Update Buy Samsung A51 Sim Free Review

Update Buy Samsung A51 Sim Free Review

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With the mid-range segment becoming more crowded than ever, we thought it was time to take a look at a phone that could sell to more people around the world; Samsung Galaxy A51. With a restrained and elegant design, the A51 has quad rear cameras, an AMOLED display with a central punch-hole selfie camera, and a glass back panel.

Update Buy Samsung A51 Sim Free Review

Update Buy Samsung A51 Sim Free Review

The Galaxy A51 has been on sale in Europe since February while it was launched in the US in April at a price of $330/$400. Join us after the break for our thoughts on mobile.

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In the interest of full disclosure, Vodafone UK was kind enough to loan me a Samsung Galaxy A51 for a few weeks but did not address the content or finalization of this review.

Thanks to the glass back panel, the Galaxy A51 doesn’t feel like a smartphone, and the plastic design is more forgiving in the hand because it doesn’t have sharp edges like you sometimes get on phones with molded back panels. Of glass. The hidden camera on the back is a nice touch and adds a personal touch to the A51. Although the branding on cheap phones can sometimes be a bit overdone, the Samsung logo is placed discreetly.

You’ll notice the central camera in the middle, it’s very visible for whatever reason with what looks like a metal ring around it that catches your eye.

Audiophiles will be pleased that there’s an audio jack on the bottom edge, along with a USB-C port and speaker compartment.

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The top of the phone has a single microphone while on the right side there is a power button and a volume rocker with a SIM tray on the other side. Overall, it’s stylish, like a smartphone that can fit neatly into a simple trouser pocket.

The Super AMOLED screen is as good as you’d expect from Samsung, the colors are vivid and the viewing angles are excellent. There are very few objections to it except that it is a little dim (but still readable) under direct sunlight and does not help to see the content even when the brightness reaches 100%.

This is where a review of popular smartphones like OPPO’s Find The Exynos 9611 processor is not comparable to the Snapdragon 865 in any way, and going from the former to the latter confuses the system until you understand that the Galaxy A51 is a sleeper mid-range phone. must be done.

Update Buy Samsung A51 Sim Free Review

Make no mistake, the Galaxy A51 can feel sluggish at times, and I sometimes find myself wondering if the phone has registered my touch when trying to open an app or share something. To be honest, it’s a small feature that I haven’t had for a few years, even on cheap phones like the Honor 10 Lite which costs around $140. As for the in-display fingerprint scanner, suffice it to say that Samsung should have placed it on the back because I ran into about a 50% risk when trying to unlock the phone before I finished entering the PIN.

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I ran the Galaxy A51 through 3D Mark, GeekBench, and Antutu benchmarks, and the results are below:

With daily use, the Galaxy A51 can get through the day with roughly 10% left in the tank at midnight, although there are a few days when it needs to top up in the evening after heavy use. 15W fast charging means the phone can be charged from 0-100% in two hours, with a 30-minute fast charger taking the phone up to 30%, which is acceptable but not impressive at this price.

The Galaxy A51 comes with Android 10 with Samsung’s highly optimized One UI 2.1, which features a richer and lighter interface than the old TouchWiz interface. You can customize it to suit your preferences, and there are built-in features like the Link to Windows function which uses the Microsoft Your Phone app to connect to a PC where you can access documents, notifications, photos and more without having to pick up your phone. It’s a useful feature that allows you to focus on work without the need for calls and other notifications on your phone. At the time of publishing this review, the smartphone had just received an update that included the April security patch.

Samsung is one company that insists on using your Google Discover preferences when browsing on desktop. Samsung Daily, as it’s called, isn’t terrible by any means, and it does try to change what it offers to suit your preferences, but it’s not as intuitive as Google’s and makes you feel frustrated because you can’t change it. To your favorite food.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: A Decent Mid Range Samsung Smartphone

The always good thing about Samsung devices is the choice of customization and free and paid versions. The Galaxy Store has many ways to customize your home screen, wallpaper, and Always On Screen settings. Although much has been made of the inclusion of dark mode in Android 10, Samsung has included it in its AMOLED devices for years. The thing that bothers me about One UI is the inability to switch from swiping on the app drawer to go to not being able to just search to switch between apps.

I’ve already mentioned that Vodafone UK loaned us the Galaxy A51, and I’m happy to say there’s no carrier bloatware available apart from my Vodafone app, so kudos to the carrier.

It’s a mid-range smartphone, so taking photos of the quality taken with the Pixel 4 or Huawei P30 Pro isn’t a realistic expectation. However, the Galaxy will take good photos for social media, it’s just that there is a slight lag between the shutter release and the photo being taken. The rear camera setup consists of a 48MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a dedicated 5MP macro lens, and another 5MP sensor that helps deliver the famous bokeh effect. The 32-megapixel selfie camera is located in the central hole at the top of the display.

Update Buy Samsung A51 Sim Free Review

In good lighting conditions, the large 48MP sensor produces excellent images that show good detail and sharpness, as well as vivid colors that are not too saturated. Pictures and selfies are always good, even if I try hard to isolate myself.

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When it comes to low-light photography, the Galaxy A51 performs as you’d expect from a mid-range phone because it doesn’t magically turn on daylight like Huawei does. For the most part, you’ll find a usable image with an acceptable level of loss of detail and clarity. Ultra-wide lenses are useful because they allow you to take wide-angle shots but the edges are blurred. The dedicated wide-angle lens produces clear, sharp images of objects a few centimeters away from the camera, and in this area, the A51 punches well above its weight.

If you consider the camera to be the most important factor when buying a smartphone, you’re better off looking at the similarly priced Pixel 3a although the Galaxy A51 probably offers more flexibility with its dedicated macro and depth-of-field sensors.

The Galaxy A51 is a well-designed smartphone with a great if unremarkable all-day battery, a bright AMOLED display, good customization options, and a reliable camera. Unfortunately, it’s let down by a slow processor and overshadowed by similarly priced phones with better cameras and more powerful chipsets. It’s a decent phone case powered by an Exynos processor, something we’ve seen happen on Samsung’s most expensive phones over the past few years.

It’s hard to recommend the Galaxy A51 to the looming shadow of the excellent Pixel 3a, Google’s best phone of 2019. There are plenty of better options at this price point.

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Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is also available from £34 per month and £29 upfront at www.vodafone.co.uk or with Unlimited network plans:

He’s been an Android fan ever since he got an HTC Hero, and the Dell Streak was his first phablet. He currently carries an Honor Magic 5 Pro in his pockets, and a Xiaomi Pad 5 in his hand

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