Update Next Heart Candle Holder Review

Update Next Heart Candle Holder Review – I was able to get this Love & Hearts 3-Wick candle holder for free with my rewards points since it was $15.50, which is under the $16.50 max for rewards. I guess they wanted it to look like a mylar balloon, which it does to me. I wish they made the “Love” part a bit smaller, it’s too wide to see from the front. It looks smaller on the web because you can see all the fonts better. There are hearts in the background, which I think should also be smaller, see:

This candle holder looks best with a matte or colored candle inside, as it looks too busy with a clear candle. It also looks best with a red candle to match the Valentine’s Day theme. It would make a perfect gift with an attached mylar heart and a red or pink candle inside. Have you checked out the latest candlesticks they added online? Which ones are on your wish list? I also reviewed three other new additions: the Streets of Paris 3-Wick Candle Holder, the Iridescent Mermaid Pedestal Candle Holder, and the Seashell Candle Holder. According to my favorites: The Mermaid, The Shell, The Streets of Paris and Love and Heart.

Update Next Heart Candle Holder Review

Update Next Heart Candle Holder Review

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Seychelles Heart Tealights

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