Update Next Swim Costumes Review

Update Next Swim Costumes Review – Aerie swimwear has become popular in recent years (especially those adjustable straps that everyone loves) and while they’re still great options for the younger crowd, folks, spoiler alert: people over 40 can too. rock! (And I don’t mean somehow borrowed from my daughter.)

Aerie has some legitimately cute suits, and as they’ve expanded representation on their website over the past couple of years, their styles seem to reach a wider age range as well. Live! Because I’m never one to “dress my age” anyway, I say wear whatever you want, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and its price of under $55 at full price, under $40 on sale, is unbeatable!

Update Next Swim Costumes Review

Update Next Swim Costumes Review

It should also be noted that this is already my second swimsuit test of the year. I must be really dreaming about this warm-weather holiday (and that says a lot for the girl looking to retire to Scotland) or I must just be a glutton for punishment. One of two… but unfortunately I love this job, and I love, love to provide hopefully good information to you as you tackle online swimwear orders this year… so here we go!

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Although I love the photo of the model on the website, I wish their swimwear had sizes included. Currently, their sizes range from XXS to XXL, but it is not a really widespread size. I’ve also noticed that not all styles of your swimsuits are suitable for larger busts when it comes to lift and support, and in general I would size tops. I’m a 32DD and in Athleta I’m a Small or Small D/DD, but definitely a medium in Aerie. The bottom feels true to size for the most part (I’m usually average on most brands).

I’m not normally a fan of how a piece crushes my chest, but I was pleasantly surprised how the Aerie suit doesn’t!

That’s what attracted me to the Aerie swimsuit in the first place. This amazing solo is getting tons of rave reviews. I think Scotti had this a few years ago and I think every time I find Ae.com I look at him. It was time to ask!

I tried both in Small and Medium. I’m always a medium at the bottom and usually a little one in swimsuits, so it’s often hard to fit into a piece. Also, I have a chest that isn’t big, but definitely needs 32DD support. One piece often just flattens my chest, and as I mentioned in the Athleta swim test post, that’s not what I’m looking for. Give me a regular halter style top or bra size.

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This wrapping part also gets good reviews and it looked so cute on the website so I had to try it out. I love the leopard but I will say the belt/tie is a little uncomfortable on my waist. Maybe it’s because that’s where I carry my weight or because I have a shorter torso? I think this might be better for people with a smaller waist, maybe. Or who is more used to tying things up? Haha, I have no idea. The shape is still pretty cute overall. It’s a real wrap so you either want to make sure you tie your skills up or there might be a surprise in the pool…

Okay, so this deep V-neck was totally out of my comfort zone, but mostly because I think you really need to be taller for this one. The straps looked like they were going to fall off with one wrong move. Or breathe. Haha. Best for those who are taller in the torso. Too flirty for my taste, but you’ll rock it if that’s your style. Maybe it’s just for sunbathing. K

For some reason I was sleepy? Buzz? In quarantine? When did I make this order? So I missed some sets of real games. I remember Jennifer Anniston saying years ago that she always mixed up her bikinis, so let’s say…same here, Jen Anniston.

Update Next Swim Costumes Review

The first suit I managed to match and it’s definitely my favorite! SO, so sweet. You can see what I mean about the top size here. On the left, I have Medium. On the right, in blue, I have Small. It filled me up a ton and it wasn’t enough. The medium top is great and I keep it. I am in my correct size in all pants. The material is a nice thicker waffle material that feels thick and soft. I’m really impressed! The bottom has a little less coverage in the back, but a level I’ve been comfortable with for the past couple of years. In fact, it looks more flattering than when I use a full coverage foundation. I know! I was surprised too! Try them if you haven’t already.

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The size issue with this bikini top isn’t as obvious in the photos, but it also looked small. Not sure it would provide the lift I need at the top even if I were bigger. It’s so cute, and even though I’m not your typical girly girl, I really like this orange-red hue for me. So good; I wish I had ordered more in this color! Bottoms are a typical bikini fit and they’re not my thing right now for high-waisted bottoms.

Wow. With this bikini on all I can hear in my head is Simon saying ‘cheeky monkey’ ‘more shit’ hahaha. My body is too poor for me in this. But then again, if that’s your style, go for it. The stripes are beautiful and my summer in Spain in college taught me how reserved we are here. Do your part. Wear whatever swimsuit you feel comfortable with, friends. It was a little out of my comfort zone. The rise of these is great and super comfortable. The top was again very small, but not see-through like some white bathing suits can be. I love the combo! (I had trouble finding the matching striped top on the website.)

I ordered two of these bikini tops. Same color, same size. See what I mean, don’t know what happened to the order? Haha. Either way, they were both pretty small, but these backgrounds are great. I chose the slightly thicker material of the Waffle Scalloped bases, but if you don’t like scallops, then. The maxi tops are a little too long for my shorter torso and for me they go best with bottoms that aren’t high. But this true-to-size ensemble in a slightly longer bodice would be just as comfortable and fabulous.

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Update Next Swim Costumes Review

“I thought the swimsuit was very well made, I loved the print! It’s bold enough to really stand out in photos. The wetsuit design is great for more active swimming, great if you are constantly jumping in and out of the water, free-flowing diving, or for more active water sports like surfing or kayaking.

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I felt very safe in it – don’t worry about something coming off accidentally.. which is great for me to dive in as I’m often lifting tanks etc. are bending over to pick up heavy objects. Nothing worse than dropping a bathing suit when your hands are full of tanks and camera gear, it’s a situation I find myself in quite often! I also really like that there are no ties. When I’m wearing a suit under the wetsuit, the wetsuit pressure is there

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