Update Next Ladies Brogues Review

Update Next Ladies Brogues Review – Do you agree with this quote – “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” by Marilyn Monroe? I agree! But finding good shoes that are light, comfortable and stylish can be such a task. Well, I recently got in touch with the brand FSJ to try out their beautiful women’s oxfords and share my thoughts on them. If you want to know more about these Oxford Patch-Color Women’s Lace Up Flat Vintage Shoes, and why you should check out fsjshoes.com right away, scroll down!

Gone are the days when we waited for the holiday season to buy shoes at discounted prices and visit local stores. Thanks to online shopping sites that pride themselves on their amazing collection of products and their beneficial offers throughout the year, we no longer have to wait and can order whatever we want including shoes from the comfort of our home. our house. Shopping in stores is a thing of the past, my friends! So to remember to shop online, let me introduce a beautiful shoe site- Funny She Jill (FSJ) to you all, its mission is to help women realize their dreams of fashion and the pursuit of quality.

Update Next Ladies Brogues Review

Update Next Ladies Brogues Review

Well, I found these high quality oxford shoes with detailed brogues from FSJ. The kind of shoes I’ve been looking for for a long time!

American Duchess Sweden: Pre Order Bellevue Women’s Vintage Oxfords (white)

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Today, I won’t go into the general details of oxford brogues or how to style them but I will try to cover that in another blog post soon. But they are classic, fashionable and durable, so you should invest in good brogues! If you are wondering why these shoes are known as Brogues, put it simply, a Brogue shoe is any shoe (either Oxford or Derby) with heavy decorative holes or perforations.

The shoes arrived in a medium box within two weeks of placing the order. Very fast shipping, I must say. FSJ classic leather oxford shoes are low-heeled, tri-tone/multi-colored, and detailed.

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They are available in other colors as well but I found them in red and white with black trim on the lace panel.

Loake Royal Black

FSJ women’s full oxfords are durable, lace up and made of synthetic leather. If you are a user of cruelty free products, you may want to check them out! These also have soft anti-slip rubber soles.

Since this was my first order of shoes online, I was nervous about the fit and all. However, these shoes fit true to size, I wear a women’s size 38 (in EUR). I followed the size chart provided on the website and ordered these shoes. I was happy to see that they fit and match their charts and look just like the photos featured on the FSJ website. The result!

These Oxfords look very good and stylish. Although the distressed details and bright colors of these shoes limit them to formal wear, they are a high fashion accessory to elevate your casual style!

Update Next Ladies Brogues Review

They also feel light and comfortable. I spent a lot of time reviewing this product because I wanted to walk a lot with these shoes before jumping to any conclusions. I want my shoes to be comfortable when walking or doing outdoor activities.

Rd Soles Ladies Brogues Suede Loafers

Every time I try on new closed toe shoes (flats / heels) they form around the ankle bone from the friction! I try to wet my feet and wear socks to avoid this problem. My first experience with these shoes. Since they are not provided with support placed on the ankle, I recommend wearing socks with them for a few days otherwise you can damage your skin around the heel. Now after wearing them for a few days my feet are totally enjoying these shoes! So I give them 4.9/5 stars!!

These photos were taken last weekend at Tamar Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong. We took a short walk to Tamar Park to see the Huge Rugby Hong Kong Sevens exhibition there. I played with a simple Tomboyish look and of course, those shoes!

Let me explain why you should go to this shoe site and place your order! I am sharing the top 6 reasons why, go through these points and let me know what you think.

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The Funny She Jill (FSJ) brand has the hottest footwear collection and caters to the needs of the urban crowd by offering high-quality fashion footwear, customization services and helpful services. I love the FSJ oxford flat brogues, because they are so fun and cute. These colorful women’s lace-up oxfords are the perfect accessory to up your fashion game!

Best Women’s Brogues

I’ve also made a little wish list for my next purchase. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking to buy the right pair of shoes for yourself, look no further than FSJshoes.com. Enjoy shopping!

P.S: Sample PR but all opinions expressed here are mine and 100% true! A few facts I added from the FSJ official website.

Do you have experience with FSJ brand? If Yes, please join us in the comment section below. I was so impressed with these Brogues cut from the following, I thought it would be a crime if I didn’t write a review explaining why they are amazing. and we recommend you visit your next local store to at least give them a try! I think once you try them, you will understand everything to learn.

Update Next Ladies Brogues Review

I have been looking for smart fashion shoes for the past month, good and cheap shoes. I was tired of stomping around the office, killing my poor feet in high court shoes, I wanted something I could wear all day and not complain. One day during my research I stumbled upon these Brogues on Next and yes I know I’ve said this many times in other reviews, but I fell in love with these shoes right away, to be honest even before trying them.

Brogue Lace Up (lgt Pink)

I remember seeing quite a few celebrities in the media over the last 12+ months in Brogues and I even remember reading in my favorite magazine (the real Look magazine) about Brogues being the cut next big thing, so I thought I’d like it. look. of them and being told they are great, I can kill two birds with one stone – take a pair of shoes that work well and put them on myOOTDon myblog(oh that’s ‘outfit of the day’ for those who don’t know).

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What I love about Next is that (most of) their shoes are available in half sizes, which for me is UK 4.5 / EU 37.5 as not many stores currently offer such measurements. However, I tried on the 4.5 and found it to be too big, I think it’s because men’s shoes are made looser, which ended up being the right fit. So if you are thinking of buying these shoes, I highly recommend trying them on to measure them before buying, especially if you have narrow feet.

Unfortunately, the store did not have 4 in stock, but I was able to order the shoes from the store and I was happy that they were ready to pick up the next day. I just paid the price of the shoes, gave the details and that was it. You don’t have to wait long for delivery and you don’t have to pay for delivery either.

A size four is a good fit, so I recommend most people go down a half size from their regular size.

Mens Gatsby Brogue Shoe In Tan Leather

The shoe is a classic Brogue design with a curved section. Smart shoes generally give a nice modern look, making them versatile – allowing them to be worn both casually and formally, for different types of occasions. Although I wear mine more formally to the office, they look great with ripped boyfriend jeans and a cute pencil skirt.

The heel of the shoe is very flat, about one centimeter high. I often find that low heels make my small feet look bigger, however surprisingly that is not the case at all with these shoes. So if you have big feet, don’t worry they won’t make you look crazy. I think they make your legs look bigger or smaller depending on what you wear.

With a small heel above the inside of the shoe, these Brogues dress well. I was already dressed

Update Next Ladies Brogues Review

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