Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review – The 85-inch 4K UHD Smart TV EKO now makes it possible for people who want a big screen TV but don’t have the budget to make such a purchase. If you’re looking for screen size, quality and value, this is definitely worth your attention.

Bigger TVs are more popular than ever, but a bigger screen usually comes with a higher price tag. But the EKO 85-inch 4K UHD Smart TV is a rare find, offering size, impressive quality and excellent value.

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

And the fact that it runs WebOS – the same operating system that powers LG’s flagship line – makes EKO TV even more attractive.

Samsung 85” Class Cu7000 Crystal Uhd 4k Uhd Smart Tizen Tv Un85cu7000fxza

Smaller EKO TV models — including the 55-inch EKO Smart TV we reviewed last year — run AndroidOS TV software.

And the 85-inch EKO TV not only runs WebOS, but also uses the same Magic Remote as LG TVs.

So you can rest easy. The TV’s operating system connects you to all your favorite streaming services, including Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Foxtel.

Speaking of boxes, the 85-inch 4K UHD Smart TV EKO comes in a huge box. That’s why it can only be ordered online at Big W.

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The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a TV of this size is the availability of space to install it.

There are legs at either end of the TV, so you need an entertainment unit that is spacious enough to sit on.

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Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

Or you can mount the TV on the wall if you prefer – you just need to find a wall mount that will support the wall and the weight. The TV weighs 46 kg.

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In terms of design, it has a thin bezel around the screen and a minimal look. And the legs on which the TV sits are also quite inconspicuous.

The EKO 4K UHD screen has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors.

And when you’re watching 4km, the TV also has HDR (high dynamic range) to improve contrast and detail in the brightest and darkest areas of the screen.

The TV doesn’t support HDR10+ or ​​Dolby Vision like more expensive TVs, but we don’t think that’s a deal breaker.

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Watching sports competitions on a screen of this size was also exciting. You felt like a participant in the game.

There’s actually a sports mode that helps smooth out the image when there’s fast movement during gameplay.

There is also a game mode for those who want to connect their console and enjoy games on a larger scale.

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

As for the audio system, the built-in speakers offer reasonable power and quality to enjoy movies, TV shows and sports.

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No, Dolby Atmos isn’t built into the EKO TV, but the company makes a soundbar that works seamlessly with the TV to provide Dolby Atmos for $269.

And it adds a whole new dimension to the viewing experience with added surround sound and overall better sound quality.

WebOS is one of the best features of programmatic TV and allows users to watch live TV and access online content through apps that can be installed through the built-in content store.

Navigating the menu system is a breeze with the Magic Remote, which places an arrow on the screen so you can move it around like a mouse instead of fiddling with directional buttons.

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Users will find three HDMI ports on the back of the TV, including an ARC (Audio Return Channel) for connecting a sound bar.

There are two USB ports and an Ethernet port, as well as an optical audio connection, so you can plug in a cable to connect to your network if you don’t want to use the built-in wireless connection.

The USB ports can be used to connect a USB flash drive or an external hard drive, allowing users to record and play back programs from the connected drive.

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

Part of webOS is LG’s ThinQ AI, which allows you to connect and control smart devices in your home from the TV screen.

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Users will be able to quickly see all connected devices and all TV inputs.

You can select or control the device connected to the TV using your voice or the remote control using the LG ThinQ app.

The LG ThinQ app can also control your TV, turning your smartphone into another remote control.

The EKO 85-inch 4K UHD Smart TV offers great value for consumers considering a TV this size.

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What really makes this product more attractive is not only the size and quality of the screen, but also the WebOS software and Magic Remote, which add real polish to the TV.

The 85-inch 4K UHD Smart TV EKO is now available online from Big W for $1,399. The EKO Sound Bar is priced at $269.

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Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

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Heavy, bulky and expensive TVs of yesteryear are now razor thin, packed with smart features and relatively affordable. Today, you can turn your living room into a mini home theater with an 85-inch TV. Whether you want to watch live sports on the big screen or play video games with incredible picture quality, there’s a model for you. This team at Old House Reviews has selected the best 85-inch TVs on Amazon to help you watch your favorite movies and shows in unprecedented quality. Also, check out our TV buying guide to learn more about buying a TV.

With NEO QLED screen technology and stunning 8K resolution, this 85-inch smart TV lets you see every detail, no matter how far away you sit. The TV has built-in object tracking sound that follows on-screen movements for accurate sound.

Satisfied users who have given positive reviews of this 85-inch TV say that the picture quality is excellent, surpassing other TVs they have owned before. Buyers appreciate the built-in sound system, which does not require an additional sound bar. On the other hand, some users have noted that while the image works for movies and TV shows, it doesn’t support video games very well.

Combining Roku’s easy-to-use interface with a large, theater-like screen, this TCL TV is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to pay a hefty price for a large display. Two foot stands are included if you don’t want to mount the TV on the wall.

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Overall, most reviewers think this Roku TV performs well for its price, offering 4K HDR screen technology, a simple user interface, and easy setup. On the other hand, some users felt that the built-in sound was not up to their standards.

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At 92 pounds, this 85-inch Samsung TV is easy to hold and mount compared to bulkier and heavier Smart TVs. It supports a range of voice assistants, including Alexa and Bixby for hands-free control. Thanks to upscaling technology up to 4K, everything is displayed in Ultra HD format.

On the plus side, customers have praised this 4K UHD TV for its crisp picture quality and smooth edges. On the other hand, there have been some complaints about voice control connectivity, with one user reporting that he was unable to connect other Google devices to the Google Assistant voice control system.

Update 85 Inch Tv Best Price Review

This 4K TV has an 85-inch screen. It comes with a full range of features including AMD FreeSync, Multi View Screen and Real Game Enhancer+, making it a great choice for gamers. It has a sharp look thanks to its bezel-less design.

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Many satisfied customers have praised the screen size of this TV, as the viewing experience provides an immersive viewing experience throughout the room. Happy users believe that the image quality met or even exceeded their expectations. Conversely, users have complained that they cannot uninstall built-in programs that come with the TV’s operating system.

This Sony TV has a 120Hz refresh rate and a 4K HDR processor for a smooth, clear and rich viewing experience. In addition, it has the built-in Google TV operating system, which allows users to watch more than 700,000 movies and series in various streaming applications.

The intuitive TV menu and image quality can be mentioned among the positive reviews of customers. However, some buyers said it was too weak. Others said it couldn’t dim enough at night, that the bright screen hurt their eyes.


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