Update Launch Date Of Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

Update Launch Date Of Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

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Samsung’s line of Galaxy M phones is constantly evolving and improving, more so than any other line of smartphones in the company’s lineup. And it makes sense: The M series was designed to take on Samsung’s Chinese rivals in India’s budget segment, and like those Chinese rivals, the Korean giant has to keep iterating and releasing new phones to stay relevant.

Update Launch Date Of Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

Update Launch Date Of Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

The latest phone that Samsung offers in the M series is the Galaxy M31s, which is the most expensive phone on the list yet. But it also has several compelling new features to justify the high price tag, such as the Infinity-O display and 25W fast charging, and that’s on top of everything else that made the special edition Galaxy M31 so amazing. 64 MP quad camera. camera setup and 6,000mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review: Another Compelling Budget Galaxy Phone

In fact, the Galaxy M31s makes the Galaxy A51 completely unnecessary in the Indian market, and also makes phones like the Galaxy A21s look too expensive. But do the improved features of the Galaxy M31 offer a better experience, one that you won’t regret using? Let’s dive into this Galaxy M31s review to find the answer.

Before I begin, I should say that this review will only focus on what’s new and different about the Galaxy M31. For everything else, like performance and camera quality, don’t forget to check out our Galaxy M31 review.

The Galaxy M31s has the same ‘glass’ design as its siblings, but this time Samsung has opted for a matte finish on the back to make the phone look better. The Mirage Black version we received for review is beautiful, and given the weight you’d expect from phones with 6000mAh batteries, the plastic doesn’t feel cheap in the hand. Basically, the M31 uses the same build materials as A-series phones like the Galaxy A51 and looks the same, which isn’t bad, unless you want all your phones to have glass backs.

Also common between the Galaxy M31s and A51 is the 6.5-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED display. Except for the position of the front camera notch, not much has changed in practical terms. You still get an incredible viewing experience thanks to deep blacks, vivid colors, and wide viewing angles, as well as higher brightness than I could tell. The bezel is still quite large though, especially at the bottom, and hopefully that’s something Samsung will address with future entries in its budget and lower mid-ranges.

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In addition to the Infinity-O display, the side-mounted fingerprint sensor has also made its way to the M series for the first time. I’m glad Samsung didn’t put an in-display fingerprint scanner on the M31s, as they aren’t as fast, accurate and reliable as physical scanners. And with a fingerprint reader with a power button, it’s much easier to use than rear-facing fingerprint sensors. This is the perfect implementation in my books, and you will feel the same if you decide to buy this phone.

Although the M31s has a new 64MP main camera sensor than the M31, I didn’t notice any significant difference in image quality, so I’d recommend checking out our M31 review to find out what you can expect from the photos you get. to take on this phone. However, there are two features that separate the M31 from the pack, and those are Single Take Mode and full Pro mode.

Single Take is a One UI 2.1 feature, so it should come to the Galaxy M31 and Galaxy M21 with the Android 11 update, but for now, it’s only available on the M31 and, in my opinion, the camera mode. The smartest from Samsung has been conceived in recent memory. When you press the shutter button in Single Shot mode, the camera takes a series of photos and videos, including photos with various filters and boomerang and hyperlapse videos.

Update Launch Date Of Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

It’s perfect for situations where you don’t want to choose between taking photos and recording videos, like a birthday party or when your pet is doing something cute. It’s amazing that the M31s processes all the photos and videos it takes in single-shot mode so quickly. I expected the process to be slow because of the weak processor, but it is almost as fast as Samsung’s flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy M51 To Launch In July, Galaxy M31s Reported To Be In The Works

As far as Pro mode goes, the Galaxy M31s lets you control the shutter speed of the camera, something Samsung has started offering on its budget phones. Basically, now you can take action with your own hands if the automatic shooting mode doesn’t work for you. Having full Pro mode is especially useful for low-light photos. Night mode is great for getting high-quality night photos automatically, but by controlling your camera’s shutter speed and ISO values, you can get even better results.

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Below is a side-by-side comparison of the scene I captured in Night mode (swipe right) and using Pro mode (swipe left). I had to hold the phone to a surface to make sure there was no blur in the Pro Mode image, but I was able to get a brighter image with less noise by using specific shutter speeds and ISO values. It’s also worth noting that Night Mode cuts off part of the frame, so that’s another reason to try Pro mode at night so you can capture the full scene.

For wider shots, the M31s has a 12MP camera, which is the highest resolution camera of any M series phone to date. The 12MP sensor allows for slightly higher detail in wide-angle shots compared to the 8MP sensor used by Samsung previously, at least when zooming. The depth, macro and selfie cameras remain the same as the M31 though, so once again I’d recommend checking out our review of that phone if you want all the details and some camera samples.

Battery life on the M31 is just as impressive as it was on the M31 (around two days with light use and a full day with heavy use), but fast charging makes a big difference. You no longer have to wait for almost two and a half hours for your phone to be fully charged. That happens in less than 100 minutes now, and one hour of charging can comfortably get you through the workday thanks to the large battery capacity. In case you were wondering, yes, a 25W charger is included in the box.

Samsung Galaxy M31s Receives A Rs 1,000 Price Cut, Now Priced Starting Rs 18,499 Technology News, Firstpost

The M31s runs Android 10 with One UI 2.1 out of the box. Well, it’s the Basic version of One UI 2.1, so you’re missing some features, but the important ones like Quick Sharing and Music Sharing are there, along with everything else you get on the M31. Quick Sharing lets you quickly share files over Wi-Fi with other Galaxy phones running One UI 2.1, while Music Sharing lets your friends and family play music on a Bluetooth headset connected to your phone, without having to connect to that Bluetooth device . . themselves.

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Unfortunately, you still can’t use Samsung Pay despite paying the higher price, nor do you get Samsung Pay Mini. Samsung also hasn’t done away with the annoying notification asking you to check and install third-party apps; even if you don’t install any, you have to go through the display process before the notification disappears. Yes, it’s a great way for Samsung to make up for the small amount of profit on its M-series phones, but it’s not ideal for the asking price of the M31s.

I don’t understand what Samsung is doing in India right now. You have the Galaxy A series and the Galaxy M series competing, and in every case, it’s the latter series that comes out on top. With the Galaxy M31s, Samsung is making the Galaxy A21s (review), Galaxy A31 (review) and Galaxy A51 (review) obsolete for Indian customers, at least if you want the most bang for your buck.

Update Launch Date Of Samsung Galaxy M31s Review

The Galaxy M31 was already an incredible value for money proposition, and the M31s makes things even better by offering 25W super-fast charging support along with a large battery, versatile camera setups and a neat single-shot mode. and fingerprints placed on the side. scanner. The Infinity-O Super AMOLED display is also excellent, and although the camera quality tends to be poor at night, you can now compensate for that with full Pro mode.

Samsung Galaxy M31s Will Be Introduced Later This Month

In short, if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Galaxy M31s. Go buy it.

Samsung has released its latest security update for another mid-range Galaxy smartphone. The June 2022 security patch is now available for Galaxy M31s in European countries. Other markets may receive updates in the future

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