Update Next Womens Lingerie Review

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Disclosure: I paid for the clothes in this review with my own money. All opinions are my own.

Update Next Womens Lingerie Review

Update Next Womens Lingerie Review

I have admired the Tisja Damen brand for many years. The Amsterdam-based label first made their mark on the lingerie map with their patchwork lace creations, then transitioned to delicate embroideries and boldly cut silhouettes. It is a luxury brand that uses premium fabrics and European manufacturing, with a commendable commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

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The label was recently sold on the site widely and I finally took the plunge. The sale includes a mix of samples and excess stock. I chose the burgundy ‘myth’ halter bralette and ouvert briefs. These pieces are available in various sizes and are not pictured with patterns or any flaws. Therefore, I think they are overstock and representative of the brand’s normal quality.

I didn’t choose gift wrapping and the pieces arrived in a simple cardboard box wrapped in tissue paper. There are no swing tags attached to any clothes.

The ‘Myth’ Out briefs retail for 109 euros ($130) and are available in sizes S-LL (LL being the brand’s equivalent of XL). The Halter Bralette is no longer available directly from Tisza Damen. However, it can be found in some stockists, where it sells for 189 euros ($226) and is available in sizes S-L.

The range includes different bralette sizes, a range of outer body pieces and a thong option. All styles are also available in black.

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Tisja Damon size chart (there is a note at the top of this page that empty countries are still under construction).

I bought my regular size S bralette (I wear a 32C bra). My usual size M in briefs (I wear UK 12, US 8), was on sale so I chose L, which the size chart recommends for UK 14-18 (US 10 -14). Since I have a lot of sewing experience, I thought that the piece would be big and I could easily change the dress to fit my body.

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The ‘Myth’ range is made from a range of decorative elastic trims, gold tone elements and soft sheer mesh. I’m usually drawn to underwear because of the beautiful fabrics and mesh doesn’t usually catch my eye because it’s ubiquitous in underwear design. This time, the unusual silhouette and graphic strapping caught my attention.

Update Next Womens Lingerie Review

Tisja Damon practices sustainable sourcing whenever possible. The site describes the mesh fabric as ‘the only sustainable ROICA made with GRS-certified recycled materials to make this material with a new responsible and innovative approach to the planet and people’. The mesh is very soft against the skin, and stretches well.

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Tisja Damen excels in the innovative use of flexible trims. A Brief Description of the ‘Myth’ Tisja Damon, K. Photo by Laskowska

All fabrics, trims and threads are perfectly color matched. I am very impressed with the use of trims in this design. Strappy underwear has become such a big trend in the past decade that it’s starting to feel boring and inferior.

It’s still hard to find designs that use these techniques but still feel fresh, but this label hits the nail on the head. Briefs and bralettes have wide patterned strapping, narrow picot edge plush elastic and very narrow rouleau style strapping.

Overall the pieces are very well made with clean and precise stitching. I was very impressed with how the bust darts were sewn into the bralette. They are shaped in a very narrow but neat zigzag, which gives a narrow finish. I’ve never seen this kind of finish on a seam before, and it has a nicer effect on the body than traditional overlocked seams.

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The stitching on the knicker hips is starting to come loose, although that can be fixed. ‘Mito’ Outvert Knicker by Tisja Damen. K. Photo by Laskowska

Unfortunately with knicker hips, there are places where the elastic folds and the stitching here starts to fray. Not reinforcing the stitching in this particular area seems a little awkward, although it’s an easy fix with some basic hand sewing skills. It is important to note that if this area of ​​faulty stitching is not repaired, the stitching will continue to unravel with continued wear. Tisja Damon makes in the Netherlands and Romania, but it is unclear where the exact pieces are made.

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The cut of the bralette is amazing, and the fit is unlike anything I’ve seen in underwear before. This style provides almost no bust support. To be honest, in my body, I saw that he lowered my chest.

Update Next Womens Lingerie Review

I have to admit that I’ve internalized society’s message that the ideal bust shape is round and attractive, so I’m not entirely comfortable with my body shape in this particular style. It looks like a cut made with more self-supporting breasts in mind. I don’t think I would be comfortable wearing this piece outside of the bedroom.

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The back falls very low and is tied in the middle with a gold hook. The center back straps are all adjustable, so can be changed to fit different body sizes. But the shoulder straps are too long. I had to wear them in their tightest setting and I’m tall. Fortunately, shortening the shoulder straps is an easy ​​change if you have some basic sewing skills or access to a tailor or alteration service.

I was surprised to find that the briefs actually fit me…and even cut through the waist and hips. When my order arrived, I had to go back to the Tisja Damon website to double check that I saw this recommended size up to a UK 18 (US 14)!

I have 36″ hips and a 26″ waist and the elastics are too tight on my body. While I hope that most luxury underwear brands are small, this is the worst example I have experienced in my career. I have no idea if this is a standard fit for the brand or if it’s just a style that’s too small. However, based on my experience, I recommend going up at least one size in this style.

Although the base mesh fabric is very stretchy, the accompanying elastic cuts are extremely durable. I suspect the strapping was originally intended to be used for bra shoulder straps, as there isn’t much tension. None of the briefs’ straps are adjustable, so it’s no surprise that they’re cut on some body shapes. The gusset of the briefs is quite narrow, giving the back of the briefs a ‘cheeky’ cut.

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2021, the designer of this underwear set commented on it and pointed out that wearing a bra is wrong. It was an honest mistake on my part. After I placed my order, but before I received it, the style was removed from the website. With no photos to speak of, I dressed in the most logical way. Since this does not represent the fit of the product that the designer intended, I re-examined the bra for proper wear.

The garment is designed to be worn with a shoulder strap at the center back. Since the straps are not detachable, the bra must be pulled over the head for dressing. Dressing involves some variations so I found it a little challenging and I think anyone with mobility challenges needs help. It’s not the most intuitive bra wearing experience and I suspect such a design could benefit from some wearing instructions.

A comparison of Tisja Damen’s ‘Myth’ bralette, worn with uncrossed (top row) and crossed (bottom row) shoulder straps. K. Photo by Laskowska

Update Next Womens Lingerie Review

With the shoulder straps crossed, the bust has a little more vertical lift and my breasts sit a little higher on my frame than those without the straps crossed. Crossed shoulder straps also provide more horizontal tension, which has the effect of pulling the breasts into the underarm. Overall, I found the difference in fit to be negligible. As I mentioned earlier, this is a style better suited for self-supporting breasts.

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For my first experience with Tisja Damen, I can say that it was positive overall. The designs are fresh and new, and there is an excellent application of trimming that I have seen few designers come close to.

Although I don’t like the bralette shape on my own body, it’s just a matter of personal preference and I can see the cut looking amazing on others.

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