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Update Cushions Next Review

Update Cushions Next Review

Good afternoon! Today I will share with you my thoughts on the Casper Investi and the Casper bed. I’ve had the Casper bed for just over two years and the Casper pillow for a year so I thought it would be a good time for a little review/update.

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When my husband and I were shopping for our first mattress in 2014, the choice was between a Sleep Number or a Casper bed. Since we were on a budget and Casper offers free returns after 90 nights (I think it’s 100 nights now?), I ordered a Casper King size bed for only $875. It retails for $950, but we have a discount code. I used to sleep in a very hard bed with a number of sleepers so I was a bit horrified when I read how soft and fluffy it was. Since the Casper bed claims to be the one mattress that will work for almost everyone, I had high expectations. I have to name the husband and I back and sleep on the side. Note: the company advises that there is an initial adjustment period for the body so it is normal to experience some aches and pains.

The most exciting part for me about the Casper bed is opening it! It comes in a box the size of a small trash can! It was so much fun to cut the plastic straps and watch the bed unfold. No wrinkles or creases, a big and smooth bed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember the first night’s sleep was the most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had. I fell in love immediately! A week and I started to feel sick. After another week, my body was completely on the mend and I looked forward to sleeping every night since then. The Capser bed is very comfortable. I could jump into bed and stay there all day (I’m writing this in bed as we speak). Netflix and hot chocolate in bed… mmm ๐Ÿ™‚ . This bed feels firm but soft, supportive, but also soft. It’s the most interesting combination and feels so good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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With traditional mattresses, you have to turn them occasionally to restore the foam. My old bed always had a dip where my butt rested and it ended up hurting my back. You don’t have to worry about that with the Casper bed. No flipping required! Maybe 2 years is too early, but I still haven’t noticed an impression on the bed. It still looks like new! No smell, no overheating, no worries. I put a mattress protector on because I want to keep the mattress clean, but it doesn’t affect the feel of the bed. You can use the Casper bed on the floor (we did it for a few months and it’s great), on a slatted bed frame, or on top of a box spring (winner winner chicken dinner!). I should do another update a few years down the road to see how this bed holds up. Now to the pillow!

My husband and I both treated ourselves to a Casper pillow for Christmas last year. We love the bed so when we found out they came out with a pillow, we had to get it. King size pillows sell for $85 each ($75 for standard) and we don’t have a promo code. I wonder why they don’t offer a promo code for existing customers? ๐Ÿ™ That would be nice.

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The Casper pillow consists of two parts – a removable/washable outer pillow and the corepillow. This pillow is moderately soft and reminded me of those hotel pillows where you wish you could take them home, but know they won’t be the same. In terms of support, it’s more supportive than a down pillow, but softer than memory foam / traditional filling. Quite comfortable, but took 1-2 nights to get used to. No stiff neck and minimal discomfort. After the initial break in phase, I enjoyed the pillow more. Maybe it’s because I use it with the Casper bed, but it really feels like it’s built on a soft cloud of coziness.

* When you wash and dry any part of this pillow, you really need to throw in a few tennis balls to help spread the filling and lift the pillow.

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The only thing I didn’t like about this pillow was how the filling/gusset migrated and clumped. It’s supportive at first, but could still do with more stability so you don’t have to toss them before each use. I found that after sleeping on the pillow for a few days, the gusset moved to the sides of the pillow and stayed there. Even after fluffing the pillows it’s still way to the side. Sooo I used to wake up to find myself sleeping in the corners because it was more comfortable. Here’s a picture to show you what I mean:

Update Cushions Next Review

I wonder if this is the type of pillow that gets better with every wash? A year later, it’s not as good on the pillow, but still feels as good, if not better than when we first got them. I still maintain my original opinion that this pillow could do with more stability and structure so it’s not a lumpy mess. Overall, the Casper bed is great, but the pillow could use a redesign! Have you tried the Casper line? What do you think? This designer cushion cover is a great way to update your decor and introduce pops of color into your home. The abstract tile design is unique to us and we offer this cover with an alternative printed geometric reverse finished with a soft blue contrast piping edge. Please note that this is just the cover.

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