Update Pop Vinyl Toys Review

Update Pop Vinyl Toys Review – In 2013, Funko released their first He-Man POP! vinyl (it was #17 in the POP TV series!) and now, seven years later, they’re revisiting the character. He-Man #991 is a brand new image of the original character and a great way to see how POP! aesthetics have changed over the years. It looks like Funko is going big again on Masters of the Universe with a bunch of new figures hitting stores and e-tailers, along with two rumored exclusives coming soon (Clawful and Blast-Attak). Also, this He-Man figure will be re-released later in 2020 as part of GameStop’s exclusive MOTU box where he’ll have boots and stacked cases, so some of you might want to wait for that. Let’s jump in and check out this updated POP! He-Man after a break and see if he still has energy!

* New He-Man #991 is on the left, the first POP! He-Man #17 is on the right. They look very different, don’t they? The new figures have more personality in the body design and are often sculpted in a more uniform shape than the original figure had. There is also some detail on the elongated head and the joined eyebrows.

Update Pop Vinyl Toys Review

Update Pop Vinyl Toys Review

* Previous MOTU Funko releases had an orange background with Grayskull style green bricks below. The new releases have a red and blue “burst” background like the vintage toys.

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* I really like that Funko has been doing some things with their figures lately. He-Man looks good holding his Power Sword! It’s not as advanced as the original adaptation of the Filmation cartoon series, but it still looks great and makes it look great on the shelf. Of course, it also has a rotating head, just like many other POP! vinyls.

* I’m pretty sure this is the same head sculpt from He-Man Battle Armor #562 and He-Man (Slime Pit) #952. A great sculpt and definitely an improvement over the original POP! He-Man. I’m guessing that Prince Adam will also give this title, though I haven’t found it yet.

* He-Man’s outfit is neat, clean, and strikes a balance between the character’s movie look and your typical toy look. I love this interpretation of He-Man’s focus!

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* Of course He-Man must have his mighty sword. It’s a great sculpture with a pure silver finish and the Filmation style we love so much!

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I am very happy to see that Funko has released a new He-Man figure. The 2013 release was very expensive, and He-Man has such a strong personality that his release would bring in more sales or win over people who missed out on the original POP! editions take a new number. It’s a real improvement on the original and a great toy. I hope these get a wider release so everyone can easily find them. There are many, many more MOTU POP! releases are coming so stay tuned!

He-Man/Prince Adam is one of my favorite characters and I’ve reviewed so many toys from him that he has his own archive. Check out Best Secret Powers for more He-Man toys! In late 2020, the Critical Role player released what at the time was a geek’s dream come true with Funk. In what some admitted was an interesting conversation they never thought would come to fruition, the two companies have teamed up to make a collection of Funko POP figures based on the main characters from their first concert campaign.

Show And let’s be honest, if something you created in your head to enjoy with your friends one day turns into a collectible toy, you’ll be having fun too. We were lucky enough to be sent (almost) the entire collection of figures for review, except for the special Vex figure that puts him on a broomstick. Here are our thoughts on the collection.

Update Pop Vinyl Toys Review

For fun, we’ll do this with two in a group, as it’s a fun way to talk about them. The first two we have are Vax’ildan (played by Liam O’Brien) and Keyleth (played by Marisha Ray). First, the Warrior Queen of Ravens looks badass with her two daggers (Dagger of Venom and Flametongue Dagger), complete with thief tools on the front and wings from Deathwalker’s Ward. You can’t see it in this picture, but she has a blue feather in her hair from her sister to help complete the ensemble. Meanwhile, Voice of the Storm displays his horns in style and wears a Stormcloak on his back. He’s holding the Spire of Conflux while raising one hand in the air, we’re guessing he’s going to blow some air before jumping off the cliff. The long red hair flowing on one side and the flower in her hair on the other side is a wonderful touch as she serves as her kind of people.

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As we have Pike Trickfoot (played by Ashley Johnson) and Scanlan Shorthalt (played by Sam Reigel). Pike is in his full clerical robes with his Ogre Power gauntlets and the Plate of the Dawnmartyr, though he is missing his armor. But it’s good because he closes his eyes and holds his pendant and calls Sarenrae, which gives him wings. Having him on a floating platform is a nice touch, since he’s half as small as humans, so he’s an average box size. Similarly, Scanlan’s height adjusts slightly as he rides on Bigby’s hand and clings to his brass flute from which the bard sings his songs. The outfit itself is the typical bard outfit she’s been seen wearing since the campaign started, but we’re loving the striped pants and short, unbuttoned button-downs that reveal her chest hair.

Let me sing you a little song today about how I’m changing into Sarenrae. Photo credit: Gavin Sheehan.

The two we turn to are Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (played by Taliesin Jaffe) and Vex’ahlia (played by Laura Bailey). Here we see Percy pulling out his gun (we’re not entirely sure if it’s the Retort or the Animus) in his blue and pink shirt. A nice touch of this costume is that he wears a glove on his left hand, and although you can’t see it in this picture, he has Bad News (his shooter) strapped to his back along with a coat called Cabal’s Ruin. . The glasses on his face, slightly down as if he’s looking at you with frustration, is a nice touch. Beside him is his wife Vex with a blue feather in her hair (left), wearing her white Elvenkind cloak. The real star addition to this Fenthras, the remains of the bow, which seems to have a life of its own, being one of the greatest hunters in the world on Exandria. (Too bad he’s not wearing Speed ​​Boots…)

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Darling, I have never loved you more than the day you showed me the vault. Photo credit: Gavin Sheehan.

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Finally, although they are not two, they are a real couple as we have Grog Strongjaw (played by Travis Willingham) and Trinket (played by Matthew Mercer). In any case, Grog is the design we’ve been waiting for, as he comes with his tattoos, his beard has completely grown to goliath (provided he’s not shaved again), drinking alcohol from his alchemy jar, and leaning on himself. blood axe. The addition of Titanstone Knuckles on his arm, the tattoo on his back that he took from Kevdak, and the Feral Leaping Boots are all appreciated, making him even more terrifying. Meanwhile, Trinket serves as the loyal bear Vex has had since childhood. The pink bow comes from when Keyleth and Vax put a bow in her fur, along with the armor Karen made to give her protection when they rolled into battle. It should be noted that the Trinket is the rarest of the bunch, as it can only be found in specialty stores and cannot be purchased online. So good luck with your search.

The set is very nice. Sometimes we look at Funko figures and see that they just took the design skin of something like a Power Ranger or Ninja Turtle and just slapped that design on a standard shape and went without explaining it. Each of these shots worked with the players to make sure they were as perfect as possible within the Funko design. It’s deep enough for fans to appreciate, making them appreciate the money spent on it

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