Update 75 Inch Oled Tv Deals Review

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Hisense 75U9DG uses unique dual LCD technology to produce one of the best images we’ve seen on an LED TV.

Update 75 Inch Oled Tv Deals Review

Update 75 Inch Oled Tv Deals Review

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It’s easy to think that OLED or MicroLED/DVLED is the future of TV technology, since that’s what most major manufacturers are focusing on, but Hisense is taking a different route to deliver the best picture on the screen. Lighthouse. The 75U9DG uses the company’s “dual cell” technology, which superimposes two LCD screens via an LED backlight system to control the amount of light emitted more precisely than a single LCD and LED screen. The result is impressive, with an almost OLED level of contrast while delivering higher peak brightness than OLED panels can achieve and retaining plenty of on-board detail, at a lower price than MicroLED or DVLED TVs. The Hisense 75U9DG is still pricey at $2,999.99 and only comes in 75-inch sizes, but there’s no denying its excellent picture quality, earning it an Editors’ Choice award for widescreen television. screen and the TechX Award for Innovative Dual. – panel technology.

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The 75U9DG takes its excellent design cues from the Hisense U8G. The top and sides of the screen are framed by an almost non-existent black band like the U8G, and the screen rests on a gray triangle of identical metal feet. A big addition to the 75U9DG’s design is the beveled silver bar at the bottom of the display. It’s splashier than the U8G’s narrow bezel and complements the TV display without looking distracting, although it doesn’t appear to be for what purpose. When the inner wisdom is closed in the grid hole, no real sound comes out; tweeters and full speakers for each channel are mounted internally, near the front of the panel, while two subwoofer drivers are exposed behind. A narrow black strip below the silver bar houses the TV’s far-field microphone, as well as a switch to turn it off.

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With the exception of the right-facing port for the power cable, all of the 75U9DG’s connections are on the left side of the back of the TV. Four HDMI ports (one eARC, two 4K120), two USB ports (one USB 3.0), one 3.5mm composite video input, one 3.5mm headphone jack, and left side antenna/cable connector. Optical audio output, ethernet port and 3.5mm port for serial and directly rear facing services. A four-way joystick for navigating the menu, adjusting the volume and using the remote control function is located in the lower left corner.

The remote control is identical to the one supplied with the U8G. Instead of using a bit of metal or a thinner profile to give the remote a more premium feel, it’s a simple black plastic rectangle covered in rubber buttons. It’s not a great loss; it’s still thoughtful and easy to use without looking as there’s a prominent, easy-to-find circular navigation button at the top. Power, input, and Google Assistant buttons sit above the pad, while menu button, volume and channel rocker, and dedicated service buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ , Netflix, Peacock, Tubi and YouTube are below. The top of the remote features a pinhole that houses the microphone, a bell for the Remote Finder function, and an LED indicator. Connect to your TV via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to point it directly at the screen when using it.

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Update 75 Inch Oled Tv Deals Review

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The 75U9DG runs on Google’s powerful and feature-rich Android TV platform. It has a huge app ecosystem with almost every major streaming service, including Amazon Prime TV, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Twitch, and of course YouTube. Android TV also has Google Cast, which lets you mirror your Android phone or tablet screen, or Chrome tabs to your TV.

Additionally, Android TV includes Google Assistant, Google’s voice assistant. The 75U9DG’s remote microphone lets you invoke Google Assistant simply by saying “Hey, Google” followed by a command, without touching the microphone (although you can mute the hands-free microphone on the TV and access the voice assistant by pressing and holding the Google Assistant button and speak into the remote if you are concerned about privacy). Google Assistant lets you directly control your TV, search for content on various services, get general information like weather and sports scores, and control your smart home devices. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use voice assistant, and the 75U9DG’s hands-free feature lets you treat your TV like a smart display.

Android TV isn’t Google’s latest smart TV platform. Google TV was introduced in Chromecast with Google TV and is used on Sony TVs today. It offers a more streamlined and content-focused experience, but Google has regularly updated Android TV so that the interface itself is also more intuitive. Either way, Android TV and Google TV have the same functionality and you won’t lose anything except a better menu.

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The 75U9DG is an LED-backlit LCD TV with native 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content in Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) .

We tested the TV using a Klein K-80 colorimeter(opens in a new window), a Murideo SIX-G signal generator(opens in a new window) and Calman software Portrait Displays(opens in a new window) using a methodology based on the Imaging Calibration Technique Science Foundation(Opens in a new window).

As we already know, 75U9DG is unique and exciting because of its panel technology. Instead of using an LCD panel backlit by an LED array, it uses two LCD panels stacked on top of each other above the backlight. The top panel forms a 4K image, focusing on color control at the pixel level, while the second layer acts as a filter to more precisely adjust the contrast and light of the LED array than dimming can do alone. According to Hisense, that means the 75U9DG effectively has 2,000,000 local dimming zones, while a single LCD TV has hundreds or thousands.

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Update 75 Inch Oled Tv Deals Review

The 75U9DG is also impressive in its color performance. The graph above shows the color level of a TV with an SDR signal in Theater Day mode versus the broadcast standard Rec.709 color space, and an HDR signal in HDR Theater mode versus the DCI-P3 digital cinema colorimetric. While white drifts slightly towards yellow-green and magenta slightly red, all primary colors, as well as cyan and yellow, are almost perfectly on target in both cases. The TV covers the DCI-P3 color space almost perfectly out of the box, only distinguishing itself in accuracy by the best whites of the LG C1P.

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Looks fantastic on the 75U9DG. The green of the plants and the blue of the sky and water look rich and varied. Fine details like feathers and scales can be clearly seen in sunlight and shade. The TV displays excellent contrast and a wide color gamut with this natural 4K HDR content. I’ll note that the image looks a little dark at first in Theater Day mode because Active Contrast mode is off by default; setting it to Medium or High yields brighter and more visually appealing (if potentially less sharp) images.

Looks like they hit in 75U9DG. The red of Deadpool’s costume looks vibrant and accurate even in the relatively cool, overcast light of the opening scene. Later, when burning the Battle Lab, the fire appears very bright while many shadow details can be seen in the same frame.

. The dark black and white of the party scene also shines, with balloons and white jackets popping out, while cuts and textures

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