Update Ring Bound Folder Review

Update Ring Bound Folder Review

Update Ring Bound Folder Review – Prima Marketing is a company that has a lot of great stuff but doesn’t seem to be that well known. I really like this company’s planner accessories (I have their paper clips and magnetic bookmarks). The company also makes planner stamps, glitter dashboards, sticker books, and ring-bound planners! The style of their products reminds me of MAMBI.

My favorite cover is the black background with white dots. There is also the reverse: a white background with white dots. The white and white polka dot background has various inserts inside.

Update Ring Bound Folder Review

Update Ring Bound Folder Review

The only dated pages that come with the planner are the dates 2017 and 2018 at a glance

Register Of Members Explained

1 page of undated weekly spreads starting on Monday. Each day has the same amount of planning space on the page. There is space to record your main goals, tasks and notes. The writing space is quite small (the pages are in A5 format) and unlined.

No. Personally, I can’t stand planners with rings. Rings are always in the way, they add unnecessary agenda, plus every company has a different number of rings and spacing between rings. It also takes too long to align the holes and punch them. I much prefer disjointed systems like Arc by Staples and MAMBI planners for the flexibility of adding and removing pages.

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If you like this planner, my sister stocks it in her planner store (along with 1000’s of other planners!) We are excited to tell you about the latest review of the USA Love List, a HUGE American Made Binder Box. , folders and index cards from Naked Binder, creator of a beautiful line of green and eco-friendly three-ring binders.

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Leather 3 Ring Binder

Headquartered and manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa, Naked Binders are 100% recycled and recyclable. They are designed for repeated use with an emphasis on durability and design. Their corporate goals are “sustainability, great design, preserving the wilderness we love, and giving back to the education that helped get us here.” It feels like a made in the USA product that we love to love.

Naked Binder sent us a great set of 3 ring binders and accessories to review. The binders were fresh, crisp and strong, making me want to start a new project or put away an old one. Their classic natural and black linen three-ring binder is stunning. With a hole in the back that makes it easy to pull off the shelf, I assigned it to organize household papers and documents, knowing it would last for years and look good doing it. The Project 3-Ring Binder in Chili and Linen has a round back that is easy to grip. I’ve been using it for materials for my volunteer work because it’s soft but professional to the touch, as I’ll be wearing it to and from meetings a lot. The smaller tabbed notebook binder is the perfect new home for organizing all the ideas, meeting notes, and lists that are usually littered on my desk or lying around in notebooks. I might want another one for recipes.

Naked Binder makes all the necessary binder accessories like folders and index cards, all from heavy duty recycled paper. The binders themselves come in different sizes and colors. Their website has great ideas for ways to customize, label and use them for memorable presentations.

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Update Ring Bound Folder Review

Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the best American products.

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Sarah is the founder of USA Love List and MITUSA Media. She lives near Philadelphia, but is a Michigan native and summer resident. Sarah, a mother of two who loves to travel, took inspiration for the current designs from a cross-country motorhome trip.

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