Update A50 Whatmobile Review

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Samsung’s three-key OS update policy for many of its Galaxy devices has changed the game, and it’s a policy that other manufacturers are now starting to copy (but not very well). Every flagship Galaxy phone and tablet launched since 2019 has been promised three generations of Android OS and One UI updates. Mid-range devices are also compatible, including the latest devices like the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 and earlier.

Update A50 Whatmobile Review

Update A50 Whatmobile Review

But what about the Galaxy A50, the phone that revived Samsung’s mid-range lineup in 2019 and sold extremely well around the world? After Google officially released the first public Android 12 beta for the Pixel and other non-Galaxy smartphones, many Galaxy A50 owners are hoping to update their devices to the latest version of Android (and, therefore, One UI 4.0) are asking if it is compatible. the answer is yes. will not agree

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Android 12 is compatible. Samsung’s three-generation OS upgrade warranty does not apply to non-flagship 2019 phones. Android 11 and One UI 3.x will be the last major updates for the Galaxy A50. Unfortunately, yes, especially considering that the Galaxy A50 is more powerful than the Galaxy A51, which gets both Android 12 and Android 13. But the smartphone’s capabilities have never been the deciding factor for its number of significant updates. will be and the same is true here.

So, the Galaxy A50 will only receive security updates in the future, which will continue to arrive regularly for at least another year. Samsung may decide to treat Galaxy A50 owners with an update to One UI version 3.5, which is expected to be introduced with the new Galaxy flagships that will be launched in the second half of the year, but this is not yet written in stone.

Check out the (constantly updated) list of Galaxy devices guaranteed to receive third-generation OS updates here.

While the Galaxy A50 was dropped from monthly security updates in April 2022, now is the time for this 2019 mid-range phone to get another security boost. Samsung is rolling out a security update for the Galaxy A50 in October 2022, and the update is currently available in several regions. October 2022 […]

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A week after the US carrier-locked Galaxy A21 started receiving the Android 12 update, Samsung is now rolling out the new version of the OS to the US-unlocked version. The unlocked Galaxy A21 is finally moving from Android 11 to 12, but security patches are lagging behind. Galaxy A21 (Unlocked) […]

Samsung has released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A11. This affordable smartphone was launched in early 2020 with Android 10. And the Android 12 update could be its last major software update. The Android 12-based One UI Core 4.1 update for the Galaxy A11 comes with a firmware version […]

Update A50 Whatmobile Review

Samsung’s affordable tablet, the Galaxy Tab A8, launched last year, has started receiving its next major software update. The device launched with One UI 3 based on Android 11 and its LTE version is now getting the Android 12 update in various European countries. One UI based on Android 12 […]

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Samsung has finally rolled out the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A21. The update is currently rolling out to carrier-locked models in the US and brings with it the July 2022 security patch. The unlocked version of the Galaxy A21 hasn’t received the update yet, but we expect it to receive a major Android OS update […]PAT PILCHER checks out Sammy’s affordable A50 and finds it’s a great value for money.

Isn’t competition great? In a recent all-out onslaught of more affordable Chinese brands, Samsung upped its game with the mid-town Galaxy A50, a particularly impressive piece of smartphone hardware with a wallet sticker of $549.

It may be affordable, but the A50’s design is definitely on trend. A bezel-less design with a notch for the front camera gives it an all-screen look, while the glass back features an attractive rainbow finish. Curved back edges also create a comfortable hand space. Its design does not hint at its mid-range features. While the glass finish is attractive, it’s also worth noting that the phone won’t bounce when dropped, so a protective case is a must.

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Instead of the alloy sidebands on the front and back of the A50, Samsung opted for a thin plastic strip. This helps keep its weight down to a very acceptable 1,667 grams, which combined with the curved back makes long-term use a hassle-free experience. At the bottom is a USB-C port and a very rare 3.5mm headphone jack

Samsung Galaxy A70

The back of the phone is neat and clean, with only the two camera lenses and the flash visible. Instead of a poorly placed rear fingerprint scanner that tends to smudge the lens, Samsung has used an optical in-display fingerprint scanner on the front. It works, though not quite as fast, as the old-school rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint reader. Face Unlock is faster, but not as secure.

The A50’s Infinity-U front shooter sits atop a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. Although there are bezels, they are so thin that they are almost imperceptible. The exception to this is the lower chin, but the screen-to-body ratio is still not too bad – 85.2 percent.

Behind the screen is a 4,000 mAh battery that should see you through a solid day with enough power to see you through most of the evening, even after moderate to heavy use. need When it comes to charging, the good news is that it supports 15-watt fast charging, which also proves useful for quick charging.

Update A50 Whatmobile Review

Speaking of the screen, the A50’s 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display does not disappoint. It’s full HD+ looks the business and looks great. I used it to watch Amazon Prime Video and it was well saturated and clear. Being AMOLED, the contrast levels were raised and everything was very vivid

Samsung Galaxy A53 5g (a5360 Ds) (128gb/8gb, Awesome Black)

I was delighted that the display could be viewed outdoors, even in the rare sunlight of a Wellington winter day.

Powering the A50 is an Exynos 9610 processor built on 10nm silicon. Like other Exynos devices, the 9610 uses an octa-core large/small configuration with four Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2.3GHz for demanding tasks, and four Cortex A53s clocked at 1.6GHz without draining the battery. performs other tasks. It also comes with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

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Samsung’s user interface has drawn a lot of criticism in the past, but their One UI (also used on the Galaxy S10/S10+) offers excellent usability. Navigation is intuitive, and almost any app I’ve installed works well, although I find many of the animations a little annoying. Fortunately, they can be easily turned off.

For gaming, the Mali G72 is more than up to the job. PUBG ran without any noticeable drops, stutters or lags – especially when the A50 was set to Ultra mode. The only sign that it was doing any real work was that it got a little hot during some extended gaming sessions.

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As an Android device, everything is customizable. There are many options to customize its display and UI behavior. The big win is the lack of a dedicated Bixby button.While the S10/S10+ comes with a dedicated Bixby button that I always accidentally press at the most inconvenient times, the left side of the A50 is messy. That is, there is an option to turn on Bixby via the power button.

It also proved no slouch when it came to photography. The camera setup includes a 25-megapixel shooter, an 8-megapixel wide-angle shooter, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. There is a 25-megapixel sensor on the front, which is complimented by selfies.

In normal lighting conditions, it can take beautiful, well-saturated photos. However, low light saw image quality suffer in both standard and wide-angle rear shots. Images captured in low-light conditions had significant pixel noise and sometimes seemed out of focus.

Update A50 Whatmobile Review

Samsung’s phone range ranges from entry-level to flagship, and the Galaxy A50 sits squarely in the middle. That said, the robust design based on Samsung One UI means it comes with a flagship class user interface that is unobtrusive and intuitive to use. That, combined with a premium design that doesn’t hint at a cheap sticker price, makes it a better deal for anyone looking for a decent mid-range smartphone.

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