Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review – Typo is an Aussie brand that can take a bit of a beating. They have some cool stuff as well as other stuff, messy and sticky dust collection type products. Their weekly planners (and their daily planners too) tend to have that generic design that most planner companies copy from each other – horizontal and vertical.

So I was happy to see that they did something a little different with the layout of the pages this year, let’s take a closer look!

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

I was not paid for this article. I paid for the organizer myself & all opinions are my own.

Otto Dot Diary Weekly Planner Review (pros, Cons And Pen Test)

To enlarge the video screen, click the square icon in the right corner of the video (it will say ‘full screen’ when you hover your mouse over the icon).

I’m not usually one for pastels, but I don’t mind a pale pink with mint!

Unlike most planners, this one has public holidays already published in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, UK and a few other countries. AND it tells you the day of the week the public holiday falls on, not just the day <3

The sections for each day are not linear and there is no division between days, so I can see it being a little confusing unless you go up every week or use washi tape which can be annoying.

Day Designer Review

I liked the shadow part of each day which would be nice to have important work, meal planning, cleaning, bills due, exams, etc.

When weeks are divided between months, the first few days of the month are placed on the content page so that some months have a larger portion of content at the end than others.

Both weekly and monthly spreads start on Monday <3 No matter how many planners I check, I still wonder if planner companies do this, since most start the monthly calendar on Sunday and the weekly spread on Monday. for any reason that doesn't make sense (it doesn't make sense to me)

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

Instead of restarting the numbers at the top of the page, they add a sixth line to the calendar each time. box on the page to enter – why do companies do this?! – this is even worse than splitting the last box of the day in 2 as some companies do – such a breakdown of the operation of the site management!

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The Perfect Parent Planner Review

The laminated tabs are large and easy to hold. However, the dividers/tabs themselves are very thin cardboard (no thicker than paper)

Among the many gel, ball point, needle point and fine pens, most had a soul on the other side of the page 🙁

Yes, I will try it in 2018! Make sure you subscribe to my challenge schedule.

This planner would be perfect for someone who likes a non-linear week spread, colors, doesn’t want to plan their days in detail and doesn’t need extra pages (or uses a different notebook to make notes). On a recent trip to Tasmania I was disappointed by the lack (ie zero) of stationery shops. While killing time at the airport before it was too late to go home, I met Legami Planner in one of the stores. Immediately he reminded me of the Leuchtturm – the same look and design of the week. It was on sale… so I thought I might as well buy it to compare!

Leuchtturm 1917 Weekly Planner And Notebook

Price: In Australia it was priced at $40, but I got it at 50% off (as it was half a year) so it was $20. It is a little more expensive for a small page size, but it is comparable to the price of a similar Leuchtturm.

To enlarge the video screen, click the square icon in the right corner of the video (it will say ‘full screen’ when you hover your mouse over the icon).

The downside is that the flexible stuff you get on the dot grid articles (like the Leuchtturm slim) and it got damaged in my suitcase on the way home 🙁

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

Very unusual – this planner has a 1 page monthly calendar where the weeks run across the page instead of off. Each box is only 1.5cm wide x 2.2cm tall (small!)

Greatest Diary Planners For Everyday Productivity

Saturday and Sunday share the same place as the day of the week. It would not be such a problem if all the language versions and country codes (meaning the list of holidays) did not take up so much space…

Legami is an Italian planner. It’s like a Moleskine (must be a European thing?) with a bunch of extra pages (but no pages to write on the back)

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There are no tabs, but there are perforated corners that you can tear off to save your space. There is 1 ribbon bookmark.

I tried a regular ballpoint, a fine point and a gel point pen. The quality of this planner’s paper is awesome! Ghosting or bleeding of each pin.

Review Of The Smythson Cosmic Diary

I actually only bought this planner because it was on sale and I wanted to compare it to Moleskine and Leuchtturm… but I can use it. I like the horizontal 1 page weekly + notes / list space, but since the page size is small (one of the smallest planners I’ve ever bought), I only use it on the few busy weeks.

When I saw this organizer, it immediately reminded me of Moleskine and Leuchtturm. The same color of the cover, the interior design, the multiple languages ​​and more. I have previously converted a monthly calendar into a weekly spread (see here) but I decided to take a different approach this time.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I will receive a small commission in exchange for your referral (at no additional cost to you).

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

I chose TUL because it is bound and the monthly calendar is lined. If you like lines and larger page sizes, try BlueSky or Day Planner for BlueSky Planner.

Erin Condren Monthly Planner Review

First I used white tape over all the pre-printed events like New Year’s Day, the days in the boxes for each day and the small monthly ones on the side of the bar. Then I was ready to start planning.

I used the same box at work. The point this week was that when the boxes were full, I couldn’t add more things to my to-do list. A better work/life balance was one of my goals for this year, but I admit I only added a sick note with a few other things during the week. At least there was a goal!

I used the boxes for each day that were the first of the days as a check box to cross off when the job was done.

I used my Frixion pen and let the ink dry, but it still melted when I used the J Burrows highlighter on top. So I switched off the Frixion and used a J Burrows pen left over. The ink of the J Burrows pen is weak (see picture below) and I will not buy again.

Midori Md Diary 2022 A5, 1 Day 1 Page Review — The Pen Addict

I did different colors for Saturday and Sunday since I’m at my day job during the week so do a lot of things on the weekend.

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By using a separate box for each task, there was more white space than if I had used a vertical checker – I like the clarity and organization of the boxes that kept everything.

It would have looked better if I used a blank/unlabeled monthly calendar, so you wouldn’t see the white under the walnut.

Update Diary With Weekly Planner Review

Of course, I like to have separate boxes for each day and this was a change from my usual list format. This organizer is half the size of a US letter so the columns were too narrow for my liking, if I try this again I will use a 7 x 9″ or similar size organizer.

Hemlock & Oak

Although it is not a widespread decoration, it was quick to set up and the colors in the check boxes were enough for me, although you could make a bright border around the boxes if you want the colors to stand out more. Similar to what I did in the previous spread: Today I wanted to do a little back to school style and talk about one of my favorite organizational tools: planners! I’m a big fan of the Appointed series and I’ve talked about them quite a bit on my YouTube channel in the past. This is a new addition to my planner collection, a weekly planner and made especially for Commonplace Books, an independent bookstore in Oklahoma. I saw this lavender (my favorite color!) Linen bound planner on Instagram and immediately added it to my cart for a few reasons, let me tell you why.

I really like the layout of this 17-month weekly planner. I used the annual work plan from Appointed earlier this year, but since it’s a fill-in-the-date planning process, I thought I’d just put it aside and pick it up again later or use it for an important project.

The layout is very similar: there is a weekly space on the page. In one of my planners there was a space from the opposite page of

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