Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

Update 3 Monthly Plan Review – Time flies! Since April, we’ve raised an $85M Series B, revealed our product vision, and provided important updates on how the teams are collaborating and delivering. We also shipped 32 features and 55 improvements.

After taking a deep look at what matters most to our users, we’ve narrowed our focus to four key themes: making editing faster and easier, doubling down on collaboration, laying the foundation for how teams use and deliver content, and publishing. Last quarter, we made significant progress in each of those areas.

Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

Here’s a rundown of the highlights and a preview of what we’ll be covering this summer.

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Everyone should have the tools to create good, effective presentations. Our editing experience combines the best of presentation and design tools, so creating is familiar enough to be simple, yet powerful enough to inspire new ways of creating.

Most importantly, we want teams to focus their time and energy on what matters most – developing their ideas – rather than forcing them to waste time on fancy formatting and editing. So this quarter, we decided to improve the process of working with statistics, charts and tables.

Visuals are a key part of any presentation, regardless of the topic. We want the process of adding, sharing and editing photos to be as smooth as possible. Over the past few months, we’ve completely redesigned image compression. Not only is resizing, resizing and resizing really easy, we’ve also started improving this functionality using AI. With Smart Panning, when you change the image, it will detect the most visible part and automatically adjust its position in the frame.

Of course, there’s more to visuals than just pictures. If you’re working on more data-driven presentations, you need charts that are easy to work with and can help you visualize your most important points.

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In April, we added several new charts. With area charts, it’s easy to highlight trends over time. And with stacked charts, you can compare totals and show relationships between individual parts. And in June, we made tables even more customizable. In addition to resizing individual rows and columns, cells can be resized individually so you can capture important text and numbers.

Our mission is to enable the best thinking in every team. To do this, we need to make it easier for teams to work together and share ideas. Since April, we have contributed a lot of improvements. Now you can:

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Get notified about updates automatically. At the beginning of the quarter, we launched our Notification Center. Now, you can track slide assignments, comments and presentations, and job vacancy invitations on our web apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps.

Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

View and restore previous versions of slides and restore deleted slides Who can travel in a pinch? If you’re a Pro user, you can see the entire slide history, see who made specific changes, and copy previous versions of slides to your deck. And since mistakes happen to the best of us, all users can view and restore previously deleted slides

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Share presentations wherever you are. In early 2021, our iOS app entered beta version. In May, we also released a beta version of Android. Enables all teams to review slides and share feedback, no matter where they work. In June, we added public access and the ability to share presentations using your device’s default sharing options.

Psst! We are still looking for more beta testers. If you’re interested, fill out this form to join our mobile beta

Presentations are a very important way of disseminating information. Whether people are peer-reviewing your presentation or you’re presenting live, you want your audience to be able to focus on the content of your message.

In June, we launched a new player. It’s not just a way to submit – it’s a whole new way to review work. Whether you’re getting team updates or giving a final check on a sales pitch, our player provides a unique way to receive presentations without worrying about unexpected changes.

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If you are looking at a teammate’s deck, you can use the player to fully highlight their work, while also getting a chance to see and add comments and feedback.

And when you’re ready to present, you can minimize the player controls and open Speaker View That way, you can still view your slides and speaker notes in one place, out of sight of your audience.

Our deep player experience is also available from public presentations, and soon will be available from presentation embeds So no matter where and when people are reviewing your work, you can be sure it will always be the best.

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Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

Creating the first complete platform to present our vision. To support this, we are creating an ecosystem where anyone around the world can publish and share presentations and templates.

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In June, we launched Creator Profiles, dedicated pages where creators and brands can showcase their best templates and presentations to the world.

Our first 25 creators specialize in topics such as user research, fundraising, sales and design. You can familiarize yourself with them and start designing with their templates from the template gallery.

In the coming months, we’ll be hiring new creators to demonstrate their storytelling skills and establish a professional profile. If you’d like to reserve your handle and participate in our beta rollout, you can apply here.

When we announced our Series B funding, we outlined some ambitious plans to help bring our vision to life. But what makes it special is not a single feature – it’s our ability to make the entire process around presentations fast, beautiful and fun.

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In Q3, we will balance our big bets with the core feature and quality of life improvements. If you’ve been using it for a while, you’ll definitely appreciate updates like:

Improved import and export: We’re working hard to get our PowerPoint importer out of beta to make sure it’s optimized for your existing decks. (This means we’ll see how teams can transfer .pptx files.) And we limit our PDF transfers, so you’ll have no problem emailing files.

Improving key editing features: Our product team is working on revising our text editor to support future features and allow for more powerful real-time editing. And the most requested features like sorting are also developed.

Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

More integrations, embeds and stickers: We’re about to launch our third integration, which will help subscribing businesses track their revenue data. We’ll also bring you additional embeds, adding more stickers to showcase a wider range of visual styles.

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There’s more on the way! Follow our release notes page to see what’s new, or join our Slack community chat to get early feedback on what’s next and share your thoughts. To improve the security and reliability of the platform, we will add monitoring of guard states and RPC issues. This will help us respond to any issues that may arise more quickly.

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We regularly review performance security but as the system has grown significantly we feel it is appropriate to set aside time for a detailed performance review including domain name servers and web hosting configuration to assess opportunities for additional improvements.

After improving the basic operations, the next most important task is to improve the product and user experience. We mentioned the PvP AMM model in the X4 update. This enables users to take a position on trends in any market while giving us a wide range of trading options and income streams.

The actual implementation may vary as we improve the design, but our goal is for the final product to support a wider variety of tokens with deeper liquidity than any other platform.

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X4 and the new synthetic market support can be worked on later. Both actions have great potential to include more users, and we’ve had positive feedback on X4 from other protocols so far.

The main reason to prefer Synthetics over X4 is that Synthetics will probably gain faster adoption as users will be able to use it after launch. Although for X4, it needs to be completed and the protocol will take time to create; So the overall adoption time will be longer.

With new chains, it is uncertain which chains will gain more users in the coming months. In our opinion, there is a great opportunity to take leadership in the chains we are already in, so improving the product for consumers should be a priority. We will continue to communicate with the various blockchain teams and if there is a significant profit to launch, we can launch a new chain before working on synthetics.

Update 3 Monthly Plan Review

Since there are some questions about the long-term sustainability of the project, we think it is worth it

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