Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review – The Samsung Galaxy A50s was launched in August 2019 with Android 9 Pie and is currently running on Android 10.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s has started receiving a new software update in India with camera improvements and the January 2021 security patch. The phone has not yet been updated to Android 11 and is still running on Android 10. The latest update comes with the number A507FNXXU5CUB3 and is said to bring new camera features like Single Take and Night Hyperlapse to the Samsung Galaxy A50s. The My Filters feature has also been added to the phone with the update. These camera features were introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

The Galaxy A50s gets camera performance and security improvements with the latest update. According to Tizenhelp, it brings the Single Take feature to the phone, which allows users to capture multiple still images and video formats at the same time by pressing the Shutter button. As the name suggests, Night Hyperlapse allows you to capture Hyperlapse videos in low light conditions. The Filters feature allows you to create custom filters that can be saved for use on other images. You can create and save up to 99 percent filters. These features were first introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, and Samsung has carried them over to its mid-range smartphones.

It’s No Android 12, But The Galaxy A50 Did Just Get The Latest Security Update

According to the information, the size of the update is 219MB. If you haven’t received an update notification, you can go to Settings > Software update > Download and install to see if it has arrived on your Samsung Galaxy A50. If not, wait a few days and it will come to you automatically.

Along with camera improvements, the Samsung Galaxy A50s is getting the January 2021 security patch. Currently working on the November 2020 security patch. The phone still runs on Android 10 with One UI 2.5 and there is currently no word on when the Now phone will be updated to Android 11. The Samsung Galaxy A50s was launched in August 2019 with Android 9 Pie.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 On Xfinity Mobile Review: Affordable Powerful Android Phone With Attractive Cellular Options

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In April, Samsung announced an update to its Galaxy A series of phones, a family of budget phones poised to compete with Apple’s latest iPhone SE in 2020. While some models have new features like 5G, they’re all under $400 and have headphone jacks. . One of the new phones, the Galaxy A51, is a follow-up to the 2019 Galaxy A50.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a solid camera, an in-display fingerprint reader, a headphone jack, and a long-lasting battery at an affordable price.

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

The phone can be buggy at times, the maximum video resolution is only 1080p, and the speaker quality is poor.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: The New Budget Champion

Although it’s not as water resistant as the Moto G7, the Galaxy A50 is worth the extra $50 for its superior camera and durable battery.

The 2019 Galaxy A50 might not look as exotic as the latest Galaxy S20 phones or as cool as the Z Flip. But the A50, which cost $350 at launch and is now being discounted by more than $300 from Samsung, is one of the two best Android phones under $400 last year. (For phones under $500, check out our introductory roundup.)

Another option is the Motorola Moto G7, which originally went on sale for $300 (£189, AU$349), but you can now get it for less (Motorola is currently selling it for $230 in the US). Motorola’s G series has consistently topped our favorite budget phone lists over the past few years, and the G7 continues its legacy of being an exceptional phone for the price.

Overall, we still like the Moto G7. It’s an affordable phone that won our Editors’ Choice for its low price, good camera, and reliable performance. But in my opinion, the Galaxy A50 is better, even if it costs a little more. For that, it also won an Editors’ Choice. If you have an extra $70 to spare, go for the Galaxy A50 over the Moto G7. Although it doesn’t record 4K video and I’m not a big fan of Samsung’s One UI, the A50’s excellent camera, sleek design and battery life make it the best phone around.

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Samsung Galaxy A50s Review

Although the two phones are similar in terms of size and design, there are a few things that elevate the Galaxy A50 over the Moto G7. For example, the Moto G7 has a bigger camera on the back. Stacking isn’t an issue, and many phones like the iPhone have it. The Galaxy A50’s camera looks more optimized, more refined and elegant. The display notch for the front camera is also small so it won’t distract you from looking at the screen. Finally, the Galaxy A50 has an in-display fingerprint scanner, which makes the device feel smoother overall. On the other hand, the Moto G7 has a visual reader with a Motorola logo on the back (as well as a Motorola logo on the front and on the bottom edge), which is less appealing.

Additionally, the Galaxy A50 has an AMOLED display compared to the Moto G7 LCD. Although both phones have the same resolution and pixel density, the Galaxy A50’s display is sharper and the colors are more vibrant. Black is darker and more inky. When you look at the two phones from different angles, the color shift is more pronounced on the Moto G7. This means that colors are noticeably washed out and the screen looks washed out at certain angles.

One advantage of the Moto G7 is that it is slightly water resistant. You can’t fully submerge it underwater, but it does have a nano coating that protects it from light splashes. Samsung A50 does not add water protection.

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

Both the Galaxy A50 and the Moto G7 take crisp, clear photos, ideally in even lighting conditions. While the Galaxy A50 can only record 1080p video (compared to the Moto G7’s 4K max), the Galaxy A50’s camera beats the Moto G7 in several ways.

Galaxy S10 Lineup And The Galaxy A50 Also Get The Latest Security Update

Images are sharper so you can see details like leaves and bricks. In low light, the A50 brightens and brightens colors, while images taken with the G7 are duller and washed out. The A50 has a wider dynamic range, which means it renders scenes more smoothly in different lighting modes than the Moto G7. I did notice that there were times when the A50’s HDR effect seemed unrealistic, but I preferred it over the Moto G7. The Galaxy A50 has a second wide-angle camera, which means you can capture more content in every frame. This is useful when you want to capture vast landscapes and landscapes.

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The Galaxy A50 (left) brightens the scene, with a wider dynamic range than the Moto G7 (right). Lynn no /

Although you couldn’t tell from these pictures, the scene was terrifying in real life. Galaxy A50 (left) colors are much better than Moto G7 (right). Lynn no /

The white balance in these front-facing selfies is more accurate on the Galaxy A50 (left). Lynn no /

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price And Review: Samsung’s Most Valuable Mid Range Device

Both phones produced similar bokeh effects in photos, and the gradient between the foreground and background looked smooth and natural. Front-facing cameras are also available on both phones. When I took a selfie, both phones showed some spots around the hairline. However, I still prefer the Galaxy A50’s photos because the white balance was more accurate.

Unlike the Moto G7, the A50 cannot record 4K video. Instead, it records 1080p video, and videos at this resolution were on par with the Moto G7. Objects were in focus, colors were realistic, and sound was clear. I don’t care for 4K home movies myself, but if you want crisper, sharper videos and a 4K display, the Moto G7 is the choice between the two.

In our benchmark tests, the Galaxy A50 consistently outperformed the Moto G7. But in real life you won’t notice the speed difference between the two, my daily experience is relatively smooth with both. Sometimes there were problems with the Galaxy A50. For example, apps sometimes crash or fail to launch. A fingerprint reader will do that

Update Mobile Samsung A50 Price Review

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