Update Original Display Samsung A50 Review

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Update Original Display Samsung A50 Review

Update Original Display Samsung A50 Review

In April, Samsung announced updates to its Galaxy series, a family of budget phones poised to compete against Apple’s latest iPhone SE for 2020. While some models have new features like 5G, all under $400 and jack jacks. One of the new phones, the Galaxy A51, is the sequel to 2019’s Galaxy A50.

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The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a solid camera, an in-display fingerprint reader, a headphone jack and a long-lasting battery – all at an affordable price.

The phone can be buggy at times, the maximum video resolution is only 1080p and the speaker quality is lemony.

While not as water resistant as the Moto G7, the Galaxy A50 is worth the extra $50 for the superior camera and battery life.

The Galaxy A50 from 2019 may not be as impressive as the latest Galaxy S20 phones or as cool as the Z Flip. But at $350 at launch and now discounted by Samsung to $300, the A50 is one of the two best Android phones to come out under $400 in the last year. (For more phones under $500, check out our roundup.)

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That other option is the Motorola Moto G7, which originally launched at $300 (£189, AU$349), but you can now get it for less (in the US, Motorola currently sells it for $230). For the past few years, Motorola’s G-series has consistently ranked as our favorite mobile phone and the G7 continues this legacy as a great phone for its price.

Really, even the Moto G7. It’s a fantastic, affordable phone, and it won the Editors’ Choice for its low price, great camera and reliable performance. But I think the Galaxy A50 is better even though it’s a bit more expensive. For that is also appropriate at the discretion of the editors. If you have an extra $70 to spare, choose the Galaxy A50 over the Moto G7. While I don’t shoot 4K video and I’m not a big fan of Samsung’s One UI, the A50’s superior camera, sleeker design and longer battery life make it a better phone.

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Although both phones share the same size and design, there are a few details that set the Galaxy A50 apart from the Moto G7. For example, the Moto G7 has a bigger camera bump on the back. Having a bump isn’t a deal breaker, and many phones come with the iPhone. Camera-wise, the Galaxy A50 is sharper, flatter and sharper looking. The notch for the on-screen camera is also smaller than the front-facing camera, so it’s less cluttered when you’re looking at the display. Finally, the fact that the Galaxy A50 has an in-ductible fingerprint scanner makes the device look even better. The Moto G7, on the other hand, has a visible reader on the back with the Motorola logo written on it (and also has a Motorola logo on the front, on the bottom bezel), which is less attractive.

Update Original Display Samsung A50 Review

In addition, the Galaxy A50 has an amoled display compared to the Moto G7’s LCD screen. Although both phones have roughly the same resolution and pixel density, the Galaxy A50’s screen is brighter and colors are more vibrant. Blacks are darker and more opaque as well. When viewing both phones at different angles, the color shift is even worse on the Moto G7. This means that colors are noticeably washed out and the screen appears to darken in some corners.

Samsung A50 White 6.4 Inch 4gb/128gb Dual Sim

The Moto G7 has one advantage, which is that it is slightly water resistant. You can’t submerge it completely, but it has a nano coating that protects it against small splashes and splashes of water. LG didn’t add water protection to the A50.

Both the Galaxy A50 and the Moto G7 take bright and clear photos when conditions are ideal, such as with backgrounds with lots of light. And while the Galaxy A50 can only record 1080p video (compared to the Moto G7’s 4K maximum), the Galaxy A50’s camera is still ahead of the Moto G7 in many ways.

Images are sharper, so you can see more detail in things like leaves and edges. In low light, the A50’s colors are bright and vibrant, while images taken with the G7 are darker and the colors are washed out. The A50 also has a wider dynamic range, meaning subjects with different lighting conditions are balanced compared to the Moto G7. I did notice that there were times when the A50’s HDR performance looked a little odd, but I still prefer it to the Moto G7. The Galaxy A50 also has a second wide-angle camera, meaning you can capture more content within each frame. This is handy when you also want to capture wide landscapes and scenes.

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The Galaxy A50 (left) featured this scene and the wider dynamic range on the Moto G7 (right). Lynn La/

Samsung Galaxy A50 Test

Although you can’t tell from these photos, this scene is dark in real life. The Galaxy A50 (left) captured colors better than the Moto G7 (right). Lynn La/

The white balance in these photos taken with the front camera is more accurate on the Galaxy A50 (left). Lynn La/

Both phones have turned bokeh effect for comparable images and illusion between foreground and background light and natural look. You can also take photos using the front camera on both phones. When I took a selfie, both phones showed some unevenness in my hair. However, I still prefer the Galaxy A50’s image because the white balance is more accurate.

Update Original Display Samsung A50 Review

Unlike the Moto G7 though, the A50 can’t shoot 4K. But it projects 1080p video, and at that resolution they’re on par with the Moto G7. Objects are in focus, colors are true-to-life, and audio is clear. While I personally don’t care for 4K home movies, if you want to shoot sharper and clearer video and have a 4K display, the Moto G7 is the better choice of the two.

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For our benchmark tests, the Galaxy A50 consistently outperformed the Moto G7. But in real life, you don’t see a huge speed difference between the two, and so far my experience with both has been quite smooth. However, I sometimes experience occasional hiccups on the Galaxy A50. For example, apps will suddenly stop working sometimes or simply won’t launch. And the fingerprint reader will take a tap or two longer than usual to unlock the phone. Again, the Galaxy A50 usually runs fine, but since its processor isn’t top of the line, you may notice the same stuttering that I do.

The Samsung phone is also equipped with a higher capacity and longer battery life than the Moto G7. During lab tests for continuous playback in airplane mode, the phone lasted an average of over 17 hours and 17 minutes. The Moto G7 lasted just 12 hours and 51 minutes.

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It should be noted that both phones use a single speaker at the bottom for listening. Their audio quality is obviously not compared to high-end phones, but I noticed that the audio coming out of the Moto G7 is noticeably clearer and wider compared to the Galaxy A50. On the other hand, the sound from Samsung phones is not as good and sounds sharper and tinnier.

The Galaxy A50 and Moto G7 both run Android, but Samsung and Motorola put their own OS on top, respectively. I prefer the UI on the Moto G7; It looks closer to stock Android, feels more streamlined and user-friendly, and the icons and menus look more sophisticated. If you don’t ‘like’ any of the phones, you can easily download a third-party washer to change it.

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The Galaxy A50 also has some additional features. On top of Google Pay and Google Assistant (which the Moto G7 has), you get Samsung Pay and Bixby. You can use Samsung Pay with a larger payment terminal (for more information, read the comparison of Apple Pay vs. Google Pay and Samsung Pay) and Bixby another digital voice assistant to find basic information and save. Even if you don’t use these services — I personally don’t use Bixby as much as I do Assistant — the A50 gives you more options to choose from.

Shop for your favorite products and find the best deals in one click. He wanted to make the program easier to trade. The Galaxy A50 has been quite popular for the better part of this year and to keep the rotation going, Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy A50s with better hardware, 48MP sensor camera, screen design and upgraded software. (Samsung Galaxy A50s)

The idea here is to remove the eight points, refine the functions and bring the Galaxy A50 up to speed with new technical trends.

Update Original Display Samsung A50 Review

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