Update Buy Samsung S21 Ultra Price Review

Update Buy Samsung S21 Ultra Price Review – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: The Best Android Smartphone You Can Buy? Does the Galaxy S21 Ultra really hold the “Ultra” mantle? Or it’s just an upgrade that adds up. Basically, at a price tag of Rs 1,05,990, does it kill the iPhone 12 Pro? Here’s our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was one of the most talked about smartphones before and after its launch. Ahead of the launch, the smartphone was a favorite of the rumor mill, which was running at full capacity to churn out leaks. Now that the phone has been launched, people, including us, continue to talk about how the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G surprises with its performance and features. What are these features we are talking about? We used the device for exactly two weeks before publishing this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review. Does the phone really hold the “Ultra” mantle? Or it’s just an upgrade that adds up. Basically, with a price tag of Rs 1,05,990, is this the potential iPhone 12 Pro Max killer? Here’s our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review.

Update Buy Samsung S21 Ultra Price Review

Update Buy Samsung S21 Ultra Price Review

There is a lot of talk about the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. And this is as it should be since this is the company’s flagship smartphone that contains the latest and greatest combination of hardware and software available. To start, let’s go to the general aesthetics of the phone.

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On the front, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will look identical to its predecessor. An Infinity-O hole-punch display big enough even for big hands. The S21 Ultra’s display is now 6.8-inches tall, which is 0.1-inch smaller than its predecessor. A slightly curved edge-to-edge display that is bright and colorful adds to the immersive experience. I really enjoyed using the Galaxy S21 Ultra for streaming and content creation (more on this in the camera section of the review) during my recent trip to Triund, where I also used the phone as my daily driver.

The Dynamic AMOLED screen has a maximum brightness of 1500 nits, which is bright enough to use even in direct sunlight. The screen supports HDR10+, which means you get excellent colors and contrast while viewing content on the screen. It also has an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate screen. Two minor-but great improvements here made by Samsung – 120Hz in WQHD + resolution, and an adaptive refresh rate screen.

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Unlike the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you can use the S21 Ultra 5G’s display at the highest resolution and highest refresh rate support. I personally use the phone at FHD + resolution and 120Hz all the time to get more battery life but if you are someone who likes to use the display to its full capacity, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has you covered. The refresh rate of the display is also adaptive, meaning it automatically changes the refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz depending on the task on the screen. I didn’t notice any stuttering and the overall experience was smooth.

When you put the phone back, you’ll notice how refreshing the design is. Samsung went back to the drawing board and gave the Galaxy S21 Ultra a major, major design upgrade. First of all, the color Phantom Black. We’ll just put it out there that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the best “Black” color of any smartphone. The back panel has a matte finish, which feels premium to the touch while hiding fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Redemption Story

What’s even better is the design of the camera module that makes the phone look premium from afar. Samsung integrated the camera bump into the phone’s frame, which looks amazing. At over 225 grams in weight, the tall phone can feel heavy but we think the weight distribution is on point. I used the phone without a case because using one would hide the beautiful color and design, and that’s a shame. I also dropped the phone more than three times but there was no scratch or crack. You can tell the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus is doing its job here.

There is also IP68 certification for water, dust resistance and a dual speaker setup. The speakers are loud and clear. Like most flagships, there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack on the S21 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has the most versatile camera system you’ll find on a smartphone to date. It has an improved 108MP primary camera, a 12MP ultrawide sensor, and two telephoto lenses – 10MP f/2.4 with 3x optical zoom, and 10MP f/4.9 with 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom.

Update Buy Samsung S21 Ultra Price Review

The versatile camera hardware is not only strong on paper but also delivers in the real world. The improved Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor clicks excellent pictures. Images captured with the primary sensor offer rich, vibrant colors and plenty of detail. Dynamic range and contrast are also impressive. I also like the low light performance of the camera. In Night mode, the camera retains fine details in the shadows without overdoing the highlights. Samsung has also fixed the focus issues that plagued the S20 Ultra with Laser Autofocus. The ultrawide camera is also very good. Yes, there is a bit of distortion around the edges but that’s the case with most ultrawide shooters. However, the colors are very accurate and the temperature is consistent with the main sensor.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The two telephoto lenses are more than gimmicks. Both lenses combined can shoot up to 100x zoom. I was very impressed with the overall performance of both lenses. If you want the best and most usable images, try keeping the zoom up to 30x. Anything more will result in loss of detail and introduction of noise. That said, 100x zoom is no longer a gimmick. Depending on what you’re shooting and how far away the subject is, the camera hardware, along with the software, manages to get the best possible results in decent lighting.

I shot the moon several times during my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review and was blown away each time by the results. Samsung uses AI software tricks to complement the hardware and deliver better results. Key features like focus tracking within the camera app and Optical Image Stabilization help focus faster, especially when you’re zooming in on objects.

For selfies, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 40MP front camera. Images are generally sharp and detailed as expected. The colors are also close to true and there is no softening of the skin like this. Samsung will ask you if you want “Natural” or “Bright” selfies, which is a nice touch, in my opinion. Portrait mode offers good edge detection and multiple modes. It mimics the iPhone’s low-key and high-key mono modes. People on Twitter voted in favor of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s portrait mode against the iPhone 12’s 12MP selfie.

Which of the two low-key mono shots do you prefer? Shot with Galaxy S21U and iPhone 12 Portrait mode pic.twitter.com/xf6kms8bwk — Pranav (@PranavHegdeHere) January 31, 2021

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

How does it compare to the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro? In terms of overall colors and specifications, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is very close to the iPhone. While the iPhone 12’s colors are close to true, the Galaxy S21 Ultra captures sharper images without oversaturating the images. Night mode also performs well but the Galaxy S21 Ultra takes the crown here for offering Night Mode support across four sensors. Click through the Flickr slideshow below to view some of the photos we took for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera review.

Before the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung’s flagships in India have often received criticism when it comes to overall performance. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and older flagship models come with an Exynos processor in India which is not only weak compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon counterpart but also offers poor performance.

Things change with the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Exynos 2100. When Samsung says “Exynos is back”, they probably mean it this time. The 5nm-based Exynos 2100 is very close to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, according to online benchmark tests. Even if you don’t care about benchmark scores, the Exynos 2100 SoC won’t let you down. Samsung surprised us with the overall performance of the S21 Ultra 5G.

Update Buy Samsung S21 Ultra Price Review

During our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, we played several games like Call of Duty, Asphalt 9, and more. Surprisingly, the device doesn’t heat up too much while gaming and is only warm to the touch. When we were recording some videos the top part near the camera module was quite warm.

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Battery life is also impressive. For a phone running at 120Hz all the time with FHD+ resolution, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s 5,000 mAh battery gave me more than 6 hours of screen-on time (SoT) on most devices. day. The day I took so many photos and videos the internal battery was dying

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