Update Samsung A12 Specs Price Review

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A week before the possible release of the Android 13 update based on One UI 5.0 to the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung released the Android 12 update based on One UI Core 4.1 to the Galaxy A12. This update is currently rolling out in Russia, but we expect it to roll out to other countries in the next few days.

Update Samsung A12 Specs Price Review

Update Samsung A12 Specs Price Review

Android 12 update for Galaxy A12 comes with firmware version A125FXXU2CVH1. Unfortunately, this update includes the July 2022 security patch and not the latest August 2022 update. The update brings many new features and UI design improvements

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The Galaxy A12’s major software update brings a redesigned UI with a new color palette feature, a new style of widgets, a new design for the widget picker, bolder light and volume sliders, and an improved dark mode.

The update also improves privacy and security The operating system has quick settings dedicated to enable/disable camera and microphone access. When an app is actively using the camera or microphone, you can quickly find information via the privacy indicator in the top corner of the screen.

Samsung has also upgraded all of its stock apps in terms of design and feature set. The Gallery app brings advanced stories, while the Photo Editor can track edit history The Image Editor also offers reflection editor and shadow editor tools The Camera app has a simplified design Video recording starts as soon as you tap the shutter button (as opposed to tap and release) .

The Calendar app allows you to add stickers to the entries There is a new design for the device care section and a new charging animation

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review: Cheap Can Be Fun

If you are a Galaxy A12 user in Russia, you can install the Android 12 update on your smartphone.

. You can install the update by downloading the firmware file from our database and flashing it manually

Samsung introduced a virtual memory feature called RAM Plus with the Galaxy S21 series in early 2021 and later brought it to other flagship and mid-range Galaxy devices. RAM Plus uses part of your device’s internal storage as virtual memory to expand the amount of available RAM so it can hold more programs […]

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Update Samsung A12 Specs Price Review

Some of my colleagues and I were reminiscing about the history of smartphone operating systems. At some point, the inevitable happened, and Windows Phone became part of our conversation. That’s when I realized that I have many memories of Microsoft’s now-defunct platform, except for one: the lack of support third party programs. […]

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A week after the US carrier-locked Galaxy A21 started receiving the Android 12 update, Samsung is now rolling out the new version of the OS to the unlocked US version. The unlocked Galaxy A21 is finally making the jump to Android 11 to 12, but security patches are lagging behind. Galaxy A21 (Unlocked) […]

Samsung has released the Android 12 update to the Galaxy A11 This affordable smartphone was released with Android 10 in early 2020 And it seems that the Android 12 update may be the last major software update One UI Core 4.1 update based on Android 12 for the Galaxy The A11 comes with a firmware version […]

The affordable Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, which was launched last year, has started receiving its next software update. The device came with Android 11 One UI 3 out of the box and its LTE version is now receiving the Android 12 update in various European countries. UI based on Android 12 […]

Samsung has finally released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A21. The update is currently rolling out to carrier-locked models in the US and brings the July 2022 security patch. The unlocked version of the Galaxy A21 has yet to receive an update, but we expect it to receive a major Android OS update […] Review: The Samsung Galaxy A12 is an entry-level smartphone aimed at those looking for affordable content. The creation tool, though the price-to-performance ratio is a bit out of the box considering what is available in the market Its camera is good enough and its video performance is good enough for basic blogging

Samsung Galaxy A12 Online (6 Gb Ram, 128 Gb Rom, White) At Best Price

Samsung wants to cater to budget content creators with new Galaxy A12 offering The latest budget phone from the Korean electronics powerhouse, the Galaxy A12, promises to offer a better vlogging experience at a cheaper price than their standard offering. But what does the Galaxy A12 need to stand up against what other brands have to offer?

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The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a plastic body with a matte design on the back that doesn’t extend all the way down, giving it a dual-tone look. This allows the user to have a good grip without fear of leaving fingerprints on the phone, and since the chassis is plastic, it handles wear and tear better than a phone with a glass back. An added bonus here is that you can use the phone bare-bones (meaning no case) without worrying about getting micro-scratches from use. It feels a bit heavy because of its large battery

On the left side is the SIM and microSD tray, which can accommodate two SIMs. On the opposite side, there are the volume and power buttons, the latter of which doubles as a fingerprint scanner. We noticed that our number recognition was not fast, which led to some frustrating moments. The top of the phone has a microphone hole, while the bottom has a 3.5mm headphone port, another microphone hole, a USB Type-C port and a speaker grill.

Update Samsung A12 Specs Price Review

The display of the Samsung Galaxy A12 consists of a 6.5-inch LCD IPS panel with HD+ resolution. The foliage around it is thick, which is to be expected with a phone like this. The selfie camera sits deep in the dew on the phone. At the other end of the brightness spectrum, it’s comfortable enough to use in the dark at the lowest setting.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Specifications And Price

For a phone marketed at content creators, it has a decent quad-camera setup that includes a 48-megapixel primary camera, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. In a square module with a bottom flash, its rear camera is sufficient for everyday use, although it sometimes struggles in low-light environments. This can be seen in photos where the edges tend to be blurred or slightly jagged

However, as long as your subjects are in the center, you can take good photos. Photos and videos taken on the rear camera are optimized to be bright on the screen, but keep colors as accurate as possible. The colors in the photos are often vibrant, but run on the cooler side of the color spectrum, so the photos have a blue tone.

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There’s an 8-megapixel sensor on the front with a Live Focus feature that blurs the background and keeps you in focus, which also works for a variety of subjects. Unlike the rear camera, its 8-megapixel sensor won’t blur the edges of your selfies. It allows for accurate selfies with attractive backgrounds, the same can be said for its video recording mode.

For videos, you can record Full HD at 30 frames per second on both the front and rear cameras. It allows for comprehensive video recording of the conversation head, live broadcast or joining a Zoom call. If you need to take wide-angle photos, the rear camera allows you to shoot ultra-wide-angle videos, which is the advantage of the Galaxy A12.

Galaxy A12 Blue 128 Gb

Samsung Galaxy A12 is powered by Helio P35 processor with CPU cores clocked at 2.3 GHz and 1.8 GHz. This is a great processor not usually seen in the Php 10K price range

The phone copes with a lot of heavy tasks, especially when you’re editing videos for posting on your favorite social media apps. Note that we used the 4GB variant of the phone, though your experience may be slightly better with the 6GB variant.

Compared to other budget smartphones in this price range, the main features of the Samsung Galaxy A12 do not differ. You should note that the Galaxy A12 runs on an older chipset, which is not good if you want to use this phone for long-term use.

Update Samsung A12 Specs Price Review

For a phone that needs to be used for a lot of photography or shooting, the Samsung Galaxy A12 should manage a day’s worth of shooting with its standard 5000mAH battery. The PCMark battery test score shows that the Galaxy A12 can have a

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