Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

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Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Im Test: Was Kann Das 300 Euro Handy?

How good can a $400 phone really be? If the device in question is the Samsung Galaxy A51, the answer is simple: very well. As the first real representative of the Galaxy A family in the US, the A51 is a convincing attempt by Samsung to buy a decent mid-priced phone. In fact, even Samsung’s budget phone (£329 in the UK and AU$599 in Australia) beats the iPhone SE (which starts at $399, £419 and AU$749), in some specific and important ways. When it comes to screen size and clarity, phone features, camera quality and performance, the Galaxy A51 delivers where it counts, with one exception.

The Galaxy A51 is sold as part of a package bundle on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Amazon and Samsung.com.

It is the speed of its Samsung-made Exynos 9611 processor that is the Galaxy A51’s Achilles heel. Performance feels sluggish when handling everyday activities like waiting for a website to load or refreshing apps. Benchmarking tests support the real world observation.

The Galaxy A51 is definitely slower compared to top-tier phones like the Galaxy S20, but even when put up against the A51’s main competitor. That’s because Apple gave the iPhone SE the same A13 Bionic chipset as its most expensive iPhone 11, so Apple’s budget device runs faster. The iPhone SE also trumps the A51 when it comes to water resistance and wireless charging, both features that Samsung’s cheaper phones lack. (For a full comparison of the specifications of the Galaxy A51 and iPhone SE, see the table at the end of this review.)

Samsung Galaxy A51 Update Naar Android 11 Beschikbaar In Nl En Be

But the Galaxy A51 has its own charm. It doubles the iPhone SE’s onboard storage for the SE’s starting price, giving you 128GB out of the gate compared to the SE’s 64GB for its cheapest model — and it supports external storage, too. The Samsung screen is huge, with slim bezels that make the phone feel modern and commit to little wasted space. Battery life is also on par between the two phones. Both come in about 16 hours of looping video testing in airplane mode, with more lab tests on their way. The Galaxy A51 lasted about 20 minutes longer than the SE in this test.

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The Galaxy A51 also holds its ground on the camera front in the usual way Samsung phones compare to iPhones: Galaxy photos are more saturated than the iPhone’s natural tones. The iPhone SE benefits from optical image stabilization, but the A51’s four cameras also give you more shooting options than the iPhone SE. What I’m most interested in is the wide-angle lens, which is missing from the SE. But in every other respect, the image quality is very close, with an edge in this or that scenario. For more, my colleague, Lexy Savvides, created this awesome and in-depth Galaxy A51 vs iPhone SE camera comparison.

Take the iPhone SE out of the equation and the A51 matches the Galaxy S20 Plus for a third of the price. Considering the A51 is significantly cheaper than any phone in the Galaxy S20 family, it’s an impressive overall package.

Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

The A51’s front camera is clearer and the A51 uses an optical in-screen fingerprint reader, so it’s hard to tell the two big phones apart at first glance. By the way, the fingerprint reader was more accurate than the ultrasonic sensor of the Galaxy S20 for me.

Samsung Galaxy A51: Wird Es Wieder Ein Erfolg?

The A51 is also slightly lighter, as it has a plastic backing instead of glass. When I watched the same Netflix show in the same frame with the two side-by-side, the A51’s screen was almost as bright, detailed and color-reliable as the Galaxy S20 Plus. The outdoor clarity was also good in the afternoon sun.

Photos and videos look great on the Galaxy S20, mainly because the photo resolution is sharp for a premium model, and because it has OIS, which makes for smooth, stable images and videos. You can take advantage of the core Samsung software on the camera of the Galaxy A51, including night mode, and the phone has settings such as macro and HDR. You can take a 48-megapixel photo by selecting the camera setting. Comparing the same zoomed photos taken with both phones on my laptop screen, it’s easy to see where the Galaxy S20 excels. In other photos, pictures of local flowers on my hike or the dinner I made look just as good.

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I appreciate that the Galaxy A51 has macro photography, where the Galaxy S20 fades away if you get too close. In some cases it was very easy to get the A51 out of focus macro. Selfies are pretty good on the Galaxy S20 but very usable on the A51. Also, you can use portrait mode and beauty mode to soften the scene.

It is disappointing that the Galaxy A51 lacks water resistance. Most modern phones have this, although it is common for budget devices to not have waterproofing or “spill resistance”. The A51’s all-day battery life lasts from morning to night, and it lasted an average of 16 hours, 10 minutes after three looping video tests in Airplane mode. I will update this review with the results of our smoke lab tests on Wi-Fi when they are completed.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Full Review, Price And Specs In 2020

Fortunately, the A51 also includes a 15-watt fast charger in the box, but unlike the Galaxy S20 phones, you’ll need to plug in your headphones and USB-C cables to deliver all the USB-C you want. It does come with a USB-A to USB-C cable though.

Although phone releases have slowed down, the Galaxy A51 is one of at least 16 phones expected to arrive in 2020. Samsung has also confirmed plans to make another foldable phone.

Buy your favorite products and we’ll find the best deal with one click. Designed to make shopping easier.Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: It’s Just a Functional Device The Galaxy A51 is priced at Rs 23,999, and its highlights are its 48 MP quad camera setup and 4,000 mAh battery.

Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

Last month, Samsung launched a new A-series smartphone in India – the Galaxy A51. The A-series of phones caters to the mid-budget segment, and so does this smartphone. It is priced at Rs 23,999, and its highlights are its 48 MP quad camera setup and 4,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Will Get Three Years Of Android Updates, As Will The Galaxy Fold

In this price segment, the Galaxy A51 competes directly with the Redmi K20 Pro (Review), Redmi Note 8 Pro and Oppo F15 (Review).

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While the F15 is mostly design and no substance, the K20 Pro is a powerful device, and the closest competitor to the Galaxy A51.

So, does the Galaxy A51 prove to be a better choice than the K20 Pro? Is it a good daily driver? Is it a power-packed device, unlike its other A-series siblings? I used a smartphone for a week in my quest to answer all these questions.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 405 ppi pixel density, 87.4 percent screen-to-body ratio, and 20:9 aspect ratio.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5g Camera Review: Budget Ultra Wide

Vibrant colors and brightness, as well as size, mean the A51 is very useful when consuming video on the go.

The Galaxy A51’s sunlight clarity is really good. You will not squint your eyes to read a text or see a photo on the phone.

Auto-brightness on phones is sometimes a mess though. In indoor settings with bright lighting, the phone sometimes keeps alternating between low and high brightness, which makes it really annoying for the user.

Update Price Of Galaxy A51 Review

The Samsung Galaxy A51 does not have a distinctive design, at least at first glance. However, when you pick it up in your hands for the first time, you will notice how light the device is – this is despite the 4,000 mAh battery under the hood. Its weight is 172 grams.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review Update: Nog Steeds Een Goede Deal

The smartphone is also really smooth, giving you a good grip even with that glossy back. The back of the Galaxy A51 looks like glass but feels like plastic (but definitely not the cheap kind), and that’s because Samsung used a material it calls “glass stick” for the back of the phone.

I used the phone for two weeks, and I carried it in my bag, with keys and lipstick and charger in my wallet, all this could easily scratch the phone. However, the Galaxy A51 survived through all this without a single scratch on its back.

However, the dust on the device I used was like clothes. carried

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