Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review

Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review – 2022 update! Holiday deadlines are fast approaching when ordering gifts online. So I’m taking a leap forward in the round of the best Valentine’s chocolate I’ve ever had from dairy. Hurry to order to receive your sweet gift on time. Of course, you can still buy vegan-friendly chocolates (25+!) after Valentine’s Day. But how about making February special for someone?

This basic roundup includes options available in the US and is mostly sold in Canadian stores. Some of these shakers are even shipped directly to customers in Canada. See our separate list at the end of this post for UK dairy-free Valentine’s chocolate options.

Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review

Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review

This Brooklyn chocolatier has been around since 1948 but didn’t hit our radar until last year anyway. They are a completely kosher and dairy-free company, but double-check your requirements when ordering. They use other super allergens to create a dairy-free gift. This includes a unique chocolate-covered assortment in a variety of chocolate gift boxes.

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They haven’t started making truffles (yet!), but for Valentine’s Day they’ve launched a special bar box featuring pretty hearts, deep dark chocolate, and a dairy-free flavor. Contains one of the oat milk varieties!

Hearts and Roses is a year-round theme with the best chocolatiers, dairy and allergen-free. But the holiday-themed “milk” hearts and boxes of white chocolate and truffles are in full swing this season. Master chocolatier, Yoshi, usually introduces a few new dairy-free Valentine’s Day chocolate items each year. But this year, it was nice to see some items again, like the very stylish chocolate heels and the two-tone heart lollipop.

Gnosis is one of the oldest and most loved vegan raw chocolate makers, and we’re happy to announce that they have a large selection of Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ve launched our first 14-day Advent Countdown Valentine’s Day calendar with an amazing box of truffles. Gnosis chocolates are certified vegan and organic and are made on our own equipment without dairy, soy or gluten.

This Connecticut based chocolate is a bit more quirky. Their classic truffle box has been replaced with more creative shapes and flavors for Valentine’s Day. They claim to be diabetes-friendly. I believe that’s because their products are vegan and use natural, low-glycemic sweeteners. But check with them to be sure. They have great allergen labels, but ingredient information is limited.

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Adorably shaped, baby-friendly chocolates are all carefully crafted in a facility that is dairy, egg, gluten, peanut, soy and nut free. In recent years, Amanda’s mom and company founder Beth has enhanced her game with pretty conversation hearts (shown at the top of this post), a new model, a special food allergy friendly sidekick pack, and rose chocolate.

A year ago, this “traditional” chocolatier became vegan and never looked back. I’m citing tradition because Sjaak’s has always far exceeded the standard with its original taste and cute designs made with organic fair trade chocolates. And this year they’re launching an epic Valentine’s Day collection featuring dairy-free chocolate hearts, chocolate bars and truffles of any kind.

It seems like dairy-free chocolate is back forever, but the collection is constantly changing. The classic and beautiful heart-shaped box of chocolates is incredible, but there are also unique offerings. This year we are delighted with our collection of beautiful chocolate pops with white chocolate pepper hearts, chocolate roses and more. Chocolate Department Store of the Year

Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review

Rose City makes vegan chocolate in an elegant style. A variety of carefully crafted chocolates or cherries are housed in one of our gourmet boxes (you can choose from several shapes). Their chocolates are made with imported Belgian dark chocolate, but you have to choose the “vegan” option. They also make dairy-based chocolates.

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Previously known as Sweet Earth Chocolate, Mama Ganache has maintained the tradition of producing a line of vegan chocolates. As an added bonus, Mama Ganache uses fair trade and organic chocolate, and her vegan chocolate is soy-free (made without soy lecithin!). At the time of our review this year, Mama has the truffle shown below in a beautiful heart-shaped box. Select the box option, then the “vegan” truffle option.

This traditional chocolate shop expands its vegan dark chocolate line to include more seasonal options. Valentine’s Day offers dark chocolate hearts, vegan chocolate truffles and a few other prizes.

