Update S21 Galaxy 5g Price Review

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Update S21 Galaxy 5g Price Review

Update S21 Galaxy 5g Price Review

Samsung has made smart choices to lower the price of the Galaxy S21. Here’s what we think about the new 5G phone.

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Patrick Holland has an eye for photography and a passion for all things mobile. It is a colorful storyteller that will guide you through the ever-changing and fast-paced world of phones, especially the iPhone and iOS.

The Galaxy S21 strikes a good balance between features and price, which should appeal to many people.

The Galaxy S21 range is now available. Before you buy one, the biggest thing to remember about the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, as well as the Galaxy S21 Plus 5G and Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, is that Samsung has dropped the US price of each by $200 (the savings are less in other countries). Of course, this was not done out of generosity and Samsung compromised to achieve this lower price on the Galaxy S21: the wall charger and headphones did not come in the box, the phone did not come with a microSD card slot for storage expansion and it has 4GB less RAM than the S20. Samsung has also removed half of the pixels from the display and replaced the Gorilla Glass on the back with polycarbonate, which is a nice way of saying plastic.

Even with those sacrifices, the Galaxy S21 and its starting price of $800 (£769, AU$1,249) is more attractive than the S20. In fact, every phone in the S21 range has more to differentiate them from each other than the S20 series. Out of the trio, the S21 is the no-fuss “you’re due for an upgrade” phone you’re likely to get from a carrier. And many people will get this phone.

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The S21 is a major redesign from Samsung, who may have tried to push the S20 to be too premium. But the company has struck a good balance in terms of price, features and design for the S21.

Without a doubt, the first thing I notice about the S21 is the design. This two-tone approach gives the phone an art-deco sensibility. Good kind. Samsung has made the camera bump bigger and more industrial. I can almost imagine someone at Samsung looking for the perfect drill press to make the camera cutouts the right size.

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The bump seems to melt on the sides. The purple and gold S21 I reviewed (the color is called phantom purple) gives off major Mardi Gras vibes. The S21 is also available in other “ghost” colors, including grey, pink and white. On Samsung’s website, there are limited edition ghost colors in gold and red.

Update S21 Galaxy 5g Price Review

The plastic back has a matte finish and feels great. I know people have strong feelings about plastic on phones. But it’s not the hollow plastic you found on phones five or six years ago. The S21 seems well made. (Although the results of our Galaxy S21 drop test might suggest otherwise.)

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On the front is Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus, which we first saw on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. As a complete set, the S21 has a striking design.

The punch-hole display, which Samsung calls the Infinity-O Display, is my current favorite solution to avoiding a notch or thick bezels. The flat screen of the S21 with its small black bezel looks really contemporary.

It has Full HD resolution, which is a step down from the S20’s Quad HD resolution. But in everyday use it is not as dramatic a change as it seems. This is largely due to the adjustable refresh rate of the display which fluctuates between 48 and 120Hz depending on what is being shown. So when you play a game like Alto’s Odyssey, Call of Duty, or Forza Street, you can see them in all their graphical beauty. And if you’re not, the screen has a lower refresh rate to save battery life.

The camera hardware on the S21 is exactly the same as on the S20 and that’s not a bad thing. There are three cameras on the back: a wide, an ultrawide and a telephoto. I prefer the ultrawide on the S21, it might be my favorite ultrawide camera on an Android phone.

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The pictures are wonderful. Autofocus is fast and can quickly switch between foreground and background. In video, the switching of autofocus is not so fast, but when it grabs focus it seems to click on it. I also keep in video mode with an on-screen button at the top to switch between different resolutions and frames per second.

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The building in this photo was about two blocks away. I took the picture with 10x magnification. Patrick Holland/

Update S21 Galaxy 5g Price Review

I tried the Single Shot mode on this adorable dog. The phone selected this image and even added a filter to it. Patrick Holland/

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g Review

Here is another photo in night mode. I’m surprised how well balanced the S21 made the scene. Patrick Holland/

For selfies, you now have an option for Bright or Natural. Which is excellent. Skin tones in selfie photos look good, especially when all “face” effects are turned off. But I must note that there are people who like to have the option. So there it is.

Samsung has added a fun new video feature called Director’s View. While recording, there are thumbnail previews of live feeds from all other cameras. There’s a side-by-side format for vlogging, or a stacked format if you’re shooting vertically. This allows you to record yourself with the selfie camera and show what you see or react to using one of the rear cameras of your choice.

I thought Director’s View would be more of a gimmick, but I can see people wanting to experiment with it. The only downside is that it outputs HD video. But it’s the thumbnail preview that sells me on it. I would like to see this thumbnail preview interface when recording 4K video or as an addition to Pro Video mode.

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In Director’s View, I can configure the screen to have my selfie video feed on the left and one of the three rear cameras on the right. You can switch between rear cameras at any time. Sarah Tew/

The S21 is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip with 8GB of RAM. In our benchmark tests, the S21 outperformed last year’s S20. In use, it handled everything from photo edits to gameplay (at 120Hz) very well. The 888 chip also enables new features such as Director’s View.

The only sign that the S21 was working hard was when the back got hot when downloading large files like games and videos, or when I played a game for more than 20 minutes. Once while running the 3D Mark benchmark test, the phone got hot. In the battery settings, I had enabled improved performance, which targets all apps that aren’t games. 3D Mark is a reference application for games. I turned off enhanced performance and ran 3D Mark again and the phone didn’t heat up. Weird, right?

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Update S21 Galaxy 5g Price Review

In terms of battery life, this is a one-day phone. That’s on par with last year’s S20, which had the same battery size. I still have several battery tests to run and will add the results to this review soon.

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The S21 comes with Android 11 topped with Samsung’s OneUI 3.1 interface. I love it. There are other ways to use standard Google services, such as using Google Pay instead of Samsung Pay or adding the Google Discover News feed to the home screen instead of the Samsung version. There are also little touches like pop-ups for adjusting audio levels that look clean and modern. There are also new widgets you can add to your lock screen. I am a big fan of the software that weight to the bottom of the screen, which makes it easier to navigate with one hand.

And finally, the Galaxy S21 is a 5G phone. It supports both sub-6 and mmWave versions of 5G, meaning you have the choice of all three major carriers in the US. 5G shouldn’t be the only reason to get this phone. But the S21 will be many people’s first 5G phone, and its speeds and connectivity should improve as carriers continue to upgrade their 5G networks.

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