Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review

Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review – The Mi TV 5X is Xiaomi’s latest addition to its affordable TV line-up, bringing an improved build to the Q1 series as well as panel and software updates. While the premium Q1 QLED TV is still the better buy, here the panel delivers an excellent picture. The lack of dimming zones and low peak brightness prevent it from really standing out, but the Mi 5X is another quality Xiaomi TV, especially for those on a budget.

To say that Xiaomi’s foray into the affordable TV space in India has been a huge understatement. Mi TV 5X builds on this success with incremental updates added. However, the competition is not holding back and many new brands are now offering affordable TVs. Meanwhile, incumbents such as Samsung and Sony have cut prices to better compete. inside

Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review

Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review

Mi TV 5X review, we find out if the latest from Xiaomi is enough to maintain its lead over the competition.

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The Xiaomi Mi 5X is a recurring update to the range of affordable TVs. The latest in the X series, the TV is available in three different sizes: 43 inches, 50 inches and 55 inches. It takes design cues from the company’s QLED line with a minimal bezel design and introduces aluminum trim all around.

The TV joins Xiaomi’s rather narrow range of 55-inch TVs, which, in addition to the high-end QLED models, also includes the cheaper 55-inch Redmi TV. The TVs are available through Mi.com, Flipkart and online store in India. However, there is no word yet on international availability.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 5X 55 inch uses an IPS panel. When calibrated and switched to film format, the Mi TV 5X shines with excellent color accuracy for an affordable panel. Fans of live broadcasts or animations will especially enjoy how the media looks on the Mi TV 5X. In addition, there is support for all major HDR formats, such as HDR 10, HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision.

PatchWall is revolutionary in the way it combines online and offline streaming services, adding value with integrations like IMDB.

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While I’m not the biggest fan of software skins, Xiaomi’s Patchwall is a breakthrough in navigating the minefield of dozens of streaming services and satellite TV. All the standard features like TV guides are here, as well as show lists for popular content.

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New features for Patchwall 4 include IMDb integration for reviews, a movie library, and an updated content page that now displays more detailed information about movies and shows. Performance isn’t bad, apart from the occasional stutter when switching cards.

Xiaomi also delivers products to a selection of ports. You will find three HDMI 2.1 ports, two USB ports and an ethernet port, as well as an optical 3.5 mm audio output. Adding Automatic Low Latency (ALLM) could be attractive to gamers, especially those on an Xbox Series X or Series S (which support ALLM), but I suspect those gamers might want to upgrade to a better TV.

Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review

There is no variable refresh rate, but the addition of low latency is a good measure for standardization. Meanwhile, eARC support is great, letting you send high-definition audio and codecs like Dolby Atmos to an external soundbar or audio receiver via a single HDMI cable.

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As for the speakers, the TV is rated at 40W of output power, and dialogue in particular sounds crisp and clear. There isn’t much bass here, but the speakers deliver room-filling sound and are perfect for watching TV.

While the Mi TV 5X is capable of excellent picture quality, there are two areas where it suffers, and only one of them can be fixed. The default settings might look good on the showroom floor, but MEMC combined with increased saturation and brightness is far from the ideal look for a cinema experience. MEMC can be useful in some media, such as sports, where the TV can fill in extra frames to equalize the frame rate. While it adds an extra dimension of flow and realism to the sport, it completely departs from the cinematic experience of movies and TV shows.

The lack of dimming zones and low peak brightness reduce the impact with HDR content and darker scenes.

Lowering the brightness and saturation definitely helps. Lowering the backlight also helps improve black levels, as the TV has no dimming zones and blacks look like dull grays with raised backlights.

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This also affects HDR content and black levels are never black enough. At the same time, the limited maximum brightness simply doesn’t have the impact you’d expect from high dynamic range content. The Mi TV Q1 handles dark content and HDR content much better for little money.

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I recommend lowering the backlight for better color accuracy, but not everyone watches movies in a darkened room. The 55-inch top of the Xiaomi Mi 5X has around 350 nits of brightness, which combined with the high-gloss finish means that reflections can be quite a problem.

Elsewhere, the remote that comes with the Mi 5X is exactly the same as the remote we’ve seen in many different Xiaomi TV models. It’s serviceable at best, but the lack of a dedicated mic button is still a pain. Xiaomi’s fix for double-tapping the volume key is hardly a solution. Other than that, all the essentials are featured, though my beloved annoyance of not being able to customize the hard-coded Netflix and Amazon Prime buttons remains.

Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review

While you can use the remote to call up Google Assistant, the TV has a remote microphone for calling the smart assistant hands-free. Unfortunately, the feature was a bit clunky to use and the whole activation process took a bit too long to be useful.

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At a price of Rs. 47,999 (~$654 USD), the Xiaomi Mi 5X 55-inch 4K TV is a good deal from Xiaomi. While I wasn’t grumbling, quite a few of my issues with the TV are issues that generally plague cheaper 4K TVs. If you’re on a budget, the panel can be easily customized to deliver excellent image quality, and the interface is very functional, albeit somewhat flawed. My previous experience with Xiaomi TVs suggests that the company will fix the issue fairly quickly with software updates.

The 55-inch Xiaomi Mi 5X TV is very good, but the Mi Q1 offers a lot more for less money.

That said, I encourage users to upgrade to the Mi Q1 55-inch TV (Rs 54,999), which offers one of the best panels in the segment for nothing more. Other options include Realme’s 55-inch Smart TV (Rs 46,999), which is priced on par with Xiaomi’s offering, as well as the Samsung Crystal Series 4K (Rs 55,990) for a slightly higher price.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi 5X is another quality TV from the company, especially for those on a budget. The software additions are substantial and the image quality after optimization does not disappoint. It’s not the last word in TVs, but it punches above its weight, which makes it worth recommending.

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The Mi TV 5X 55-inch 4K TV is an affordable large-screen TV that offers features such as a metal design, remote microphone, and HDMI 2.1 connectivity. We independently review everything we recommend. We may receive a commission when you make a purchase through our links. More about it>

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The 2022 TCL 5-Series replaces its predecessor as our top pick, but the Hisense U6H comes close.

It’s a golden age for budget TV: 4K TVs are affordable enough for anyone to own, and they’ve gotten surprisingly good in recent years, offering features previously only available on better TVs. Videographers and serious gamers might be better suited to higher-end LCD or OLED models, but we recommend the 2022 TCL 5-Series Roku TV (S555) to anyone who just wants a really good 4K HDR TV that isn’t a burdensome investment. The new 5 Series delivers a bright, dynamic yet detailed picture and a healthy stack of welcome extras, including built-in Roku streaming.

Update Best Budget 55 Inch Smart Tv Review

The 2022 TCL 5-Series delivers a decent 4K HDR picture for the price and supports the latest gaming features. Roku TV’s smart platform is powerful enough for hobbyists, yet intuitive enough for the whole family.

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The 2022 TCL 5-Series Roku TV (S555) continues the tradition of the company’s previous 5-Series models, offering advanced TV technology such as full-array LED lighting with local dimming (to ensure high image contrast) and quantum dots (for better color efficiency) at a very affordable price. (For more information on these terms, see Defined TV features.) This TV supports the latest AV formats, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision for high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos for surround sound. Unlike our previous Series 5 selection — which comes in Roku TV and Google TV versions — the latest Series 5 is only available with Roku TV, but the experience is fast and intuitive. TCL’s Game Studio Plus package will appeal to many gamers, but since this TV only has a 60Hz refresh rate, it doesn’t offer better motion and quality than 120Hz TVs.

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