Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review – Chris Rock last appeared on Netflix in his Tamborine special, which was released in 2018. (Photo: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images)

At this point, everyone is at least aware of Samsung’s Galaxy phones, like the Galaxy S10 and S10+, and its slightly cheaper sibling, the $1,199 Galaxy S10e. However, if you’re looking for something even more affordable, Samsung’s portfolio becomes very fast.

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

Among Samsung’s various budget and mid-range offerings, there are a dizzying number of phones that all seem similar.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: A Brilliant Mid Ranger At A Great Price

With the Galaxy A50, Samsung clears away the clutter and stands behind the best budget and mid-range phones on the market. Retailing at $499, the Galaxy A50 fits nicely between the $399 Moto G7 and the $649 Pixel 3a. It also has two features that the other two don’t have, like a dual rear camera and an in-display fingerprint reader.

From the outside A50 Galaxy A50 Moto G7. Both phones have cameras located in the central notch of their displays, large, mostly bezel-less displays, and smooth, rounded backs.

But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that everything looks and feels a little polished on the Galaxy A50. The A50’s bezels are slimmer, it has a smaller chin, and while almost the same size, LG’s Galaxy A50 has a 6.4-inch 2340 x 1080 OLED display, while the Moto G7 has to settle for a 6.2-inch 2270 x resolution. 1080 LCD. So the A50’s screen is not only bigger, but also brighter and more colorful.

Both phones have headphone jacks and microSD card slots for expandable storage. But on the back, the A50 has a 25MP main camera, along with an 8MP 123-degree wide-angle camera and a good 5MP depth-sensing camera to help you shoot in iconic style. A nice improvement over the single cameras found on almost all phones in this price range. And while the back of the A50 is plastic instead of glass like the G7, LG officially calls the material “glass” (just kidding), and it’s damn hard to tell the difference.

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According to the results, the Galaxy A50 also consistently outperformed the G7 in better sharpness, color saturation and especially low-light performance. Really, in almost every way, the A50 is a better system than the Moto G7.

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However, the Galaxy A50 falls short when pitted against the Pixel 3a. Although it has one smaller camera on the back, the Pixel 3a’s photo quality is much better, capturing better detail and clarity than any other phone in this price range.

The Galaxy A50 alongside its biggest rivals: the Pixel 3a (left) and the Moto G7 (right). (Photo: Sam Rutherford, )

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

For example, a bunch of flowers taken from both phones (see gallery below). While the A50’s footage is clear and vivid, its color saturation overpowers details like petal creases. And in low light, the Pixel 3a offers better sensitivity, resulting in a brighter, more exposed image. Since the A50 doesn’t have a dedicated night mode, turning on the Pixel 3a’s Night Vision makes the difference in image quality between the two phones even more extreme.

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It’s a similar performance story, with benchmarks like WebXPRT 2015, Geekbench 4 and 3DMark showing comparable results between the A50 and the Moto G7. On Geekbench 4, the Galaxy A50 (5,536) outperformed the Moto G7 (4,624), reflecting real-world performance where the G7 runs slower and the UI stutters than the A50. The Pixel 3a is the lightest with its Snapdragon 670 chip (compared to the A50’s Exynos 9610). It scored significantly better on the 3DMark infinity test (the Pixel 3a scored 2,581, 50 percent higher than the A50’s score of 1,682).

While the A50’s image looks much better when you zoom in on the mime face, it’s easy to see where the Pixel 3a captured more detail.

And as for battery life, the Galaxy a50’s 4,000mAh battery absolutely crushed the G7’s standard 9.29 in our video test at 12 hours and 17 minutes. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3a did just a little worse at 11:51, while the larger Pixel 3a XL was slightly better at 12:43.

This hierarchy also extends to features like the speakers (or speakers) on each phone, because while the Moto G7 and Galaxy A50 are mono speakers, the Pixel 3a offers true stereo sound. (I should note that unlike the other two, the Pixel 3a doesn’t have an SD card.

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Hopefully Samsung can improve the A50’s in-display fingerprint sensor with an update, as this is the only feature on the entire phone that gave me problems. (Photo: Sam Rutherford, )

The only real issue with the A50’s fingerprint sensor is its display. I want to give LG credit for putting such a technical feature in a budget device, but in my experience it’s hit the spot a bit when using it. It usually had no problem reading my fingerprints, but sometimes it took three or four taps to unlock the phone. And even after rewriting my stories several times, I couldn’t solve the problem.

The most important factor in buying one of these machines is the price. The $499 Galaxy A50 is better than the $399 Moto G7 in almost every way, but it costs $100 more. Then there’s the Pixel 3a. At $649, it’s more of a mid-range machine. On the other hand, it has stereo speakers, great performance and the best camera.

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

With the Galaxy A50, Samsung seems to be pushing harder for its affordable phones. With the latest flagship phones costing $1,000 or more, there’s increased competition in the budget/media segments to celebrate.

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You can buy the Galaxy A50 directly from Samsung or widely in phone stores and online. No matter what Samsung believes, the Galaxy series does not begin and end with the S and Note lines. Samsung flagships may take care of everything, but don’t become the biggest smartphone manufacturer on the planet by ignoring the best and most important part of the latest handset.

This is where the Samsung Galaxy A50 comes in, and it’s very clear. On the outside, the Galaxy S10 is similar, but inside it offers a fairly herculean experience without maxing out the graphics performance. It’s an absolute steal at £310 and give it serious consideration if the S and Note series are a bit too expensive for you.

The Galaxy series is very, very confusing. What you really need to know is that it’s currently the best in the Galaxy A50 range, just behind the A70. It will soon be the third when the A80 comes out this month. Diet is better than A10, A20e and A40.

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What this means in reality is a 6.4-inch device that looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10, but trimmed down on the inside. The 2.3GHz Exynos 9610 octa-core processor powering the phone is roughly equivalent to the Snapdragon 675 powering the Galaxy A70. The phone is also supported by 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

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Seriously, for the price, the Samsung Galaxy A50 has a triple camera on the back, a depth sensor and an ultra-wide lens, along with a 25-megapixel main snapper. The A50 also has a Samsung Super AMOLED display, which is impressive when competitors in this price range are often overrun with cheaper IPS screens. Doubly so, as it also includes a built-in fingerprint reader.

So what is the loss? Well, not quite a reasonable £310. It’s much cheaper than many of Samsung’s other smartphone offerings, so its closest competitors come from other manufacturers.

First up is our mid-range favorite, the Google Pixel 3a. A downgraded version of Google’s flagship, this version is slightly slower, not as sturdily built and loses some features, starting at £399 but now selling for £350 a year. Similarly, the P30 Lite is a cut-down version of the Huawei P30 series and retails at £329.

Update Price Of Samsung S50 Review

An alternative is the mid-range wearable flagship Xiaomi Pocophone F1. It’s a mobile phone that can only cost £329, even though it’s Qualcomm’s fastest mobile processor in 2018. Finally, there’s the Nokia 8.1, which starts at £380 but will soon be much cheaper.

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It’s certainly some pretty strong competition, but the Samsung Galaxy A50 is off to a great start with a look that owes a lot to the Galaxy S10. That means there’s almost no bezel to speak of, although this version sees the front-facing camera notch return. And there’s more of a notch — a tiny indentation at the top of the phone.

Like the S10, the chin is minimal

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