Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review

Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review – Xiaomi’s MIUI is the most customized Android skin on the market today, and it’s also one of the most used. In this guide, you’ll discover the most useful MIUI features and some hidden tricks to get updates quickly or enable ads to better control your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco smartphone.

In this article, we will focus on the more interesting or useful MIUI features. If you want to know more about the Xiaomi UI, you can check out our full MIUI 12 review. The new MIUI 13 version is still rolling out, so you might want to check it out

Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review

Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review

Finally, not all features are available on all Xiaomi smartphones. For this article, I used a Xiaomi 11T Pro running MIUI 12.5.19. If your smartphone doesn’t have any of the features listed below, it might be time to upgrade by checking out our comparison of the best Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones in 2022.

Xiaomi Announces Miui 12.5 That Is Quicker, Safer And Prettier Than Ever

To force you to subscribe to your YouTube Premium subscription, Google has decided to prevent you from watching videos on your Android smartphone with the background or lock screen enabled.

There are many guides and tutorials online to fix this form of “digital blackmail”, but MIUI offers a partial and most native solution. Using the Video Toolbox menu, you can start videos when your mobile phone is locked and playback won’t stop!

There are several steps you need to go through to actually enable all ads in MIUI, and doing so would require an entire article to list them all in detail. Good thing we have a guide linked below. However, you can start with the most important one, which is by enabling MSA or MIUI System Ads.

Doing so should remove most of the ads. But this only applies to the “system” ads in the MIUI interface. Some Xiaomi native apps may contain other ads. So you will have to remove them one by one. What a blessing, right?

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Xiaomi does not directly follow Google when it comes to updates and introducing new features. Often, the conventional wisdom among Xiaomi fans is this: it’s not the Android version that matters, but the MIUI version. But like any other Kannada manufacturer, Xiaomi has been rolling out the latest versions of its skin in China before doing the same for the global versions for the rest of the world. But there is a trick to get MIUI updates before everyone else.

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You can also try changing your region to India or even sign up for MIUI Pilot. / ©

With this version, Xiaomi will put its smartphone on the list to receive the first stable versions of MIUI. This means that you will be able to get the global version of MIUI 13 a few days before other European users. But that also means you’ll be at the forefront of any bugs inherent in every MIUI release.

Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review

The MIUI Tap feature allows you to use the dual and tap handles on the back of your Xiaomi smartphone to create shortcuts (take a screenshot, etc.).

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Quickball or Assistive Touch is a special feature that allows you to have a virtual shortcut button on the home screen. By pressing this floating button (speed ball > ball > shortcut, right?) you access a series of 5 shortcuts. You can assign different actions to each of these five shortcuts, such as returning to the home screen, switching to silent mode. mode etc.

The stone will be floating, so you can position it as you like on the home screen of your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone. You can also hide it by dragging it to the edges of the screen.

Xiaomi allows you to stream any content from your smartphone screen to a compatible TV or any type of connected monitor, or even a PC.

The universal casting tool also offers some additional functions, such as pressing or casting in the background and even saving elements on the screen when locking the screen of your Xiaomi smartphone.

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MIUI Control Center is another “honor” from Xiaomi to Apple. It’s a quick access menu that’s different from the notification bar, which you either love or hate. For those who hate it, you can delete the Control Center and go back to the classic screen to have everything on the same screen.

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Real gamers know that the FPS rate is sacred and an important part of the gaming experience. Personally, if Call of Duty Mobile drops even one frame below 60 FPS, I’ll throw my phone in the trash and buy another one before calling the manufacturer. Well, just kidding!!!

The real-time data displayed in the upper left part of the screen overlaps the application screen. You can minimize, move or simply close the window so that it doesn’t bother you. Be careful. This screen is different from the one offered by Google, which is still in development (I think Google just has a problem with OLED displays).

Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review

It’s a feature that made a lot of waves with the release of MIUI 12, but it’s not that new in 2022. Super wallpapers are animated wallpapers from Xiaomi. They feature themes related to nature and science, such as spectacular views of Mars. When you open your Xiaomi smartphone, the wallpaper impresses with its excellent scrolling effect.

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This feature is not available by default on all Xiaomi smartphones. The manufacturer is designed for Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones equipped with sufficiently powerful SoCs. But rest assured, it’s very easy to work with your own Super Wallpaper on any Android smartphone using the API.

Each Android skin offers enhanced brightness that adjusts its level to the ambient light. But even if you use it to play games on your Xiaomi smartphone, not everyone uses it. For those who don’t use adaptive lighting, but still want their screen to be active when outside, MIUI offers a “sunlight” mode.

The idea is to automatically increase the brightness as soon as you leave the house. Basically, the light only changes when you go out into the sun. As for the rest of the time, it will be at the specified level.

Maybe the hidden version should be hidden. Xiaomi claims that it can make the speakers of its smartphones “speak”. The idea is to turn up the volume to clear the dust that “clogs” the speakers.

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The cleaning process takes about 30 seconds and sounds like a siren. Xiaomi advises users to repeat the process 2-5 times depending on how dirty the speaker is. Personally, I do not believe in the effectiveness of this option, but who knows? Maybe the placebo effect is worth it (and maybe I’m wrong). This is more in line with the 2MP macro or depth camera they put on smartphones…

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That’s all for this guide to the best hidden features and MIUI tricks for now. Did you find this article helpful? Discovered a feature you didn’t know existed? Or maybe you have an idea that is not covered in this guide? Let us know everything in the comments.

This guide was updated on March 9, 2022 to include tips for MIUI 12. Old comments are archived and publicly viewable.

Update Miui 12 Redmi 9 Review

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Xiaomi Mi 9

ID4me is an internet service that allows its users to access multiple internet services with one account. This is also known as “single sign”.

Unlike existing global single sign-on solutions such as Google or Facebook, ID4me does not track or analyze its users’ internet surfing habits. ID4me will keep your surfing habits private.

Also, ID4me is not owned by one company. It is an open standard maintained by a non-profit organization. Anyone who wants to participate. In this way, users can freely choose between different ID4me providers and switch providers at any time. . You can use MIUI 13 for fall sein. If you accept simple tricks, disable MIUI-Werbung or Xiaomi-Smartphone. verrät Euch, wie es geht

All tips presented in this guide to disable MIUI advertising were implemented on Xiaomi 12X with MIUI 13. These tricks also work on MIUI 12 or older versions of Xiaomi mobile operating systems.

Redmi 9 Power Miui Rom Download: Miui 12.5, Android 11 Update

Als ersten Schritt soltet Ihr unconditionally deactivieren MSA-Anwendung. Denn

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