Update Samsung A12e Specs Review

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While Samsung has rolled out the Android 12 update to its high-end phones and most mid-range phones, the company is still rolling out the update to its entry-level phones. That may change soon with the Galaxy A12.

Update Samsung A12e Specs Review

Update Samsung A12e Specs Review

The South Korean firm may soon release the Android 12-based One UI 4.1 update for the Galaxy A12. Samsung has started internal testing of the update in India (INS) with firmware version A125FXXU2CVD5 and we have seen signs of this firmware on the company’s servers. When Samsung releases an update, the Galaxy A12 will be able to receive the latest Android security patch.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Specs, Review, Release Date

The Android 12 update should bring a redesigned UI with a color palette feature, better widget styling, more widget options, and a revamped widget selection interface. The update may also bring a cleaner user interface design for the camera app and many other standard apps.

Entry-level and mid-range smartphones don’t get the Smart Widgets feature, but some are available on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series smartphones running One UI 4.1.

The update may also include privacy features for camera and microphone usage, quick setting switches to enable/disable system camera and microphone, and a privacy dashboard. Samsung may also introduce more accessibility features and an improved Samsung keyboard.

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Update Samsung A12e Specs Review

Samsung has released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A11. This affordable smartphone was launched in early 2020 with Android 10 on board. And it looks like the Android 12 update could be the last major software update. Android 12-based One UI Core 4.1 update for Galaxy A11 comes with firmware version […]

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Samsung has finally rolled out the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A21. The update is currently rolling out in the US to carrier-locked models and includes the July 2022 security patch. The unlocked version of the Galaxy A21 has yet to receive an update, but we expect it to receive a major Android OS update […] The Galaxy A12 remains one of the few phones in Samsung’s lineup that doesn’t use an OLED display. This is a PLS or IPS LCD panel from Samsung. At 6.5 inches, everything is small, so if you’re looking for a big screen, the A12 will suit you. The 1600×720 pixel resolution is on the small side for this size – the pixel density is 270 pixels per inch, although as long as you’re deliberately not looking at small print up close, you’ll be fine.

In our tests, the Galaxy A12 produced less than 400 nits of brightness when we manually controlled the slider. The phone doesn’t have a dedicated ambient light sensor, but it does get readings from the selfie camera for variable brightness purposes, and with the switch on we hit a maximum of 472 nits. Add it or not, but the difference is about 1:1300 – a good, if not amazing, number for phone LCDs.

Unlike many other Samsung devices, the Galaxy A12 does not have color modes – it is. And what kind of panel is this, which somehow faithfully reproduces the sRGB color space. We rated the E2000 average at 4.9, although there was noticeable blueshift and whitespace was still 8 units off target.

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The Galaxy A12 is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery – plenty of capacity for its modest hardware. Of course, the combination creates some positive stamina effects.

We spent more than 16 hours browsing the web over Wi-Fi and one hour playing videos offline. The A12 lasted over 31 hours on voice calls, which is pretty good, and it topped everything with low power consumption. In the end, the endurance indicator of the Galaxy A12 reached 123 hours.

Our battery tests were automated thanks to SmartViser using the viSer App. The endurance rating above shows how long the same battery will last if you use the Samsung Galaxy A12 for one hour of phone calls, web browsing and video playback every day. We have designed this usage pattern so that our batteries are compatible with all devices in normal day-to-day activities. Battery testing procedures are explained in detail if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty. You can check out our full battery test table where you can see how all the phones we tested compare under normal use.

Update Samsung A12e Specs Review

The included charger is the old and reliable Samsung Adaptive Quick Charge unit (QuickCharge 2.0 compatible) that we’ve seen for years. It is not known what kind of charging the phone supports, but in our tests it only issues a 15W adapter with a screen. With the screen closed, it has an output power of about 11 W.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review: Slow And Steady Does Not Win This Race

With the adapter attached, the Galaxy A12 took 3:03 hours from state to 100%, which is slow. The 20% you get after connecting for 30 minutes is also disappointing. Overnight charging sounds like the way to go with this Galaxy. The good thing is that its battery life is so good that you don’t have to worry about getting it through the day.

The Galaxy A12 has a single bottom speaker. It’s one of the quietest phones in its class, posting a “below average” noise rating in our 7-track test. It also does not stand out in quality, with no lows and quiet treble. There are no mistakes talking about its maximum volume, so that’s good.

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Use the playback controls to listen to a sample recording (use headphones more often). We measure the average sound of speakers in LUFS. A smaller absolute value means more noise. If you look at the frequency response diagram, you will see that the far right flat “0db” line is the bass, treble and midrange reproduction. You can add other phones to compare their differences. Ratings and ratings were not compared to our previous speaker tests. Learn more about how we test here. Now, I know it’s mostly expensive devices featured here, but this time we’ve got one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, new options from Samsung, the Galaxy A12.

Design Tastes like blue When we say cheap, we mean really cheap. This phone starts at $180, and for that price, it’s really well built.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review: User Interface, Performance

It’s an all-plastic build, but we think the blue color and textured back makes it feel nice to hold. And again one or two cool things. We get dual SIM support with a dedicated Micro SD card slot and headphone jack.

However, to keep your expectations in mind, the background is a bit smaller and interferes when we click on it.

Otherwise, for security, you get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that does a terrible job. A few odd bugs are possible, but we’ve found it to be fast and reliable.

Update Samsung A12e Specs Review

Last but not least, we have the bottom speaker, which is slightly quieter but also not too distracting when listening at maximum volume.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Price In Pakistan & Specifications

The display is pretty good. The display isn’t bright enough for easy outdoor use, but it should get the job done if you plan to check a quick text or two while walking the dog. At least it dims a lot so you don’t accidentally blind yourself at night.

The panel isn’t AMOLED, so don’t expect amazing colors, but the IPS technology it’s equipped with is enough to prevent burn-in, it’s non-phantom and still produces reasonably good colors

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