Chocolate Inspirations is an interesting hybrid confectionery maker. Not only do they offer creative and fun sweets, they are also very suitable for corporate customers. They have a hearty chocolate-based but crumbly toffee, and even dairy-free “peanut butter pillow”, as well as a pretty Valentine’s Day gift. This year there are Caramel Hearts and Peanut Butter Heart Truffles and Oreo Shells.

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They use “nutritious” ingredients to make delicious truffles like cookie dough, pecan pie and brownie fudge. Their entire selection is dairy and gluten free, some are vegan and some are paleo. There’s no special Valentine’s chocolate, but their truffle boxes all talk about a gift-giving holiday.

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This small Brooklyn company is dairy, nut, gluten-free, vegan and paved-kosher free. And their truffles are amazing. Their good treats include Assorted Boxes, Chocolate Covered Oreos, and Chocolate Lollipops.

Everything they make is dairy-free, plant-based, organic, and sweetened with coconut sugar. They serve truffles and chocolate bars all year round, but on Valentine’s Day they offer a variety of sweet chocolate bars and boxes of chocolate truffles.

Now this is vegan chocolate with a heart. Rescue Chocolate donates 100% of its net profits to animal rescue organizations nationwide. Their chocolate bars are all full of love, but they also make up a special bar package for Valentine’s Day.

Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review

Lagusta started years ago with a box of homemade vegan truffles. As her popularity grew, so did her product line. Today, Lagusta offers a wide selection of truffles, bluestocking bonbons, bark, caramel and toffee. And everything is still artisan-made and hand-wrapped. Their entire product line screams Valentine’s Day, but there are some very unique variations. This dairy-free collection of Valentine’s chocolates is an experience.

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They don’t have a dedicated Valentine’s box, but they are the perfect luxury gift to keep on giving. It is a vegan, Bean to Bar chocolate subscription service. You can read more in my Cococlectic Review.

This completely dairy- and gluten-free chocolatier has a store in Woodstock, Illinois. However, delicious sweets can be purchased anywhere in the United States. For richness, they use coconut milk and coconut oil instead of soy sauce and serve a delightful range of dairy-free Valentine’s chocolates from heart-filled box truffles covered in chocolate. Cherries still have stems left!

This paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly chocolate offers the ‘You Are Loved’ chocolate collection. This 100% organic truffle variety is sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar. They don’t provide allergen information on their website, so it’s unclear if the product is made on a shared line. Contact them directly to find out if you have a serious allergy problem.

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I highly recommend this amazing sweet line to anyone with low blood sugar, vegan, healthy or allergies. I like “regular dairy” chocolate without dairy, but I liked the Amore di Mona and wanted more of a low glycemic pure chocolate bar (4g sugar in 1.25oz!). Also, the brand is peanut-free, nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free (of course!). And they have boxes of special dairy-free Valentine’s chocolates for the season.

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I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews about this kosher pavé chocolate from LA. But while I’m not sure about everything they have, everything produced in house is Kosher Pavé certified, so it’s dairy-free. They are known for their whimsical pretzels topped with chocolate, truffles and more, and yes, they ship nationwide.

Here are other “traditional” chocolates that also have a dairy-free product line. Valentine’s Day always has vegetarian items. This year includes dark chocolate cherry cordials and berry chocolate bars and a box of Valentine’s baubles. Most products are manufactured in gluten-free facilities, but if you are concerned, ask about possible cross-contamination with key allergens, including dairy. Some items appeared to have “may contain” warnings, others did not.

Lulu makes love year-round, but Valentine’s Day is when this “everyday” raw chocolate shines! Their logo is a heart and applies to all gift bars, truffles and specialty chocolates. Also, they use coconut sugar as a sweetener for the low GI chocolates we like more “heart health”. Regarding allergens, Lulu says, “We process nuts, but not dairy, soy or gluten.”

Update Gift For Him Valentines Uk Review

This is a small traditional chocolate that is slowly being overtaken by the organic vegan truffle line. Most of the craze for their products and choices is dairy-free! They serve great vegan truffle boxes pictured below all year round.

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This is not a dairy-free company, but it does stock a variety of dairy-free chocolate products that are certified kosher pavement. On Valentine’s Day, we love chocolate message hearts and boxes of non-dairy truffles.

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