Update Note 10 Plus Deals Three Review

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Yesterday, Samsung had released the One UI 4.1 update for the LTE variants of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. Now, the South Korean company has started rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G in Europe.

Update Note 10 Plus Deals Three Review

Update Note 10 Plus Deals Three Review

The latest software update for Galaxy Note 10+ 5G comes with firmware version N976BXXU7HVC6. Apart from One UI 4.1, the update also brings the March 2022 security patch to the smartphone. The update is currently rolling out in Switzerland, and more European markets are expected to get access to this update in the coming days.

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If you are a Galaxy Note 10+ 5G user in Switzerland, you can now check for the new update by going to

One UI 4.1 update brings exciting new features, including Live Sharing for Google Duo, Smart Widgets, Samsung Keyboard with grammar tools, improved Color Palette feature, Reflection Eraser and Shadow Eraser in the app of Galleries, and the ability to share Wi-Fi credentials. through Quick Sharing.

Samsung has also improved Samsung Health, SmartThings Find, and other stock apps. The company has also added a way to share photos and videos with multiple users through a single link. The camera software has also been improved, offering better low-light photos and portrait videos.

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Update Note 10 Plus Deals Three Review

Samsung introduced a virtual memory feature called RAM Plus with the Galaxy S21 series in early 2021, and then brought it to many other flagship and mid-range Galaxy devices. RAM Plus uses part of your device’s internal storage as virtual memory to expand the amount of available RAM so it can store more apps […]

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India is the latest country to fine Google millions of dollars for imposing unfair terms on Android phone makers, including Samsung. The CCI (Competition Commission of India) has fined Google equivalent to about $162 million for making profits on its Android apps using restrictive terms. The fine has been levied because Google […] Many times, especially in recent memory, Samsung has tried to add something to the Galaxy Note that was missing from the Galaxy S. With the Note 10 and Note 10+, that is not the case. must case.

Instead of trying to add visual or functional changes, Samsung chose to go back to an earlier time when gimmicky features ruled. Many of the said features were left out, and should not be developed further due to lack of appeal. It’s a snapshot of some of what the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ have to offer.

What Samsung pioneered in the Galaxy S10 line has carried over to these phones, maintaining a constant connection between them. What’s different is a new set of options and modes designed to complement the existing camera. A third wider lens is also on the back, adding an extra field of view, but there was room to do something more here.

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Photography with the Note 10 was familiar enough, although there were results that could have been better. For everything else about the latest Note 10,

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It always impresses me when a phone gets a noticeable change in form factor, but doesn’t come with a redesigned camera package. The svelte Note 10 (I’ll refer to both devices from now on, unless otherwise noted) is a sweet-looking device, with a nice glossy back. Indeed, the rear also includes a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens to bring it in line with the Galaxy S10 / S10 +.

All three lenses share the same image sensors. If Samsung were to change anything, it would have to be on the software side. Yes, there is a DepthVision camera on the back of the Note 10+ (the Note 10 doesn’t have one), but I’ll get to that later.

Update Note 10 Plus Deals Three Review

Even from a software perspective, the overall design of the interface and its various modes seem to be the same. Everything brought to the S10 models is also here, along with features brought to the 2018 flagships.

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Samsung made a big mistake when it didn’t include Night Mode with the S10 phones, only doing so as a software update later. The mode finally tackled the elephant that’s been in Samsung’s room for a long time: low-light photos. Mechanical modes and AI-driven scene enhancements are great, except there was no way to simulate a long exposure while holding the phone in hand.

Samsung added Night Mode to all three lenses, instead of the standard wide-angle lens. It’s a great move, and one that ensures that you can theoretically capture any subject in dark conditions.

I would, however, have more control when shooting with it. Unlike Huawei’s night mode, there’s no way to stop the continuous lighting (by reducing the light sensitivity) or adjust the ISO and shutter to get more control over how the lighting will look. Instead, it’s the school of ‘just point at something black and fire.’

There are still elements of this camera collection that annoy me, though I realize that many may not share my feelings. For example, with a phone of this quality and price, I should be able to shoot in Pro mode with any of the three lenses, not just the standard wide. I also understand that Portrait mode automatically chooses between f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures, but I think that should be optional as well.

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Samsung made Scene Optimizer available on all three lenses as well – something that was missing when the S10 phones launched. The idea is to make it as easy as possible to take pictures without having to deal too much with options and settings. It detects the event and makes adjustments to maintain the dynamic range.

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In that case, the Note 10 performs well, offering a higher dynamic range than other competitors, especially in bright scenes. There is a level of detail that remains intact, where shapes and text appear with a well-defined sharpness. Where Google’s Pixel phones are heavy on contrast, and Huawei leads the way in terms of highlights, the Note 10 gets a lot of fun in those situations.

It’s no surprise that the Samsung works well in daylight or good lighting. The company has consistently been among the best at taking great pictures in those situations. Even the Pro mode, which I’ve been talking about for a long time as worth learning for any lover of mobile photography, has a lot of features. Before Night mode, Pro Mode was the best way to take pictures in low light. Even better if you shot it in RAW and then processed the image in a post-processing program like Lightroom.

Update Note 10 Plus Deals Three Review

The problem with Night Mode’s dynamic range is that it’s not always fun. For example, it can sometimes introduce noise in dark areas while overcompensating in bright areas. Or it can do the opposite. What you focus on makes the difference. Either way, it’s a mode you should only use for still scenes because moving subjects will blur beyond recognition.

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It’s worse for a telephoto lens, but that’s understandable, given the sharp aperture and increased hand-held sensitivity. The ultra-wide lens offers more stability, but again at the expense of dynamic color and tone.

The Galaxy Note 9 introduced a new concept of making the S Pen a camera device. It was a great idea, and I put it to good use when shooting from a narrow angle, or in long exposure shots on Pro mode.

New gesture controls were created called Air Actions

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