Update Next Tall Lamps Review

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The best floor lamps provide a strong natural feel to illuminate your entire bedroom, bright lighting for your home office or soft amber lighting to set the mood in your bedroom.

Update Next Tall Lamps Review

Update Next Tall Lamps Review

Floor lamps are very versatile: they fit in any corner of the room, discreetly behind the sofa or proudly in the center of the front.

Top 10 Best Floor Lamps Of 2022

Although much easier to install than wired lighting systems, a good floor lamp can make a surprising difference to a home.

This energy-efficient, dimmable LED floor lamp has a brightness of 2190 lumens, enough to illuminate the largest spaces. You can tilt the rotatable headlamp in any direction, and the handy memory function allows you to adjust your settings later.

Its design and the quality of the illuminated light can completely renew the space and create a completely new atmosphere in your home.

A floor lamp with the ideal brightness and color temperature is essential. This article will help you find the best one for your interior design.

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The living room is the heart of the home. Here you can kick back, play with your kids and dogs, and welcome friends. Therefore, most people want their living space to be bright and attractive.

For this, the floor lamp designed for the living room must illuminate the space with pleasant lighting. Combined with other light sources, it must provide a total light output of at least 2000 lumens.

If you want a bright, energetic atmosphere in the living room, the ideal color temperature of the light bulb should be above 3500 K (cool spectrum of white). For warmth, comfort and intimacy, a temperature between 2700 K and 3500 K is ideal.

Update Next Tall Lamps Review

In the bedroom, you don’t want high intensity (light) colors and high temperatures (“cool” colors). This is because strong blue light causes the brain to produce hormones that increase alertness and alertness. Although this is useful during the day and at night, such light can prevent you from falling asleep.

Galore Floor Lamp In Brass With A Black Shade

Therefore, low intensity (damp) and low color temperature (warm) are needed. The total amount of light in the bedroom should not exceed 4000 lumens. Meanwhile, the light’s color temperature is best between 2700 K and 3000 K (pale yellow to warm white).

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The soft, warm atmosphere of the bedroom creates a family, trusting and intimate atmosphere, which prepares you for a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

A reading nook should be bright, relaxing and stimulating to the imagination. Here you can immerse yourself in book adventures!

A good floor lamp for a reading nook provides effective light for reading small print. At the same time, it should set the mood for reading and enhance the unique character of the corner or corner without taking up too much space.

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For this reason, lamps with color temperatures of 2700K (pale yellow) and 4000K (white) are suitable for reading rooms.

For detailed tasks like data entry, crafting, or hand embroidery, the best lights are the ones that let you see every detail of what you’re looking at. You need to be very good at designing to help you focus on your work.

Effective light is therefore the ultimate measure of high-quality floor lamps. The light it emits should be strong enough to spark your imagination and creativity.

Update Next Tall Lamps Review

In terms of color temperature, a minimum of 4000 K (cool white) and a maximum of 6000 K (blue-tinged cool white) is ideal. Light in this range has the same effect on the brain as daylight. It makes you feel alert, energetic and motivated to get the job done in the bright sunlight.

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Below is a handpicked collection of the best floor lamps designed for living room, bedroom, study area and task lighting. Click on each item to see a detailed description!

With its bright, pleasant brightness, adjustability and versatility, this Brightech pendant light is the perfect floor lamp for any room in your home.

First impression: The lamp is sturdier and bigger than it looks in the picture. Well balanced with a simple upper and very heavy sole. This slim lamp is by no means a delicate baby. He survived even the fiercest of cats.

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If you like minimalistic designs, you’ll probably love this floor lamp. Even with a clear head, in the center of attention, it looks very simple. It’s a thin, round plate with an LED on the top and a metal cover on the bottom.

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The lamp can be adjusted with 3 brightness levels. The head emits a total of 3000 lumens of light, making it the brightest floor lamp in the collection. It’s powerful enough to light an entire home office – no additional lighting needed. If you look at it, it’s a blinding look in your eyes.

What to do about the flashes that are common between flashes? Due to its ultra-thinness, the lamp fits into even the smallest corner of the room. Choose a place you don’t normally look at. Don’t worry if you want to place it in the middle of the room. The light head is clever – it tilts 45 degrees, so you can turn it right to adjust the light and avoid the direction.

If it’s a bedroom, dining room or small study, lower the brightness of brighter lights. The lamp emits a pleasant warm white light at 3000K – the perfect temperature for any room in your home.

Update Next Tall Lamps Review

The minimalist design of the lamp easily fits into classic and contemporary designs. You just have to find the right color from five options (brushed nickel, dark bronze, jet black, platinum silver and elegant white).

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Are you looking for a large enough lamp to illuminate an entire large room, but at the same time look airy, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing? We’ve found one, and it’s Revel Lights.

This beautiful lamp features 3 lights, each covered in a beautifully textured brown shade. The shade is only thick enough to dampen the bulbs and reduce their shine.

They allow light to come in at maximum intensity from above and below, reflecting off the floor and ceiling onto the rest of the room. The lights provide a strong but pleasant atmosphere.

You can turn on 3 lights at the same time for maximum brightness. Its long arms grow in opposite directions from the same stem and reach a height of 80”, the lamp covers a large area and easily illuminates the entire room with full intensity. If you prefer a lighter environment, you can remove one or two.

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Dundefinedcor Works 150 Watt Floor Lamp 72 Inches Tall With White Shade (black)

Thanks to the special design, the lamp takes place. Therefore, it looks best in a large living room or bedroom rather than in a narrow space. Because of its heavy but basic base, it tends to tip and is best placed next to, behind, or in the corner of a chair or sofa.

Revel is compatible with different types of bulbs. However, the shade looks best when complemented by warm white highlights. Bulbs with a color temperature of 2700 K to 3500 K are ideal if you want to create a warm, homely atmosphere.

Thanks to its simple design and neutral colors, it can easily match modern and traditional furniture.

Update Next Tall Lamps Review

For book lovers, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in a comfy chair with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows and a good, good book.

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A reading light for those moments where you can read, but it also sparks your imagination and creates an intimate, cozy atmosphere.

Brightech Sparq lights have a unique crescent shape that shines evenly from the shoulder of the open panel. You can adjust its height anywhere from 47 to 66 inches until you get the distance you need for your event.

Its brightness of 2000 Lumens allows you to read even small print and see the steam from a cup of hot tea. You don’t have to worry about increased bulb life or electricity bills—the lights are made with extremely energy-efficient LEDs that can last a decade or two.

Although powerful, the resulting light is very natural and pleasing to the eye at a temperature of 3000 K. Its warm white spectrum provides a soft, calm and relaxing feeling

Marselis Floor Lamp

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