Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review

Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review – Celcom has updated its family plan that allows family members to enjoy unlimited data for less. If you are a postpaid Celcom Mega customer, you can now add up to 6 additional lines with unlimited data at RM40/month for each line.

The add-on plan with unlimited data was introduced in April for Celcom Mega Unlimited, but you can only add a maximum of 3 family lines. With the new update, they have increased the limit to 6 lines and it is now available for Celcom Mega Lightning and Mega Unlimited customers.

Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review

Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review

Celcom Mega 80 and 98 customers are allowed to add 3 family lines. However, for Celcom Mega 128, 158 and 188 main lines, you can add 6 family lines.

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In terms of speed, Celcom Mega Unlimited 98 has a speed limit of 10 Mbps, while Unlimited 128 has a speed limit of 15 Mbps. The Mega Unlimited 158 speed cap is 20 Mbps, while the highest 188 option is 30 Mbps.

Each family unlimited line costs RM40/month and comes with unlimited calls to all networks and unlimited data with a speed cap of 6Mbps. 5GB hotspot data per month included.

For those who want unlimited speed, there is the Lightning Family Line option which also costs RM40/month per line and comes with 30GB high-speed data limit. Unlike the recently updated Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for XPax Prepaid, there is currently no strict FUP for its Mega Payback offer.

According to Celcom, customers on the Mega Postpaid 98 and above plan with one family line can also add smartphones and devices to the contract for the whole family. Customers can also enjoy savings of up to RM2, 320 when purchasing the latest iPhone 13 paired with accessories such as AirPods or Apple Watch from Celcom.

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Could the iPhone finally be connected to 5G with Celcom, Digi and U Mobile? Here’s what you need to know “Hide.me is a user-friendly service that allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, improving security”

The digital age came with the adoption of the Internet as the preferred means of communication. This opened up new ways of transferring information from one end of the world to the other. It paved the way for a new threat scenario for bad companies to exploit. Internet threats are increasing every year. It makes sense for people to find ways to protect themselves. This is the basis on which we like to do VPN reviews.

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Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review

A VPN acts as a shield between your data and unwanted prying eyes. It ensures that there are security measures in place that discourage hackers from accessing your network. In our Hide.Me VPN review, readers will be able to read and understand how Hide.Me works, find out if it’s the right VPN to use for their needs, and find out if it suits their needs . We guide you with an honest and unbiased review of Zoo Me VPN.

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Hide.me has over 1,800 servers in 47 countries and offers better than average speeds and excellent streaming capabilities. Netflix, DAZN and BBC iPlayer are some of the popular media services it works with. Its security features include industry standard encryption, a kill switch, secure VPN protocols, Stealth Security, Cracked and Tor Beyond VPN. Privacy is still a strong point to be audited, demonstrate compliance with the no-logs policy and operate in a user-friendly environment.

Its subscription plan is expensive, but it has a very desirable free service where users have access to five servers, 10GB data limit and a premium storage plan. It supports multiple devices and you are allowed 10 simultaneous connections per account. Troubleshooting guides, online communities, 24/7 live chat, and email support are points of contact where users can get help.

Hide.me has approximately 1,800 servers spread across 72 regions and 47 countries. Its distribution network is continental, including regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Servers in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America make up a significant amount of its distribution network.

I had a chat with the support staff and was able to find out that his distribution network only had physical servers. Although Hide.Me pays for these servers, they go through a thorough inspection process that ensures the security of all data. It has a dedicated streaming server, clearly visible to premium subscribers in its app.

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Servers are configured for specific media sites, making it easy to bypass geo-restrictions on them. All servers support P2P file sharing and are streaming friendly. Hide.Me advises you to use Stealth Guard for any stealth activity to ensure the protection is active.

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Performance is an important part of any VPN and an important one that drives my Zoo review. For many users – especially users involved in high-quality gaming, streaming or high-definition streaming – using a VPN may be second nature, but it can also be used to reduce speeds. Bigger VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN already understand that speed drops are as small as possible, but smaller VPNs like Hide.Me do too.

I decided to see if Hide.Me really is a fast VPN, as many other Hide.Me VPN reviewers can say. Connecting to a local server at 100 Mbps resulted in a significant download speed loss of 7%. I also tested connecting to a remote server and the results met my expectations. Servers in Germany suffered a 10% decrease in speed, and servers in the US suffered a 42% speed loss. Australia had the worst reduction in speed with a 70% reduction.

Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review

It’s important to note that depending on the rates your ISP offers you, your experience may vary. A speed reduction on a 100 Mbps network will not have the same effect as one on a 10 Mbps network. Switching servers might be a good idea if you’re experiencing lag. Overall, this VPN service can provide a fast connection, but it is not as flexible as mainstream VPNs.

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Security is one of Hide.Me’s strong points and one we were able to test during our Hide.Me review. While using its desktop app, we noticed a few security features. He assured me that he is interested in protecting user data. Hide.Me supports IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), SoftEther and SSTP. Users can choose which of these protocols they intend to use.

256-bit encryption, the world’s most secure encryption algorithm, protects your data in transit. It is unthinkable for prying eyes or hackers to use this encryption to access your data. Hide.Me has leak protection, IPv6 support, custom DNS settings, kill switches, tunnels, and Stealth Guard to help prevent IP address disclosure.

Crack tunnel and Stealth Guard will allow you to choose applications that will only work under the protection of the VPN server. It also has advanced security settings, including using a random port every time to connect to the server.

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This makes it difficult for ISPs to block VPN use because they cannot block all ports. You shouldn’t have any problem using Tor over VPN as I have tested its compatibility and it works fine. Overall, our Hide.Me testing put the team at ease and allowed us to better manage our security.

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Hide.Me has a reliable privacy policy; it does not store connection logs or any other user identifiable data. The only thing Hide.Me stores is your email address in encrypted form. The law also clearly states that it will follow the Malaysian government’s court order if it receives one. Since it doesn’t take notes, you don’t have to worry.

The operation from Malaysia ensures that it is under the jurisdiction of a friendly country. It is also a member of the i2Coalition – a coalition of VPN service providers working together to improve their services and ensure user privacy.

I always check VPN services through reviews of third party security companies and Hide.me may have my star. DefenceCode is responsible for the investigation and has been granted a certificate of confidentiality and anonymity. The annual Insights Report recognizes the Hide.Me seal on my list of VPNs that take user privacy seriously.

Update 3 Network Monthly Plans Review

Cross-platform compatibility is important for users with multiple devices. Hide.Me has native apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku. It also provides a pre-configured Vilfo router and instructions for manually configuring other routers. It also has tutorials for other devices like Blackberry, Kodi and Linux devices.

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Hide.Me has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. These add-ons come in the form of a proxy that you can use, but I would advise against using it because it doesn’t offer any kind of protection. Only use them with a working VPN service. The add-on is free and allows you to connect to Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. I’m glad to see that all apps have the same features.

Advanced users of Hide.Me can use it on as many devices as they want, but it

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