Update Gsmarena Uae Review

Update Gsmarena Uae Review – A few days ago, the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A52 started receiving the Android 12 update with the Korean company’s One UI 4 on top. That’s quite a feat for one of Samsung’s best-selling devices considering how quickly it got a taste of the new Android version after all the smartphones were bitten. Usually this period lasts several weeks, this period is only a short time (or less, depending on the region and which flagship you are comparing).

The exciting journey of Samsung shows no signs of slowing down, and today the update to Android 12 with One UI 4 has reached another device – Galaxy A52s 5G, which was launched in August and launched in September as one of the company’s mid-line. offering classes. 5G.

Update Gsmarena Uae Review

Update Gsmarena Uae Review

The update for this phone is currently rolling out in Samsung’s home market of Korea, with the latest build number being A528NKSS1BUL7. The update also comes with the December 2021 security patch level.

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Of course, now that the ball is rolling, the top trend is sure to come. It may take a few days (or worse weeks) for the update to reach some countries – we’ll keep you posted. Now, it is important to note that it is on the way, maybe sooner than expected.

After the update, the bluetooth sound on YT is choppy or jumpy, but Tidal and music are fine. Is there a fix?

I have two A52 5G, same model, both only one month old. One updated successfully, the other did not. In the last part, it stands at 25%. Samsung Support does not provide answers by phone or email. I chose a Samsung phone for the first time. …Prices These are the best offers from our partners. We may earn a commission on professional sales.

The Nothing phone has been rumored for months, but the wait is finally over. Carl Pei, the CEO of the company, introduced the Zero Phone (1) to the world through a simple, straightforward presentation that was unexpected for this type of product, but still feels right. So, here it is, connect to Phone Nothing (1).

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It seems that the company’s first phone was built according to a simple principle – everything you need, nothing you do. And a bit of a heresy, of course. And looking through the specification of the Nothing Phone (1), we can see that this applies through and through.

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The Nietzsche phone (1) uses a 6.55-inch OLED with a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. And because of this regular display, the phone doesn’t really need a new Snapdragon chipset. This is the reason why Nothing has chosen the professional, the Snapdragon 778G+ 5G chipset, which has already proven itself.

The camera department also seems less, but still enough. There is a 50MP dual camera on the back – a primary with a wide-angle lens with OIS and a secondary with a wide-angle lens with AF. The 16MP selfie camera is on the side and is placed in a small hole in the display.

Update Gsmarena Uae Review

Then you get a 4500mAh battery with support for 33W wireless and 15W wireless charging. There is also wireless charging on the back.

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However, the power of Nothing Wire (1) lies elsewhere. First, it’s a unique design that proves its usefulness, secondly – the beautiful Android 12 interface without any interface, and finally, the unique backlight of Glyph in the background. They make the Nothing (1) phone stand out in any crowd. So we love to color!

Not offering cutting-edge technology is certainly a risky move, but you can’t drive for 450 euros in 2022. Unlike the first OnePlus phones eight years ago. And that’s why we think it’s smart to get the phone with the best features and not pay for extras that you’ll rarely (if ever) use, such as LiDAR, 4K screen, charging chip and kills battery life.

You see, we have managed to avoid jokes up to this point, that’s why we are already proud of ourselves. So before we fall into temptation, let’s get into the details.

The only major flaw that we can directly notice on the bat is the lack of full penetration protection. Of course, resistance is still something, but we expect at least IP67 for a phone of this level.

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Nothing Phone (1) is available in two color variants – black and white – and three memory variants – 8/128, 8/256 and 12/256. The basic model starts at €469, which is an acceptable price considering everything.

It all boils down to one question – Is Phone Nothing (1) a breath of fresh air, a new hope if you will, or a glorious and expensive mid-range? Let’s find out!

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The Nothing Phone (1) comes in an eco-friendly case made from recycled fiber. It will be destroyed when opened and unless you glue it back, it will never catch on.

Update Gsmarena Uae Review

So when you open the paper box, inside you’ll find Nothing Phone (1), a USB-C cable, and the best SIM removal tool we’ve seen yet!

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There is no charger in the box. The phone supports USB-PD 3.0, so you can use any PD charger you have at home.

Another thing, the Nothing Phone (1) comes with a thin screen protector applied to the fabric. It has a higher quality than usual and doesn’t have any scratches like those that come in most Xiaomi phones.

For countries where Google Pixels are not officially sold, this will be one of the ways to go, although the backlight of the novelty is not for everyone like me.

Nothing I started using the phone about 3 months ago I feel bad Battery life is very bad Phone hangs while playing BGMI Battery drains a lot when the screen light turns on battery drains a lot While playing with use apps Available … Price These are the best offers from our partners. We may earn a commission on professional sales.

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It’s that time of year and we’ve got our hands on the latest Galaxy S smartphones. We’ll start our review with the Galaxy S22+.

It is important to approach this year’s devices with the right expectations. Keeping up the pace of innovation every year is impossible, so as you will see, the big changes are few and far between. Perhaps without the reincarnation of the Galaxy Note series in the S22 Ultra, but without the legendary “Note” brand.

While it’s safe to say they’ve gotten more interesting (or tame for lack of better words) in recent years, Samsung’s flagship offerings are nothing if not perfect. This in itself is a matter of great pride. Apple has proven this time and again with its annual strategy in mind. So, what’s new with the S22 this year? Well, let’s recap before we dive into the nitty-gritty – you get a new camera setup, new chips and a slightly smaller battery, which Samsung promises to compensate with better chips and a better display. The demos on vanilla and more are now a little short, but it promises some technical improvements.

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Update Gsmarena Uae Review

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G is the subject of this special review. Compared to last year’s Galaxy S21+ 5G, it’s a bit more detailed, a bit shorter and wider and a bit smaller, and at 195/196 grams it’s also a bit lighter. Those last two parts have to do with increasing the battery capacity from last year’s 4,800mAh to 4,500mAh.

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This time, the S22+ has 45W fast charging, up from 25W last year. The display, while a bit short, has had an impressive increase in brightness this year thanks to Samsung’s OLED development. Then there’s the new camera setup – a new 50MP main camera with a 23% larger sensor than last year’s 12MP model. Also a new 10MP telephoto lens with optical instead of 3x hybrid zoom. The flagship selfie cameras are carried over from the S21+.

One thing that Samsung has done very well in the past few generations of Galaxy S is segmentation. This year Ultra is in its own category, even if it doesn’t have the “Note” moniker. However, when comparing the regular Galaxy S22 to the S22+, the real difference is size and, of course, price. The S22+ has a large 6.6-inch display that is bright, which we will discuss in detail in the display section. Its body is proportionally bigger and it has a bigger battery, now with 45W charging support as mentioned. However, this has not previously been shown to provide a significant practical advantage over Samsung’s 25W technology.

The S22+ will also have Ultra Wideband (UWB) support. Apart from this, both the phones are similar inside and out. This is great to see because all the user needs to do is select a size and/or budget.

Speaking of budget, Samsung continues to be impressive on this front as well. Full pricing for both the S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 lineup can be found here, but the S22+ actually starts at $1,000.

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