Update Mifi Dongles Review

Update Mifi Dongles Review – The following article briefly describes the Huawei E585 wireless modem, which is often called “mifi”. Wireless broadband is now very common, especially since data allowances have gone up and prices have come down! In a previous post I talked about my contract with 3 Mobile Broadband where I get 15GB of data per month for £15.00 per month. The first contract expired earlier this year and to try to keep it they offered me another contract of the same but with a new USB modem to replace my existing Huawei E156G. Three said that this new modem is next generation and can run faster than Huawei E156G. The problem was that this new generation of USB sticks didn’t have an antenna port which I sometimes use with a small antenna to boost the signal in areas with poor coverage. These new dongles can be used to control the internal antennas and provide good speed in good shelters, but without connecting a larger external antenna I didn’t see them as an upgrade.

Another Huawei product I had in the past was a DT100 wireless router that allowed me to share the connection from my E156G dongle with 5 users. A few months before the end of my contract the Huawei DT100 wireless router broke and was no longer for sale, but they had ‘ my new favorite toy……….the Huawei E585 mifi wireless modem. The Huawei E585 was also a wireless modem that would allow me to share the connection, but unlike the DT100 it could accept a SIM card and plug in my existing dongle. They retail from £70.00 upwards so I decided to do a three-way deal and get a free modem by signing up for a new 18 month contract and raising £2.00 a month.

Update Mifi Dongles Review

Update Mifi Dongles Review

I’ve been reading about the Huawei E585 for a while and it looks promising. It’s not much bigger than a regular USB modem and can be powered via USB in the same way, but it’s so much more! Although it looks like your traditional USB modem in size, it actually looks like a wireless modem you might have at home. Just like a home wireless modem, a mifi sends a signal that can be recognized by other computers, cell phones, and more.

The Latest Mifi Intelligible Wifi

One disadvantage of the Huawei E585 compared to a home modem is that only 5 devices can be connected to the Huawei E585 at any one time, but for most of us this is enough! You may not want to share your connection with many people if you exceed your bandwidth limit!

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What sets the Huawei E585 apart is that it has its own rechargeable battery, meaning you don’t have to charge it via USB. Battery life is claimed to be 4 hours which is generous. This means that you do not need to be connected to your laptop via USB and you can place the Huawei E585 anywhere in your home, car, etc. where you have the best signal. Being compact also means you can put it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. So imagine you are in the printing press, your mobile data connection is slow or close to your data limit so you decide to turn on your Huawei E585, allow your phone’s Wi-Fi to detect and connect to check your email, download software updates, etc. . .Your friend can have his iPad or Android tablet with him and he can surf fast at the same time. Or you’re going on a trip and 5 hours in the car seems like a waste of time. Now your passengers can take action on their laptop! I also use my wireless printer to print on the laptop and the signal is sent through the Huawei E585 to a printer in another room or camp.

So what do you get in the box? Well, in addition to the Huawei E585 modem itself, you get a battery and a USB connection cable that allows you to charge it from a laptop. You also get a UK 3-pin plug with USB slot and all the instructions you would expect. If you are a new customer you will get your SIM card back but I used an existing one. In most cases, the device will be locked to your network, but it can be unlocked and used with a SIM card from other mobile companies. The Huawei E585 weighs only 90 grams and feels well made and tasteful. It has an LED display that provides information such as signal strength, battery life, the number of devices currently connected, and the bandwidth used and connection time for the current session. The device also has a Micro SD slot that accepts cards up to 32GB so you can store more.

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In short, I think the Huawei E585 is a good device and worth asking for. If you are already a mobile broadband customer with a contract due for renewal soon, you may want to hurry to see if you can include the Huawei E585 in your next contract. I recommend this with pleasure and my Huawei E585 rating will be 9/10! Trusted Reviews are sponsored by the audience. If you make a purchase through a link on our site, we may receive a commission. Learn more.

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As with cloud computing and the latest smartphones, one of the things that experts preach the most among regular users is mobile Wi-Fi. These small devices allow more devices to be connected to their mobile internet, eliminating the need for multiple network contracts and saving your hard-earned money. Yes, we’re always happy with the low prices, but interestingly, Three seems to think that WiFi phones need a cheaper option.

As a result, we now have the 3 Value MiFi – the core of which is the Huawei E5331 Wi-Fi device. Like its more expensive sibling, the excellent Three Premium MiFi offers HSPA 21.1Mbit compatibility, connects five devices simultaneously and has a short 30-minute battery life of 4.5 hours. In addition, the 3 Value MiFi leaves a three-line Premium OLED display instead of five simple LED screens, but it wants to make it 40 percent cheaper at only $50.

So is the argument valid? We are not satisfied with the frame. Despite being a popular device, the MiFi Premium has a smaller footprint (95.5 x 49mm vs. 92.8 x 60mm), while it’s much thinner (49mm vs. 60mm) and at 80g it’s five grams lighter. We also have issues with the Value MiFi build. The white finish is easy to spot and there’s a tight fit between the device and its back cover that feels cheap.

Update Mifi Dongles Review

In terms of connectivity, the 3 Value MiFi suffers from limitations because it loses the MicroSD slot of the Premium MiFi’s 32GB – which allows the model to function as a memory stick when connected to a PC. At the moment, changing the image parameters (network strength, Wi-Fi signal, battery, and new mail) leaves important information that can be expensive in the long run, such as roaming signals and the amount of data you have downloaded. In addition, the color display of each image to be green or orange for strength or weakness gives the user more information compared to Premium MiFi power bars.

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There is another frustrating problem. While the Premium MiFi has a dedicated security button that displays its SSID and WiFi password, the Value MiFi only has a power button so accessing this information means removing the back cover and battery and recording more information elsewhere.

All of this sounds like a lot of bad stuff, but in reality the Value MiFi is far from a bad drug. Setup is easy, just insert the SIM card and turn it on. It just connects to the internet, so you can add devices and go. For those who like to dig a little deeper, enter the device’s IP address ( into a browser and a web interface will show detailed signal strength, data usage and connected devices. You can also access SMS sent over the network, check for firmware updates, and change the SSID, password, and authentication type (WPA, WPA2, and AES TKIP encryption are supported).

In terms of performance, the 3 Value MiFi isn’t bad either. As always when testing mobile Wi-Fi, it’s important to remember that it’s not an exact science in real life. Network congestion varies by region, day to day and minute to minute, with each network experiencing different black spots. Needless to say, always use a utility check to check the energy in your home and/or office before making any purchases.


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