Update Popular Mobile Phone Review

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Android 11 is another useful but trivial upgrade to Google’s mobile OS. While modified media, screenshots and permissions controls are easier, things added to messages and notifications still need to be different.

Update Popular Mobile Phone Review

Update Popular Mobile Phone Review

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Android 11 is currently rolling out to Google’s Pixel phones (from 2017’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL to the new Pixel 4A) and OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. It will likely reach Samsung Galaxy handsets by the end of the year or early 2021, with a particular focus on the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 lines, as they are the company’s new flagships.

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Next year, another update to the world’s most popular mobile operating system — and this year, that means Android 11. But what can Google add to a platform that’s been around for more than a decade, it already seems to be on every tribe? the sun ?

That’s where Android 11 comes in. As we’ve come to expect from Android updates in recent years, version 11 opts for small changes rather than big changes, making Google’s OS more intuitive and easy to use. Redesigned screenshots and media playback controls, a new approach to messaging friends and useful tweaks to app permissions may not be earth-shattering additions, but they’re appreciated.

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Or, at least appreciated by those who can afford them. As with all Android updates, it will take some time for non-Google devices — like the Galaxy Note 20, for example — to join the Android 11 team. (The only exceptions to that are OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme. Android 11 updates have already been rolled out to their latest models.)

Our Android 11 review shows where Google’s new software succeeds and which features need more work.

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While Android 11 feels like a conservative update compared to iOS 14 and with redesigned widgets and a new app library interface, Google’s OS introduces some really welcome improvements. Here are the highlights:

Update Popular Mobile Phone Review

New media controls: Android has always been good at keeping a small space for playback controls in the notification panel for current media games. It’s an approach I like a lot for Apple, which shares some media controls on the lock screen and others in Control Center, all without looking bulky or particularly big on information transfer.

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What’s new about Android 11 is that Google has moved these controls out of the cluster of notifications they used to reside in and given them a special place under your Quick Scrolls. In addition to skip, pause and play functions, a background that matches the color of the album art and a progress bar that appears whenever you want, there’s also a new button that allows you to switch the current media to the audio device in question.

This makes pivoting from your phone’s speaker to a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of wireless headphones really easy. And it’s a clever shortcut to throw in now, as people have more connected devices at their fingertips inside their homes than ever before. Android 11 will make it easier for you to use them.

New screenshot interface: In Android 10, it’s not difficult to mark a recently taken screenshot with a notification that pops up after taking one. But the information itself is disruptive. It will hover over the top for a second at a time, until you remove it or interact, possibly covering useful information the entire time.

Android 11 fixes this. Now, taking a screenshot produces a thumbnail in the lower left corner – and it does

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This is actually good, because any delay that prevents you from snagging a clip of something and sending it to a friend is more unnecessary than not.

Next to that thumbnail are the Share and Edit buttons, as well as an “X” button that will only remove the screenshot view element, but not the image. It’s all smart, fast, intuitive and looks great.

However, I have a small problem with the way Google handles it here. One of the best things about the iOS way of taking screenshots is that it allows you to delete anything you capture immediately after sending. This is really useful, because it means that your photo library contains snapshots of a moment, snippets of information and memes that you don’t need sitting on your phone for days or weeks. they You can also quickly delete screenshots on Android 11, but the software doesn’t make it easy, as you have to click or copy multiple times in a row after sharing a screenshot to return to the bookmarks screen, where you can hit Small dirt mark. A minor gripe, but one I’d like to address personally.

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Update Popular Mobile Phone Review

Built-in screen recording: If you’ve used most Android phones like Samsung and OnePlus over the past few years, you might not have noticed that Android doesn’t have native screen recording features. But Pixel users still need to turn to sketchy, often ad-supported third-party solutions to improve performance on their device — until now.

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Android 11 finally built screen recording into Android, and it worked very well on our Pixel 4a. It’s activated from a quick scrolling shortcut, and offers options to choose the audio source you want to follow the visual element (your phone’s speaker vs. the device’s audio) and whether or not you want to highlight taps and gestures. While recording, a red dot in the status bar reminds you that the feature is rotating; To turn it off, gently dip into the notification panel and tap on the appropriate item to stop.

One-time permissions and permission resets: Every year, Google and Apple seem to crack down on developers who abuse permissions by making those permissions stronger or temporary. With Android 11, users now have the ability to grant single-use permission for an app they want to use once or twice, and then never again.

Android 11 automatically resets permissions for apps that have been sitting idle on your device for months. If there’s one app you rarely use—given the pandemic, I’ve taken fewer Lyfts and Ubers than ever—this feature justifies itself. And since Uber has a track record of abusing location tracking in the past, I’d say this particular Android 11 addition is long overdue.

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Every software update is a work in progress, but many important features in Android 11 need more attention before the final release of the software.

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Bubbles: Hidden in recent Android updates but not made public until now, bubbles are the basis for Google’s version of Chat Heads — a Facebook Messenger feature that creates shortcuts for conversation threads that float above whatever’s on the screen and continue from app to app. . The difference with Bubble, of course, is that the feature extends to non-Facebook messaging apps, including the built-in Android Messages app for texting and RCS chat, as well as WhatsApp and others.

I don’t know that bubbles are necessarily something we need on top of all the other distractions and information overloads we deal with on our phone screens, though that comes down to personal preference. How much mileage you get from this feature will ultimately vary on a case-by-case basis. But I can’t even get it to work on the Pixel 4a I’m using.

Bubbles never appeared in my tests, no matter what I did. The feature works on Android system; It’s enabled in the built-in messaging app, and I’ve marked some conversations as important, which should ensure that new words always come as bubbles. And yet, the floating heads of friends and family keep me away.

Update Popular Mobile Phone Review

However, it’s worth pointing out that while Bubble works as designed on my device, not all apps yet support this feature. The above mentioned Telegram and Facebook Messenger are some of them.

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Loading notifications: Along with mandatory updates that bring more granular control over permissions, each Android update usually tweaks notification behavior in some way, forcing users to adapt to the new system before Google essentially fixes it again.

As a long-time Android user, I find that format grating even though the tips are in one

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