Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review – 2020. I think we’re done now, right? And the goals? Those were shaken and dumped around April of this year! Good news: it’s time to start thinking about 2021, new beginnings and new goals! It’s that time of year when goal setting systems are released, and I’m checking out a new guest: Makselife Goal and Weekly Planner.

Makselife is now a year old, and this review will share “Makse 2.0!” After a very successful year, Sierra Friend, creator and owner of Makselife, updated and improved the great planner and added some fun new products to the line.

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

As always, my review is long and detailed – it’s everything I look for when considering a planer purchase. There will be detailed pictures and whatever information you have to share! If I have a price, I will share it. If you don’t see it listed, it’s because it hasn’t been released yet.

Makselife Goal And Weekly Planner

Thanks to Sierra and the Makselife team for sending me these products to share with you!

There will be links in this post, and they are affiliate links. It costs you nothing to click, but if you find this post helpful and use my links, I may earn a commission, and for that I am very grateful!

If you want to compare the changes with last year’s planner, check out last year’s revision.

After using both goal setting systems, I get a lot of questions: PowerSheets vs. makselife? And the answer is – it depends. Both are excellent targeting systems.

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Promote What Matters PowerSheets has been a staple in goal setting for years. PowerSheets have gone through many iterations and updates over the years, and the company now offers a variety of accessories to go with its attractive and colorful PowerSheets.

I am going to share with you some comparisons, in an unbiased way, because I agree that both systems are great tools, if you use them! These are just my observations after using both systems. Read on to compare them and pick the system you’re most likely to use, because in the end, if you don’t use it, if it’s not intuitive to you, it doesn’t matter how great the planner is!

I hope you found the survey helpful, because this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get!

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Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

My preference: it’s Makse! I prefer to set structured, action-oriented goals, and I really enjoy the guided help and advice in the planner. I love that I can take action quickly with Makse – in the afternoon with a cup of coffee and my goals are set and I have clear action steps. But use the above considerations to decide which goal setting system is right for you.

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I’ll share a bit about each cover: two were created by artists and two are Makse originals!

And this year, there’s something special about covers: you’ll have the option to buy different covers and swap them around!

The O-wire closure is not my favorite closure in the world, but it offers a unique feature: the ability to easily detach the closure! And if you know how to do it, you can easily change the covers! I have prepared a small lesson for you below!

No other wiring harness company has offered this before. I think it is unique and one of a kind and sets Makse apart! Sierra told me that he only has a limited amount of additional covers, so if you’re #teamchangemycover, you should visit the site the moment they’re released because they’ll sell out fast, especially the watercolor flowers! Just read your tea leaves!

Printable Business Planner

Fold the two covers against each other on the right side of the coil, so that the design side of the front and back covers are touching, and place your planner casings on the left.

Now, one by one, move the tip from one side of the coil from the other side of the coil. You don’t need a large opening to change your cover, just pull the coil to the side about ¼”. Do this all the way to the bottom of your coil.

Now, you can either grab both eyelids together like I did, or you can do this part one eyelid at a time, but hold and lift straight through the open whorl.

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

Take your new covers and place them together, with the design side facing each other so you can easily see which cover goes first on the spool.

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Take the front cover and carefully place it on the bobbin. I found it easier to slide the cover between the two open parts of the coil and gently push it to the correct angle. By doing this, the cap was easily placed on the coil. You should see the cover design in front of you.

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Now make the back cover of the coil in the same way. Make sure the pattern on the back cover touches the pattern on the front cover. You should see the accordion back pocket in front of you.

Then start gently squeezing the rods towards the coil. Do this lesson one at a time. I squeezed and pushed mine so that the tip would go over the coil it was meeting, sometimes using both hands, until they all clicked together. You don’t want to leave any gaps or the covers could fall off, so be sure to push the coils back together.

When you’re done, all your coils should come together and you should see the casings on the left and their casings (the sides of the design that touch) on the right.

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Keep in mind that these additional covers will sell out quickly and are in very limited quantities, but Sierra said she can make additional covers if this one is popular, so be sure to leave a comment on social media if you run out of extras. cover and you would like to see them again!

Let’s go through this planner from start to finish! Note that after this section, I’ll be sharing details about the A5-size Quarterly Goal Setting companion books (which I’ll be using next year), so be sure to keep an eye out for that! I’ll share images and information below, and share what’s been updated on each page.

The cover is the first page of the planner and the inside covers (attached to the cover) are now permanently laminated.

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

The first page of the planner includes an introduction from the creator of this planner: Life Coach, Sierra Friend.

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The Vision Assessment page is the heart of this planning system. By using this compass you will really start to focus on all aspects of your life, with a clear understanding of the areas that need improvement, and this powerful tool will help you see progress as the year progresses.

By using the assessment score page, you will quickly and accurately assess various areas of your life. Adding your rating on this rating page allows you to go back to the previous page and complete the color compass. For example, if you get an 8 in your personal life, you would shade all 8 bars on the compass and that would tell you that a lot of maintenance is needed to maintain that level of satisfaction, with room for a little improvement in several specific areas. areas .

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I love the guide on how to write your goals so that they are measurable and specific, and the next page is very helpful in identifying three different types of goals:

Step by step, you’ll learn how to set your long-term annual goals, how to break them down into manageable monthly goals, and then how to identify the actions, habits, and tasks that will help you reach your goals.

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This page contains a list of ideas to consider in each area of ​​life; These ideas can be helpful when writing goals.

The page you face to the right is a dot grid page, perfect for mind mapping ideas or dreams for the coming year.

You will notice that the goals are coordinated with each color and the colors follow that goal through the planner.

Update Diary Planner 2021 Review

The Annual Goals pages (4 total) now include a place for you to identify something special in that area.

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A new feature this year are the attractive interest pages that precede each month (unless it is the month of the quarterly review). Previously these pages were gray b/w.

That is for the preparation of the goals. There are 21 goal preparation pages (with weekly tips), designed to help you assess, identify and take action.

The monthly work begins with a two-page monthly spread. You’ll see the addition of more color in this year’s planner; all monthly pages received color: January has blue shaded circles to highlight each day of the month. Each

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