Update Next Petite Blouses Review

Update Next Petite Blouses Review – Happy Friday!! For this week’s Fit Friday Review, I have some loose, slouchy tee options from Gap. As always, you can find my benchmarks here.

My search for the “perfect tee” brought me to the Gap today for a few reasons: 1) my long sleeve tee collection is sparse and I’m looking to put it together, 2) I’m looking for something light, comfortable soft, comfortable clothes 3) I’m on a crewneck kick at the moment. The Gap seemed to have a holiday lineup of shades I wanted, so I ordered a few options to try. If you’re looking for v-necks or slim silhouettes, they have those too!

Update Next Petite Blouses Review

Update Next Petite Blouses Review

I can’t wait to try this comfortable linen tee! Unfortunately, this tee doesn’t come in a small, which would be better for me, but the regular size is an option for those who want to be tall and slouchy. I’m a fan of this slim print and wish it was available in other clothes because as much as I love linen, I found my Banana Republic linen tees a pain to wash. If I forget to dry them, they come out of the dryer wrinkly and twisted in all the wrong ways, so I’m still at a loss as to whether to keep any Gap linen options.

Petite Matte Jersey Tie Neck Top

These long linen tees are narrower at the neckline, so the regular size is easier to slip on and off than the petite version (review below). The linen is thin and plain. Part of me wants to keep this because I think it’s going to be cute, and I have problems, but another part of me thinks I don’t need another striped shirt, or another linen shirt. TBD.

Compared to the normal size of a long linen tee, this is small. Considering it’s short and tall and narrow all around, this is clearly the best fit for me. Also, the fabric is thin and thin, especially in this dark color, and the neckline is small. Putting this on my head is a proven frizz generator… not ideal for curly hair in dry, unseasonable weather.

Easily I was a little surprised at how revealing it was, just wearing this I would have been worried about everyone seeing my bra if it was really quiet. I love the high hem design and the low neckline, but to be honest it’s not very inviting, especially as time goes on. I can feel the genetics blowing right here… brrr…

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Low crew neckline, in a soft and warm cotton/modal blend. Nothing happens here either. Since my American Apparel blended cotton tees are instantly light, that has been my concern with such blends. I took this out of the wash to test the pill, I was happy to see that it came out nice and pill free which means it will last for a while.

Fit Review Friday! Allbirds Activewear Natural Run Tank & Natural Bike Short

There is a slight slub texture to the fabric, which is good because I find flat colors / muted tees boring. Very soft and comfortable to wear in cool weather. I found myself picking out several colors, and I have a few long sleeves coming in the mail. Happy Friday! I have a great Lululemon review coming up for you guys next week. The weather in Atlanta has been completely cloudy and rainy for the past few days. It looks like it will finally be sunny on Sunday. 🌞 I will have to photograph everything then and it will be split into two posts. I also folded and ordered a Hotty Short Short Long in gray sage and a third In Alignment bra in black.

So as you can tell, these two shirts were photographed on two different days. One before my hair and one behind! 😆 It’s nice to see the team on the sidelines. I’m already putting together my fall wish list and the Rails Hunter Plaid shirts are a must. I’ve had one since last year and I love it. I wear it often and it is very soft. It’s the perfect layer when a hoodie is too much for hot weather but you still want something soft and comfortable wrapped around you and I’ve found the solution. That’s the Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt.

For reference I’m 4 foot 11 and usually a size 4 in Lululemon tops. In Rails I wear a size XS and it’s a slim fit. If you want a looser fit, I can measure it for you.

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Update Next Petite Blouses Review

I can’t get over how soft the fabric is. It’s described as buttery soft and I agree that Rails makes the softest keyboard I’ve ever owned. It’s a little gentle because the care instructions say hand wash only. I washed in a mesh wash bag using the gentle setting and had great results.

Petite Floral Collared Cropped Blouse

I wear a size XS and it is true to size. I wouldn’t go too small, but I would consider going up a size if I wanted a more oversized look. The price is high. These are $158 a pop. However I managed to get both of these for sale. Every time I see a 30% or 40% discount it’s when I click add to cart and take a quick look!

I liked this one because of the dark gray and the drop of blue. Perfect for fall. I know I will be wearing these two a lot! Do you have a Hunter Rails shirt? This is my 2nd and 3rd and I’m sure I’ll be back for many years.

Happy May! I can’t believe summer is almost here. I’m looking forward to visiting my family at the end of this month. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back in NYC. I was thinking about every dime I would catch in the 10 days I was there! 😆 Today I have a review of the new Extended Belt Bag vs the original Belt Bag which is slightly removable. 😢  **** UPDATE – The original Belt Bag anywhere has been completely removed. The website removed the extended string from the name. The updated version is now called the Anywhere Belt Bag!**** For reference I am 4 feet 11 inches tall. Always wear a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Left – Anywhere Belt Bag Tidewater Teal Anywhere Belt Bag Extended Strap Lavender Mist If you missed it, you can check out my original Belt Bag review I have both belt bags in the longest set. The widest part of the strap is two inches

Refresh! 5/2/2022 Read my comparison review of the Belt Bag Anywhere vs the original release. Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate. Even furry moms deserve a little pampering this holiday. I always go back to New York for Mother’s Day and this is the first year I can’t do that because of the pandemic. I’m looking at my mom and grandma today, it’s always nice to be able to “see” them. Much better than talking on the phone. Today I have a review of what I like to call my punch bag. I haven’t used one of my designer handbags since this whole thing started two months ago. I’m just a little worried about everything going in and out of the house these days and I want to use something that I can easily wipe clean or throw in the washing machine. That’s why I bought a Lululemon belt bag. For reference I’m 4 foot 11 on a good day. I’m normal

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Women’s Beige Petite Pu Plisse Oversized Shirt

Happy Friday! The bedroom update, it’s coming… first we wait for the new bed to arrive and then we have to decide on the new bedding? There is a small chance we may want to keep our old ones but we will see how it looks with the new bed first before making a decision. How is everyone? Vaccines begin to be distributed to everyone. I’m on the list at a few places hoping to find a place soon. Today’s review is the All Night Festival Micro Bag in pink deco. It looks so good on the model I decided to take a chance on another one. For reference I am 4 foot 11 inches tall and usually a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. All Overnight Party Bag Micro Deco Pink also wears Hold Breathing Hoodie (old) similar here Ebb To Street Tank Match Cut This is when I first got the bag in January when I reviewed the Full Flourish Pullver and the Beyond Studio 7/8 Jogger. I think she looks really cute in this dress. All night fetes

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