Update Best 65 Lg Tv Review

Update Best 65 Lg Tv Review – The LG C9 also brings excellent picture quality, a smooth operating system and a great design. The sound is acceptable for everyday viewing, but for a deeper experience, you’ll need to invest in a dedicated sound bar or home theater. The TV also has full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 which makes it future proof for things like 4K at 120Hz, VRR and eARC.

LG’s range of OLED TVs is quite impressive and if you’ve bought one, you’ll agree that using its content is a joy. If you bought an OLED TV in 2018, 2017, or 2016, chances are that the performance of those OLED TVs was pretty consistent in terms of picture quality. However, 2019 saw a very big change in the best TVs. We have seen the top TVs of 2019 update their smart capabilities, supporting Apple Airplay and the biggest addition – HDMI 2.1. With Sony’s 2019 OLED TVs and flagship LED TVs we’ve seen limited adoption of HDMI 2.1, which means these TVs only support eARC and miss out on things like variable refresh rate and 4K content at 120 FPS. Granted, the only device that can use variable Refresh Rate is the Xbox One X, but the next generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Scarlett) will be able to take advantage of this feature even more. However, the TV is the flagship OLED TV from LG. Is it worth upgrading?

Update Best 65 Lg Tv Review

Update Best 65 Lg Tv Review

The design of the LG C9 is absolutely premium. During the review, we had the TV on its tabletop. The stand is tall and unlike the C8 (read our review here), which had a long curved base, the one on the C9 is shorter and has an angular design. The design choice is a matter of personal preference, but be aware that the slightly taller soundbar can hinder your viewing experience on the C9. You may want to have a clean desktop entertainment setup if you plan to keep this TV on a table. Held on the table, the TV shakes a little, but nothing feels like it’s passing. The C9’s vibration isn’t as bad as what we saw on the OnePlus TV (see our review here).

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Moving on to connectivity options, the LG C9 has 4 HDMI ports. all offer full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 and 3 USB ports. It’s nice to see that three of the four HDMI ports are on the side (including ARC) which makes for easy cable management. One of the three USB ports on the side as well. The TV also has an input, AV input, LAN port, optical audio output and headphone output. The port layout is similar to the C8 (read our review here)

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For those who are heavy, cables can be routed through the space behind the table for better cable management.

The biggest feature of the TV is how small the panel is. It is slightly thicker than a rupee note and very thin. The TV gets fatter towards the bottom, but that’s because the internals have to be placed somewhere.

Overall, the TV is a great idea and has earned many compliments from everyone in the office.

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The panel on the LG C9 is an OLED panel, and since LG has been making OLED panels for a long time, believe that the image quality will be something to watch out for. This year, the Flagship TV is powered by the LG Alpha 9 gen 2 processor and boy does it do a good job in image processing.

The TV has a 4K resolution that supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and there is a nice indicator from the top right corner of the TV to show which HDR standard is currently on the screen. The TV also supports Dolby Atmos and the same display pops up in the corner when you play Atmos content. We will talk more about sound in the next sections.

With the ability of OLED panels to produce endless contrast, it makes it a desirable product to enjoy as a home theater. So how did our tests go?

Update Best 65 Lg Tv Review

The beauty of OLED TV is its ability to produce an infinite contrast ratio, true blacks and deep colors. All of this works and works very well on the C9. Watching Netflix through the built-in apps gave us access to Dolby Vision content and it looked amazing. Altered Carbon Season 1 Episode 7’s battle sequences are rich in detail, with nice and bright highlights and key detail contrasted in dark corners. The muzzle flash in the slow motion sequence here is absolutely rocking. From skinny jeans to clothing icons, this is how content was meant to be viewed. The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode 1 where you have multiple cars driving through the desert is a sight to behold. If you’re looking for a high-quality 4K HDR picture experience on a TV at home, then yes, the LG C9 might be one of the TVs you should consider. However, and this is true for all OLED TVs, if you have a bright room with a lot of natural light, the panel can reflect, especially during dark sequences.

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The huge catalog of Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar and other content in India is in 1080p resolution. From Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse to John Wick and more, 1080p content looks great. Of course, if you play 4K HDR content at full power and quickly switch to 1080p and sit just 4 feet from the TV like I did, you’ll be able to tell the difference. But from a viewing distance of 6 to 8 feet, the TV can play Full HD and 720p content very smoothly.

Proof of the clarity you can get on OLED is Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3. When there was a fight with the dead, people crowded and wondered why they couldn’t see anything. If you have an OLED TV, you would enjoy the episode as we did on this LG C9.

Moving on to sports, we used the Xbox One X (read our review here) to play on the TV. The Xbox One X supports VRR, a feature on the TV, but unfortunately, that’s something we won’t be able to test to see if it actually works. That being said, the gaming experience on the TV was great. Gears 5 (read our review here) which is our new benchmark for 4K HDR gaming on a TV, looks great. Another opening sequence is set on a mountain full of bright exteriors and dark corridors. This is where the TV’s HDR capabilities really shine. TV game mode also brings low input lag. Although it’s not quite the same as playing on a 1ms screen, the gaming experience on this TV is completely cinematic.

The same can be said for a game like Doom which is 4K but not HDR. The orange planet of Mars looks rich, detailed and the industrial interior is a sight to behold.

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Overall, this is the pinnacle of picture performance one would expect from a TV. One thing to remember is that if you are consuming content from native streaming services on the TV, you can let the TV choose the picture mode. It does an excellent job of optimizing image performance. There is also an AI picture mode, which I recommend enabling, as it uses deep learning to improve picture performance. The overall picture performance of the TV is very good.

The sound from TVs is generally disappointing, especially when you see the Dolby Atmos logo appear on the screen, but it’s not bad by any means. In fact, for everyday viewing and even enjoying TV programs and set top box content, the TV speakers do a great job. When playing games again, the sound is very clear but lacks bass. The audio output from the TV, while decent, cannot keep up with the TV spectacle. You may, at the very least, want to invest in a sound bar to enjoy this TV.

The LG C9 comes with a magic wand remote control. The remote control is curved and light weight. The weight adds to the overall build quality, and the curve helps the remote fit comfortably in your hands, especially when using its motion features. It’s a little heavy on the back and it’s nice as it adds to the ergonomics.

Update Best 65 Lg Tv Review

The remote has several buttons, including dedicated buttons for Prime Videos and Netflix and a number pad. Navigation buttons and a scroll wheel selection button are conveniently located in the center of the remote control. There is a play and pause button at the bottom of the remote, which is easy to reach. Although the following special buttons, previous, reset

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