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Update Movies Ultra Hd Review – Dr. Angela Lovemore is the heroine of Dr. Loretta Sage’s adventure novel. Lovemore shares her adventures with Dash McMahon, a rather damaged man who somehow has enough charisma to charm Lovemore’s pinky. When a new hero book is coming out, Loretta’s publisher asks the author to go on a press tour with Alan Caprison, who is Mike Faces used by McMahon on book covers. Loretta is only partly comfortable as she withdrew from the public eye following the death of her husband five years ago. Just because of Ellen’s antics, she reluctantly agreed to an embarrassing challenge. But as if that wasn’t bad enough, Loretta is kidnapped by Abigail Fairfax. Since then, the billionaire has discovered that there is more truth in the novel than may appear on the surface. Loretta’s late husband was an archaeologist who discovered a lost city. Fairfax now wants the widow to decipher an ancient map where hidden treasures can be found. But because she firmly refused, Abigail suddenly kidnapped her on Treasure Island. Loretta’s only savior is Alan, or rather some Jack Trainer, whom Alan hires to unleash his crush again. Jack is a former SEAL and a tough guy – unlike Aaron who acts like a scared deer in the island jungle…

In the history of cinema, there have been many adventure films with different dual constellations. However, this topic has not been resolved for some time. No doubt the lost city was clearly modeled after Indiana Jones or Indiana Jones

Update Movies Ultra Hd Review

Update Movies Ultra Hd Review

The Godfather’s script with brothers Adam and Aaron Ni is unique in that, in contrast to the famous canon, it combines two protagonists who are unfortunate enough to stumble across the jungle. In fact, a lady who screams loudly and is frightened to death by every noise and critter is known to be next to a hero who confidently grasps all situations. But luckily, times are changing. And today, throughout the film, Sandra Bullock is allowed to show the man next to her the toughest heroine in the jungle. “The Lost City” works more like a modern comedy, especially at the beginning, than “Indiana Jones” or “The Hunt for…”. This, in turn, is necessary because of the backstory about the island’s treasures with hidden painted Easter eggs. The script is committed to a stereotypical story development, and the ensemble must succeed. Fortunately, yes. It’s pretty wonderful to see Loretta and Ellen compete in the most unlikely of mutually helpless situations, even if it’s over the line.

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The fact that it was happily reproduced (or should we say friendly: quotes) (which Wil Wheaton still fondly remembers, for example, in the leech scene) either annoys fans of the original movie, or makes them reminisce about summer Awakening secret. The original script idea was more interesting. This almost silly physical comedy is funny when Loretta and Alan have to share a hammock for the night. Sandra Bullock, who is also a producer at her company, initially didn’t want the lead role because the idea of ​​the script had been around for several years and now she felt it wasn’t “fresh” anymore. The fact that she was there helps a lot in this movie. Bullock excels when she has to be convincing and awkward at the same time. that is in

Side by side with Ryan Reynolds and also with Channing Tatum. Tatum himself was allowed to go completely against his usual assertive image, almost flattering when he spoke to the waiter about his unfulfilled love for Loretta. It was Brad Pitt who stole the show from the duo. As a former Navy SEAL coach Jack, his taciturn but energetic performance was astounding. Even his reception at the airport was great, no one recites lyrics as coolly as he does.

Also, what’s fascinating about The Lost City is its ironic introspection — for example, the very illogical about the characters when the novel’s two protagonists ask very uncomfortable questions to Hollywood screenwriters at the outset. behavior or just an existential problem. Hundreds of snakes in the tomb. Not every gag likes to dress up, and some things are flat too. But somehow, it’s hard to blame the movie and its stars for being in good shape. Even the action choreography matches well and has been implemented to be fun and entertaining. Pete can tell him again that Tatum can prove his dancing talent. There are worse things than knowing how to talk like this. Especially since the effort was actually put in and most of the filming took place in the Dominican Republic. This gave the jungle scenes the realism they needed and looked really good too. Pat Benatas’ songs are as good as Pete’s

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The long lion wigs shook like a new commercial for shampoo. Hey: When the two muscular Tatums and Pitt climbed the Bajaj Qute, it not only looked fun, but it also made clear what it was like to sit in a Messerschmidt bubble car during the day.

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Wow, this is a great blu-ray! The quality of The Lost City already displayed on the Full HD screen is excellent. The smooth operation and absence of any noise explains the camera used and the perfect lighting. This can feel a little contrived at times, because even the scenes shot in the Dominican Republic are a bit studio-like, but they’re still technically clean and beautiful. Sharpness is consistently good, sometimes showing objects in focus in three dimensions (32’28). Plus, the jungle is rich in color, and Loretta’s pink dress stands out from the green. Black levels are clear and artifacts are undetectable – not even in the underwater sequence after 98 minutes. Only the skin tone can be a little less yellowish. Otherwise, a great picture.

Paramount stayed true to itself in the German output, offering only a Dolby Digital sync track. But before people pick their noses again, let’s listen more closely. In fact, the Lost City soundtrack is a far cry from a compressed Disney track. This again shows that the codec (in this case: Dolby Digital) is not the problem, but the mix. Because even at around 600 kbps, you can make very attractive dynamic mixes. Once you score or Abigail’s plane takes off, you stop and wonder why other providers don’t do DD tracks. The deep bass support might not be overkill, but the English Atmos version, for example, doesn’t really get any louder or deeper—and it’s losslessly compressed in Dolby Atmos. It was nice to hear and notice when the plane took off after 23:52 – here, both soundtracks performed equally well. Anyone who still thinks Dolby Digital can’t do anything after the post-36:10 blast doesn’t want to know otherwise.

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Update Movies Ultra Hd Review

Of course, there are a lot of O-Ton fans right now. And I already got the mentioned Atmos sound on Blu-ray – and the first dedicated 3D sound 19 minutes and 16 minutes later, when all the leaves and other objects were flying around the room through the plane’s turbines. Localization is handled very well here, as all four speakers emit different sounds. There is also a jeep sound as the jeep rolls overhead towards the camera starting at 24’20, then at 26’54 a propeller plane flies overhead. However, hitting the blue car’s brakes at 39’00 just makes you look fat. Because in terms of localization alone, it doesn’t make sense to hear it from above, because the camera is never below what’s going on. But then, at 45’55, the jungle came alive for a moment. You almost miss it until some animal sounds come from above. From the 51st minute, the waterfall quickly descended from above for nearly two minutes, and at the 59th minute 50th several motorcycles rattled on the tweeters as they roared from behind. At 81’40 a very strong wind blows over your head and some branches hit you in the face. At 86.00 there is the most dynamic 3D sound ever in the cave, steam rises from there, four minutes later you feel like you are in the middle of the cave, you will feel like you are in the middle of the cave due to the dynamic sound of the bubbles or the subsequent burst In a cave that’s about to collapse. When it finally collapses after 97 minutes, you’ll feel like the Atmos track just saved its 3D sound for the showdown – unfortunately the underwater sequence soon after has no sound from above.

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The Lost City was digitally recorded using an ARRI Alexa Mini and Alexa SXT. This

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