a satisfying click when pressed.

Update Samsung A50 Description Review

The 6.4-inch AMOLED screen is definitely the best thing about the A50. The resolution is 2340 x 1080, 403 pixels per inch, and everything looks amazing in black and white. The only drawback is the in-display fingerprint sensor. In testing, it only worked 40 percent of the time, and with a dirty finger or spilled screen, it became unresponsive at all.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: Finally, A Reasonable Samsung Mid Ranger

Like most phones in this price range, the display uses Gorilla Glass 3, an older version of Corning’s toughened glass that can shatter in an accidental drop. And like the Pixel 3a and most other mid-range phones, the A50 is not water resistant, so we recommend a case to protect the phone from drops and water damage.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 supports LTE bands 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 20, 25, 26, 28, 41, 66, 71 for T-Mobile customers. In tests of Verizon’s network in midtown Manhattan, we averaged data speeds of 57.4 Mbps down and 64.8 Mbps up.

Call quality is good. Noise cancellation worked without issue, and at 68dB, the speaker is good for indoor conversations, although you may struggle to hear a call on a busy street. The speaker clocked in at 82dB, which is plenty to hear in a noisy room.

On the other hand, the Galaxy A50’s bottom speaker is disappointing. With a maximum volume of 93 dB, it can easily fill a room, but the audio quality becomes very low at higher volumes, so you don’t want to rely on it for media streaming. Thankfully, there’s a headphone jack for wired audio, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless audio and portable connectivity. NFC is also available for mobile payments.

Samsung Galaxy A50: Lohnt Sich Der Kauf Selbst 2022 Noch?

There are three sensors on the back of the Galaxy A50. The main wide-angle sensor is 25MP and has an aperture of f/1.7. It is complemented by an 8MP secondary lens with f/2.2 aperture and a 5MP depth sensor.

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Most of our daylight photos with the 25MP sensor looked sharp and offered good depth of field, although there were a couple with a slight background. The ultra-wide sensor performed similarly, although we did notice one shot with a bit of distortion at the edges.

In low-light photography with the 25MP sensor, most of our photos are passable, but a bit muffled with background noise. Photos from the ultra-wide lens had a lot of noise and even a bit of black. There’s really no comparison to the Pixel 3a, which has the best camera you’ll find outside of a premium flagship.

Update Samsung A50 Description Review

On the front of the phone is a 25MP selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture. In bright light, subjects were well defined, background detail was crisp, and color accuracy was impeccable. Low-light images were also solid, with good color accuracy and well-defined foreground details. There was a little blur in the background, but not enough to throw off the image. Again, though, the Pixel 3a just has the edge in the camera department.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone Review

The Galaxy A50 is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9610 processor (comparable to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 series) and 4GB of RAM. There is also 64GB of storage, of which 48GB is available. If you need more space, the A50 supports 512GB of external storage via microSD card.

For basic tasks like email, web browsing and social media, the A50 performs well. When more than half a dozen apps are open, however, the A50 slows down quickly. The game also crashes or is lost. We tested the phone on Asphalt 8 and experienced a lot of loading times and frequent crashes, but it was still very frustrating to play.

Benchmark scores support our real-world results. The phone cost 5,389

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