Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review – Using an all-in-one type of power bank is the best type. Yes, high-capacity, fast-charging power banks are more expensive, but they also allow you to charge most portable devices, such as the ones you currently plan to charge and the ones you own in the future. One of the most useful charging specifications is the high-performance Power Delivery (PD) output, as most portable devices such as tablets, phones and laptops are PD compatible.

This review examines this INIU B63 25,000mAh power bank with 65W USB-C power output. It can be a good choice for versatile portable charging; let’s see why.

Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

The 25,000 mAh capacity of this INIU B63 power bank is enough power to charge some devices at full power several times, while others only once. For phones, most phones need to be fully charged about three to four times. However, it depends on the phone being charged and the size of the phone’s battery.

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In our capacity test video for this INIU power bank, we used a MakerHawk load test from the charger’s USB-A port and set the output to around 15W. After the powerbank capacity reached 0%, we got an output capacity of 16,640mAh. So for a Samsung Galaxy S10e with a 3,100 mAh battery, we can expect about five full charges.

You can expect about three full charges when charging phones with larger batteries, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a 5,000mAh battery.

Charging tablets and laptops will probably take about a full charge and may have extra capacity, but these devices have large batteries.

Overall, the capacity of this INIU B63 power bank is impressive even after conversion, as it still allows you to fully charge your devices multiple times. Conversion capacity may vary depending on charging speed, as tested at 15W output.

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The charging performance of the INIU power bank is amazing, all ports provide fast charging. There are two USB-C power ports and one USB-A port.

USB-C 1 has 65W Power Delivery output and USB-C 2 has 30W PD output. The USB-A port has an output of 22.5 W.

In our test, we charged the Lenovo Flex 5 from USB-C 1, which was able to charge at around 30W, the laptop’s maximum charging speed; then we connected a Galaxy Note 9 to USB-C 2, which is capable of fast charging while still charging the laptop at 30W.

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Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

While the Lenovo laptop and Note 9 were charging, we were able to charge an LG G7 from the USB-A port, and the LG G7 charged normally. So, if you need to charge three devices at the same time, you can quickly charge two devices from the USB-C 1 and USB-C 2 ports, but not the USB-A port, which is great.

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You have to go on your own to fast charge from the USB-A port while other devices don’t charge through the USB-C port.

As for the Programmable Power Supply (PPS), this INIU power bank actually has very fast charging, and we tested the same USB-C port on a Samsung Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S20 charges very fast at 25W, which is the highest charging speed; however, we have not found out if this power bank comes with a 45W PPS that is compatible with the S21 and S22 phones.

This INIU B63 power bank can be charged via USB-C 1 and the maximum input speed is 45W power supply. In our test, we used a UGREEN 45W USB-C wall charger, which was able to charge the power unit at around 41W.

To confirm that the maximum input speed is 45W, we also used a 100W UGREEN charger and got the same 41W. Therefore, make sure to use a 45W wall charger to recharge the power bank for the fastest full recharge time of 2 hours.

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It’s a pretty chunky power bank, but not exactly big. Length 5.8 inches, width 2.8 inches, thickness 1.3 inches. This power bank weighs 1 pound. So can it fit in a pocket? Yes, if you have big enough pockets, but they are big. All in all, you can still take this power bank anywhere and easily hold it in your hand or put it in a backpack or purse.

Using this power bank is very easy. Charging from the ports will start automatically. The side power button turns to the top of the screen; the screen shows the percentage of remaining capacity and a lightning symbol when devices are charging. The screen is fine, but could be more useful considering the space it takes up; it would be more useful if it displayed watts, voltage or current.

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At the back of the power bank, there is a pull-out stand where the phone can be held.

Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

This INIU power bank is well built; we didn’t find any parts that were weak or cheap. Of course, do not drop the power bank or expose it to water, as this can damage it.

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The INIU power bank will get a little warm when charging or recharging, which is completely normal. In addition, this charger still has all the other protections you’d expect.

If you need a power bank that can charge phones, laptops and tablets, this INIU B63 power bank is a good choice. It has a large capacity to charge certain devices multiple times, and the fast charging ports mean you can charge laptops and phones. It’s not strictly an Android phone; it’s a universal power bank, as it can charge iPhones with a USB-C-Lightning cable.

It also has a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a carrying case. So you can start using the powerbank out of the box.

25,000 mAh is plenty of output capacity to use, as we got around 16,500 mAh in our test, which is still enough to charge several devices multiple times. The charging performance of the ports is excellent, with 65W from USB-C 1, 30W from USB-C 2 and 22.5W from the USB-A port.

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Charging starts automatically, but you can turn it on using the power button at the top of the screen. The screen could be more important if it shows wattage, voltage or current, but it only shows capacity.

This PSU is well built and gets hot during output and input charging which is quite normal.

If your devices are compatible with USB-C Power Delivery charging, this INIU B63 power bank will be great.

Update Best Battery Banks For Phones Review

This INIU B63 powerbank has everything you’d expect from a portable charger, with high capacity, fast output and input charging, and includes cables that allow you to use the power bank out of the box .

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INIU Power Bank 25000mAh/65W USB C Portable Laptop Charger PD QC Quick Charger 3 Output External Battery Pack for Laptop MacBook Dell XPS iPad Tablet iPhone 14 13 12 Pro Max Samsung S21 Google etc. We independently test everything we offer. If you make a purchase through our links, we may receive a commission. Find out more>

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After another round of testing, we chose the Zendure SuperMini 20W as our best choice, and the HyperJuice 18W USB-C + Lightning battery pack (10000 mAh) is also a good choice. We have also added a section titled Other great power banks.

Whether you’re a screen-glued smartphone owner who can never make it past a day on a full charge—or someone who just needs the occasional battery top-up—USB power banks are a panacea at low battery voltage. After 21 hours of research and 55 hours of testing, we’ve found the best portable power banks for different needs, chargers that give you peace of mind when a wall outlet isn’t available.

It’s the smallest and lightest 10,000mAh battery we’ve tested. It has USB-C PD and USB-A ports, is available in different colors, and its rounded edges make it easy to slip into your pocket.

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The Zendure SuperMini 20 W is about as small and light as a power bank can get, while offering enough capacity to charge most smartphones up to three times. The USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port can charge most handheld devices (and the power bank itself) at maximum speed using the included USB-C cable and a compatible wall charger (the charger included with the phone works ). The USB-A port can also handle any older non-USB-C devices you might struggle with. The SuperMini’s rounded edges make it easy to hold and slip into your pocket, and unlike most power banks, it comes in a wide range of colors: red, green, black, silver, blue and pink.

This power bank has the same capacity (10,000 mAh)

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