Update 2020 Game Consoles Review

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Update 2020 Game Consoles Review

Update 2020 Game Consoles Review

The two hard-to-find retro handhelds aren’t going to replace either the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck, but each has its own appeal.

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Portable gaming has also become a big thing. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch, Valve’s Steam Deck, and two adorable but unfortunately hard-to-find handheld games called Analogue Pocket and Panic Playdate.

The Pocket, which went on sale last fall, is a completely revamped version of the old Game Boy and plays the retro Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges. (It’s not manufactured or officially endorsed by Nintendo.) With adapters, it also plays Sega Game Gear and other retro handheld games.

The Panic Playdate, which has just started shipping to those who ordered it, is a hand-held handheld computer with a black and white screen that plays its unique games, 24 of which will be loaded into the system within 12 hours. weeks in a unique registration mode.

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I’ve looked through everything and I love it. These are gaming consoles that are niche compared to the Switch (or your smartphone or iPad), but the spirit hopes to lead other gaming devices to be explored in the future.

They vary in price ($220 for the Analogue Pocket, $179 for the Panic Playdate) and are designed for different purposes. But does it make sense to plan a Switch or Steam Deck? Let’s destroy the difference with the same.

The biggest advantage of the Pocket is that it plays high-quality games through a clear color screen and has a rechargeable battery and a USB-C port. You need BYOGames, though: it doesn’t play emulation, although you can download indie games, which means hooking them up to your computer and installing new software.

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Update 2020 Game Consoles Review

Playdate, however, includes 24 original games. But you won’t get it all at once: instead, they’re delivered twice a week in a unique “seasonal” format. Some can also be left out.

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To install OS updates and some indie games, the Pocket has to download the data to a MicroSD card from the computer and then put it on the Pocket later: it doesn’t have Wi-Fi. However, the Playdate has Wi-Fi and can download games and OS updates from the device.

The Analogue Pocket’s sharp color screen is extremely bright and clear. The Panic Playdate’s black-and-white screen also looks sharp, but it has no backlight at all: you’ll need to hold the light up close, like an old-school Game Boy.

At 3.46 by 5.86 by 0.86 inches (88 by 149 by 22 millimeters), the Analogue Pocket is smaller than the original Game Boy, but too big for most pants pockets. The Playdate, however, is tiny and pocketable, measuring about 3 by 3 by 0.4 inches (76 by 74 by 9 mm).

Both Pocket and Playdate charge via USB-C and can last for several hours. FYI: They both have headphone jacks as well.

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Analogue Pocket has a separate port that connects to the TV and can play games through the controller. Playdate is a mirroring tool for gaming on a large PC monitor. In any case, there are other ways to play offline.

There is a large and interesting community of indie games that can be downloaded from sites like itch.io, where developers are already creating unlimited games for all PDAs. Panic Playdate games can be uploaded to the Panic account site where they are displayed on Playdate. Pocket games must be downloaded to a microSD card and loaded onto the device. It is worth studying what is in all systems. So far I have found a bunch of interesting games for everyone.

Panic has a browser-based game development kit called Pulp that is designed to facilitate Playdate games. Analogue works with a program called GB Studio, which also promotes indie game development.

Update 2020 Game Consoles Review

And now the saddest thing. Both Pocket and Playdate have been pushed back to 2023. Anyone who pre-ordered can get one early, but both seem to be in short supply for a long time. Hopefully the hardware will improve, but it’s sad news for the two big handhelds, and it means the Nintendo Switch will likely be your best bet for handheld gaming in 2022.

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Panic Playdate is small, yellow, with a black and white screen without backlight and plays its own unique indie games, 24 of which are included in the purchase price. The games are controlled by buttons, a D-pad, and a silly rotary knob that is used in many games to succeed. Playdate is beautiful and weird, experimental, and we don’t know what games will come out in the future. But it’s destined to become a collector’s item for fans of handheld and indie games.

For those with a stack of old Game Boy games, the Analogue Pocket is a Game Boy revival dream. The Pocket plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, as well as other retro pocket games like the Sega Game Gear, with adapters sold separately. The sharp color screen and USB-C rechargeable battery keep you gaming and looking great. The console, which is sold separately, can also play games on the TV screen.

Shop your favorite products and we’ll find the best deal in one click. Designed to make shopping easier. Sony’s new video game console available for sale. 12 for $499.99, it’s a big step forward for the PlayStation brand after nearly 26 years. It offers a new look, a new way to interact, and a potentially (pardon the pun) game-changing controller.

Like the Xbox Series X and S, which will be released on November 10, the PS5 will solve some of the nagging problems of console video players. You spend less time waiting for your games to load and more time immersed in ever-changing worlds. However, the main difference between the PS5 and the Xbox device is in your hands: the controller can help you feel what’s happening inside the video game.

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The DualSense wireless controller uses tactile feedback or a vibration effect during gameplay. The concept of haptics is not new. We have them in our phones, and video game consoles have included them in one form or another since the days of the Nintendo 64 and the Rumble Pak.

PS5’s DualSense haptics are the most advanced for a video game controller. The left and right triggers provide resistance after action that may require more effort. And the controller will also provide haptic feedback specific to each situation, not just a generic buzz anyway.

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Its capabilities are best demonstrated in Astro’s Playroom, a free-to-play game for PS5 featuring the adorable robot Astro. Combined with the built-in DualSense audio speaker, you can hear Astro’s every step. You feel the crunch of the snow under your feet and the water as you make every kick and punch. At one stage, it’s raining and Astro takes out an umbrella, letting him feel every drop of rain on his head.

Update 2020 Game Consoles Review

But you already get it in games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales where you hear every webbing spidey fires. DualSense has the potential to add significant immersion that we haven’t yet experienced in console gaming.

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The DualSense, slightly larger than a PS4 controller, adds some extra wrinkles, including lights that better indicate how many players there are. Also impressive: the controller maintains the same 4 to 6 hours of battery life as its predecessor.

As for the PS5 itself, it boasts a futuristic black and white design. It’s also bigger, even bigger than the original PlayStation 3 at launch. Fortunately, it comes with a stand for vertical installation. The stand also works horizontally, though the PS5 feels wobbly in that position.

Despite its size, the PS5 runs quietly. If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner, you might have heard a sound like an airplane getting ready to take off when you turn on the console or while playing. On the PS5, unless it’s a white power light, it’s hard to tell if it’s on.

The interface is undergoing significant modifications. It is very simple and allows you to quickly get to what you need. When you press the PS button on the controller, you open a quick menu with a number of actions players can perform, including a launcher to quickly switch between games, friends list, controller battery life, power and more. This menu is also customizable.

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The main games screen is optimized for the latest few games and quick access to your game library. Multimedia is also divided into a separate tab where the TV/Video program is displayed

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