Update 3 Three Uk Review

Update 3 Three Uk Review

Update 3 Three Uk Review – As we looked at the three awards at last year’s Mobile Network Awards, we wondered if the network was preparing for a 5G comeback. Twelve months later, three births began to occur.

It’s now the leader in 5G coverage and is starting to climb in terms of performance, though it still faces stiff competition from Vodafone and – especially – EE. Interestingly, the network is apparently in early talks about a merger with Vodafone, although judging by the slow pace at which these things are moving, you probably won’t see any impact for a year or more.

Update 3 Three Uk Review

Update 3 Three Uk Review

Does this reflect better results from this year’s Expert Review Mobile Web Awards survey? Well, Three still has work to do on customer service, but its Value score is improving. Perhaps most crucially, only 67% of Three users we interviewed would recommend the network to a friend; a score higher than Virgin Mobile (61%) and Vodafone (65.5%), but nowhere near Smarty (92%) , Voxi (nearly 90%) and Lebara (95%) set the speed.

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For a while, Three’s big selling point was that it offered the latest phones for less than the other major networks. It’s also one of the best choice networks for unlimited data deals, which allow you to use your data allowance abroad for free.

The first two points still partly apply today. Buy the iPhone 14 on Three and you can get it for £49/month for 24 months, plus £30 upfront, but with a ridiculous 1GB of data. Increase the data to a more realistic 100GB and the price rises to £61/month plus £30 upfront, at which point you can also double down and pay £63 per month for unlimited data. Not a bad price, especially when £63 on EE only gets you 125GB, but you can have the same phone and unlimited data for £42 a month on iD Mobile – though you’ll be stuck £99 upfront.

It’s a slightly different story with the Samsung Galaxy S22, which costs £47 per month plus £30 for 100GB, but 125GB on EE for £59 per month. iD Mobile is still cheaper though, with a £33-a-month 100GB data deal, £29 upfront.

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What about SIM-only contracts? These start at £8 a month for a fairly modest 1GB contract on a 24-month contract, but there’s a 50% discount for the first six months. On a 12 month contract, there is no discount and the price goes up by £1. 12 GB or 30 GB is better priced at £12/month and £14/month, same terms but a £2 increase with all if you only sign up for a year.

Three Rochdale Exchange

There was a time when Three’s Advanced Unlimited plan was arguably the best of all SIM plans at £24 a month for 24 months half price for the first six months, still a lot cheaper than comparable plans EE, O2, Giffgaff or Vodafone. However, iD Mobile and Smarty have unlimited deals and are even cheaper, so Three no longer owns this niche.

If you look at our survey data, Dräi doesn’t stand out when it comes to vouchers. True, more than a third of customers said they were very satisfied with the value for money of the network, and nearly half were quite satisfied, but that’s still only 84% overall, while iD Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Smarty, Voxi and Lebara 90s .

Three also seems to be struggling with customer service. Nearly 27% of users we surveyed were very satisfied and another 50% were quite satisfied, but this still lags most of the other networks in our survey, with the exception of iD Mobile, Lebara, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.

Update 3 Three Uk Review

Three was also criticized in Ofcom’s latest customer service and satisfaction report. The network’s score of 86 percent was below the overall customer satisfaction average of 91 percent. It also has the highest proportion of customers with grounds for complaining (16%) and has above average complaints to Ofcom per 100,000 subscribers. Clearly something is wrong here and Three should really look at improving their customer service going forward.

How Good Is Three Uk Phone Service? Here Is What Users Are Saying

RootMetrics’ latest performance study has some good news for Three: it has overtaken Vodafone in the UK speed table and is second only to EE. Three now averages UK download speeds of 29.9Mbits/sec, behind EE’s 66.2Mbits/sec but ahead of Vodafone’s 23.8Mbits/sec. The biggest improvements are in British cities. Of the 16 regions RootMetrics tested, Three’s median download speed was over 20Mbits/sec in all regions and over 40Mbits/sec in eight.

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While RootMetrics no longer offers coverage maps, Three claims its 4G coverage reaches around 99.8% of the UK population, while 5G service covers around 56%, with further and faster rollouts planned for the coming years. Additionally, Three is starting to pull ahead of EE in 5G median download speeds, approaching 200Mbits/sec. Interestingly, the potential merger of Three and Vodafone appears to be largely driven by the desire of both networks to accelerate the rollout of 5G.

For the first time this year, our awards survey asked readers about their 5G experiences, and Three took third place behind EE and Sky Mobile. Three over half of 5G customers (51.5%) are satisfied with their 5G connection. Of course, this still left nearly half unsatisfied, with the main issues being patchy 5G coverage (nearly 65%) and no noticeable improvement in speed (44%).

Three of them came close to Highly Commended in our reliability category. 86% of users said it was usually or always fast enough for web browsing, and 71% said the same about audio streaming. Even on the most difficult video streams, 50% of users performed well, and 12% performed well consistently. Only Voxi achieved a better score for video streaming, while Smarty was stronger only for web surfing and audio streaming.

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Like most other major networks, Three now charges £2 a day for EU roaming on all contracts bought after October last year. Additionally, use including minutes, texts and data is now £5 per day in its Go Roam global destinations including Australia, Hong Kong, the US, Canada and many countries outside of Europe, Mexico and New Zealand. Regardless, the data has a 12GB fair usage limit. On top of your allowance, calls cost from 3p per minute, 2p per text and 1p per MB to £2 per minute, 35p per text and £6 per MB, depending on your location and The object of the call. Those prices aren’t as exorbitant as some networks charge, but it’s harder to recommend Three as a good option for affordable roaming these days.

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Three offers Wi-Fi calling on some (but not all) of its phones, and there’s also a feature that lets you make calls over a 4G data connection, giving you more reliable calling in areas with poor signal. Three even supports Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi calling at over 250 London Underground stations.

You also get spending caps: choose between £10 and £100 above your regular contract payment, and you won’t be able to make extra calls or use extra data beyond that.

Update 3 Three Uk Review

Three have really improved since last year. Speeds and coverage are improving rapidly, and they are ahead of the competition in the rollout of 5G. It scored very well for reliability. However, the network still needs to sort out its customer service, and it has a lot of work to do if it is to restore its old reputation of being good value for money. Three still has a strong share of packages and deals, but there is now more competition than ever.

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