Update Best 4k Ultra Tv Review

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The Sony X90J lives up to its predecessor’s promise by addressing many of its issues, including HDMI 2.1 support and a brand new processor that makes it a great choice for next-generation gamers and video gamers.

Update Best 4k Ultra Tv Review

Update Best 4k Ultra Tv Review

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This review of the Sony X90J comes as a number of TVs hit the scene, including Sony’s amazing OLED sets (the A90J and A80J), so this mid-range 4K LED TV is in danger of missing out, and that’s a shame. be great.

That’s because the Sony X90J is an excellent TV that packs a mid-range price with some great features. And, thankfully, it’s more flexible in terms of size than last year’s similar model, which was limited by only offering large sizes – and there are great Black Friday deals on this TV for all sizes, which makes it even more attractive.

Sony starts its size options with a 50-inch version and goes up to a 75-inch model. However, for the purpose of this review, we will be looking at the 65-inch version.

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As the successor to the Sony XH90/X900H, the X90J improves on its predecessor in many ways, as the star of the show is a brand new processor. Importantly, it also retains the two HDMI 2.1 ports of the previous model, making it a good choice for PS5 and Xbox Series X players, and one of the best gaming TVs with 4K 120Hz support and VRR on board.

In addition, the Sony X90J offers a solid viewing base with amazing colors, consistent blacks, excellent magnification and plenty of smart processing. It’s one of the best TVs you can buy right now for the price, and this 65-inch version is one of the best 65-inch TVs out there.

The Sony X90J was released in May 2021. As mentioned earlier, the model we tested is the 65-inch Sony X90J (XR65X90J), which is available now for a very reasonable $1,599 / £1,799. /AU$2,695.

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Update Best 4k Ultra Tv Review

Of course, the range starts out cheaper than the smaller models, with the 50-inch version (XR50X90J) priced at £1,099 / £1,249 / AU$1,895 and the 55-inch model (XR55X90J) costing $1,299 / AU$1,399 / AU. $2,185. Additionally, a larger 75-inch version (XR75X90J) is also available, priced at £2,399 / £2,599 / $4,299.

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Being a Sony TV, you will find that the X90J supports all the main HDR standards (Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG), except for the HDR10+ format, which is led by Samsung. HDR10+ is one that we are very excited about. except live (the only major supporter of Amazon Prime Video, and you still get standard HDR10 even without it), but there are TVs that support all four, so it’s a shame that it’s not.

There are four HDMI ports in total – two of which support the new HDMI 2.1 specification, which is great for future testing. One of those ports also provides eARC for lossless transmission of high-quality audio codecs.

Admittedly, we wish every HDMI port on the X90J was given 2.1 support for the next generation, but at least it’s more than other TVs in 2021. Most cheap kits don’t include a new type of connector.

The inclusion of HDMI 2.1 support on the X90J means gamers can take advantage of next-generation features such as 4K at 120fps. Sony also added VRR support in the update (so you’ll need to update your model after purchase to enable it).

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The X90J is also one of Sony’s “Perfect for PlayStation” TVs, which means that when the PS5 is connected, the console automatically adjusts its HDR output to match the TV’s capabilities, meaning you should see the best detail in highlights and low light. . on this TV compared to similar models (although obviously some TVs may have picture advantages in some areas).

For many, the X90J’s biggest selling point will be Sony’s new Cognitive XR processor, which is used in all 2021 TVs. According to Sony, it’s bringing “cognitive intelligence” to its TVs for the first time, allowing it to process images the way our brains understand them.

Another big difference between the X90J and last year’s model is that it ditches the Android TV interface in favor of the new Google TV platform, which fills your home screen with content from all your installed streams and services.

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Update Best 4k Ultra Tv Review

Like the XH90/X900H before it, the Sony X90J features a VA-type LCD panel with Direct Full Array Backlight, meaning it offers excellent colors and exceptional brightness at the expense of minimal viewing angles. It still looks great from the side, but you’ll want to sit directly in front of the X90J for the best viewing experience.

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Sony TVs are known for offering amazing colors and the X90J is no exception. Much of this is due to the XR’s cognitive processor and the XR Triluminos Pro engine, which is used to sweeten the saturation and color of the TV, which is more pleasing to the human eye.

XR Triluminos Pro works in conjunction with several other XR-specific features. XR Contrast Booster 5 is used to dynamically balance highlights and shadows, with more emphasis on showing fine details in bright and dark areas, while 4K XR Smoothing works to reduce noise and allow seamless transitions between color divisions.

In fact, we found the X90J to handle all of these things well without any hiccups or hint of image processing issues. 4K images are always sharp and consistent without any visible aliasing.

Black areas are a weak point of mid-range TVs compared to high-end TVs, but the Sony A90J impresses here with its background dimming. Even in complex night scenes with lots of movement and action, it handles well, keeping detail and clarity in the foreground.

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Admittedly, the contrast wasn’t quite what the best OLED TVs can do, or what the amazing new Samsung QN95A Mini-LED device is capable of, but we’re happy with what the X90J’s dimmers can do. especially since OLED and Mini-LED TVs are more expensive.

The X90J showed little ghosting around bright objects and managed to deliver solid blacks most of the time. For most content, it will be more than enough.

In bright and beautiful daytime scenes, you can see an incredible amount of detail in 4K sources. The color is incredibly vivid and vibrant, with many tones. Edge detail is also sharp and smooth, and skin tones are realistic and natural.

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Update Best 4k Ultra Tv Review

Another important feature of the Sony XR’s cognitive processor is that it is able to direct its intelligent processing to the most important areas of the content you choose. As Sony describes it, the XR’s processor finds the focal point of what you’re watching and makes sure it looks as good as possible.

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We’ve seen this feature work a lot in scenes with great depth of field, where the entire world is blurred out from the subject of interest. It’s at these times that the XR processor makes everything in focus look more detailed and clear (although this is obviously a simple test of its capabilities).

Like the X1 4K HDR image processing engine that was featured on Sony TVs last year, the XR processor also does an amazing job of upscaling sub-4K content. When streaming an HD movie, there is an amazing level of clarity with minimal picture noise. It’s true that the X90J won’t make you think you’re watching true 4K content, but it does make Full HD content look as good as possible.

For gaming purposes, the X90J’s HDMI 2.1 support means it’s equipped for 4K at 120Hz gaming. We’ve seen this work with a number of supported PS5 games, and we’re very pleased with how well it made it look. The game is extremely smooth, except for critical situations.

As mentioned, while the X90J advertises variable rate compatibility (VRR), this feature is not yet available. Sony promises that this feature will be available in a future update, but it says the same thing about HDMI 2.1 functionality on the XH90/X900H and it took months to arrive.

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It’s noticeable that the X90J suffers from a significant amount of glare in well-lit rooms. It’s not very noticeable when viewing bright and colorful content, although flickering is more noticeable in dark scenes.

In terms of built-in audio, the X90J’s X-Balanced speaker setup uses up to 10W drivers and two side-mounted tweeters.

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