Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review

Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review

Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review – Almost everyone has a TV, but not everyone wants their TV to be the main thing in the room. While you’ve invested in the overall design and style of your living room, you may want to hide your TV when it’s not in use. With Samsung The Frame QLED 4K TV, you won’t want to put your TV away when you’re not watching it. With a matte display and unlimited artistic options, this TV will become an important part of your decor.

I have a 65-inch Samsung The Frame 4K QLED UHD HDR TV set up in my living room and I find myself enjoying images as much as movies and TV shows. Here’s a look at the 2022 model of Samsung The Frame, its unique features and how this TV will change the wall of your home.

Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review

Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review

Samsung The Frame is a 4K QLED TV with Tizen operating system. It is one of the few models I have seen that is available in different sizes, including 32 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. It weighs approximately 50lbs (22.4 kg) without the stand and includes a No-Gap wall mount designed specifically for TVs.

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Samsung The Frame looks a little different from other Samsung TVs I’ve reviewed. Power and ports are inside the Samsung One Connect box, which connects to the TV via a cable. It’s designed so you can use the included No-Gap wall for a picture frame look and still have access to your HDMI ports. You can use the included 16-foot cable or if you need to place the box further away, upgrade to a longer cable.

It is a very light TV so unboxing is very easy. The first thing I noticed was the design. It’s very thin, but the bezels on the front are squarer than the Samsung QD-OLEDs I’ve tested so far. It certainly has the look of a picture frame, even if you don’t install the optional bezel after installing it.

I put the TV on the included stand, but the wall mount seems easy enough to reinstall. Once you have the TV on the platform you will turn it on and the TV will walk you through setting it up. One thing I really appreciate about Samsung The Frame and other Samsung TVs is the easy access to all your apps. I scanned the QR code, logged into my Samsung account, and everything was uploaded and ready for me to watch.

The first thing I tried on the Samsung The Frame was Art Mode. It’s an option that appears on the side menu and is what really sets this TV apart from other TVs. The TV has an anti-reflective screen that makes it appear blurry. I tested it with the lights on and the lights off, and I put the TV in a patio window area that I know has pictures on the TV. I tried in the right place. The Samsung The Frame has the best anti-reflective surface I’ve ever seen on a TV, and it really makes you feel like you’re looking at an embedded piece of art.

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The Samsung Art Store has a wide variety of art pieces to choose from. It’s a subscription-based service that you can sign up for if you want access to all of their artwork. There are curated lists of different works of art so you can choose everything from landscapes to your favorite pieces of pop art or watercolors. I found the watercolors and oil paintings on this TV really amazing.

If you choose this TV because of the choice of art, I would place it using a blank wall and add a light above the TV to enhance the art installation. You can also add a TV frame in a different color to match your decor.

Samsung The Frame is a 4K UHD HDR QLED TV. It has a layer of 100% colored quantum dots on top of the backlight to improve color. It also has Quantum processor 4K, Quantum HDR, AI upscaling, and billions of colors. It supports HDR10+ for vivid details while watching movies and games.

Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review

You will not immediately notice the quality of the brightest picture with this TV, especially if you are watching quiet or colorful pictures. That being said, you definitely get better picture quality when watching movies or TV shows. Everything is detailed and colorful with Quantum HDR. The contrast won’t be as pronounced as the Samsung OLED, but the displayed blacks were deep enough for a 4K TV.

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Watching movies and watching TV was as enjoyable as any 4K TV I’ve ever owned, and the anti-glare screen blocks out a lot of glare when watching in a room with lots of windows. You can use Adaptive Mode to dim or brighten the TV depending on how bright your room is.

Samsung The Frame features Samsung’s Game Mode and Game Bar, one of the best TV features I’ve seen this year. When you select Game Mode from the side menu, you will be directed to a screen where you can log in and access your computer or PC games. It has menu options for Stadia, PS5, XBox and more. The lighting in the game menu changes to purple RGB so it looks good in the dark, and if you select the HDMI port, the game mode will start automatically when you plug in the console.

Samsung The Frame has a 4K/120Hz port, so if you have multiple consoles that can support 4K/120Hz you’ll need to plug and unplug them as needed. We played a few games on our PS5 and really enjoyed it. The input time on the Samsung The Frame is less than 10 seconds so it’s fast, and it supports VRR which is a good option if you play the latest games. We found little evidence of hiatus or ghosting. It has Motion Xcelerator Turbo + to reduce any movement of the screen.

The Samsung The Frame has wide viewing angles but it does not shine from the side as it is straight. Games like Red Dead Redemption were popular on this TV because of the better color and detail. The matte display really seems to make images pop.

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Samsung has added a lot of audio options to the Samsung The Frame. It has 2.0.2 CH 40 Watt speakers and supports Dolby Atmos, Active Voice Enhancer and Object Tracking Surround Sound. You can see object tracking while watching action movies. The sound feels like it’s moving across the screen to match the action.

Improving communication in Settings is especially helpful when watching TV and movies, and you can choose Adaptive Audio to reduce uneven sound. The best sound settings I found for my room were around 30 for TV and movies and 45 for gaming. I think I will increase the volume on this TV as well, to boost the output and bass even more. Everything is clear and defined, but if you add a subwoofer you will not get deep tones.

Samsung The Frame uses the Samsung Tizen operating system. This gives you access to the Smart Hub for all your apps, and you also get a few Samsung-exclusive features included in the hub. There are multiple views so you can watch YouTube and stream video via AirPlay at the same time, and you can sign in to your Microsoft Workspace account and use the TV as a second computer display .

Update 70 Inch Samsung Smart Tv 4k Review

I love Samsung’s Smart Hub. The remote control is easy to navigate and you can add your favorite voice assistant, including Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby. The TV will connect to the Samsung Smart Things app so you can also use it as your smart home hub.

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Another unique feature of this TV is the remote control. This is a solar cell remote that you can charge using the solar panel on the back of the remote. It can last up to two years on a full charge, and you can charge it via USB-C.

I like the two plans of Samsung The Frame. It’s not just a TV and more than just a digital picture frame. The main reason you’ll choose this TV is because of the art selection, and it really excels at that. I loved changing the pictures that came out, and I think the Samsung The Frame would be a good choice for a collage wall. The Samsung One Connect box has a cable long enough to be placed away from the TV, and the clear cable won’t interfere with the sleek look of the wall art.

It’s definitely a TV I’d consider a small size for a bedroom or kitchen. With a wide variety of size options, there is a display to fit every room. This is an added bonus.

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