Update 1 Funko Pop Review

Update 1 Funko Pop Review – Have you ever seen some of your favorite movie or video game characters with big heads and tiny bodies? If you have one, it’s probably a Funko Pop toy. The company lives and collaborates with some of pop culture’s most famous icons from the movies, TV shows, video games and books you love.

Our Funko Pop review takes a look at the hugely popular toy maker that specializes in these huge pop culture icons from world-renowned franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and nearly every anime on Netflix.

Update 1 Funko Pop Review

Update 1 Funko Pop Review

Catching up with so many iconic pillars of pop culture, it’s no wonder they have over 1M likes on Facebook and 2.6M followers on Instagram. Calling them the popular variety understates how big this toy company is. Their popularity is unmatched because they are also featured

Amazon.com: Funko Pop! Animation One Punch Man Garou 3.75

In this Funko Pop review, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular fan favorites out there and discuss what features the figures come with and what past Funko Pop customers are saying. Finally, we’ll let you know if the brand lives up to the hype and if these products are worth it.

Funko Pop traces its roots to 1998, when the company began selling wacky wobblers to promote the Big Boy restaurant chain in the US. These giant head figures were the brainchild of Mike Becker, who is considered the founder of Funko Pop, but when he teamed up with Freddy Funko, the brand really took off from there.

With its HQ located in Everett, WA, the brand partners with other companies to produce collectible vinyl toys for children and adults. Funko Pop toys are made overseas in places like China and Vietnam.

Before we jump into our Funko Pop review, let’s review some of the benefits of this popular brand of vinyl figures:

Funko.com Is A Source For Stranger Things Figures And More!

When looking at well-made toy toys, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Explore the different options from each fan in our Funko Pop review and see if you want to add any of them to your collection.

Before taking a look at some of your favorite pop culture figures in our Funko Pop review, did you know you can make your own Funko Pop figure? This amazing feature is not well known, but imagine how amazing your loved one will feel when you gift them their very own toy.

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The Custom Funko Pop Customizer is basically a character creation screen that allows you to choose a number of attributes in each of the following categories:

Update 1 Funko Pop Review

Once you’ve decided on all the options for your mini-me, you can now place a custom order for this one-of-a-kind creation. This special one also makes the ultimate gift for that toy lover in your life. Or be an absolute all star for your kids when they act out their own superhero or fantasy!

Funko Pop! Animation: Yu Gi Oh! Yami Bakura Vinyl Figure

The company also sells a variety of Funko Pop anime figures with signature big heads and big eyes. Some of the anime the company is working on are:

Since there are so many collaborations, we can only focus on one of the best-selling figures in this Funko Pop review.

Defend your place from any random demon with the Funko Pop Tanjiro Kamado Demon Slayer figure. This figure really captures Tanjiro’s rage and passion with his angry facial expressions and slicked back hair.

We love the details on this doll: the little sandals, the flowing green and black dress, and the little sword. Tanjiro unsheathed his sword and prepared to strike down any demon that appeared. Vinyl figure stands approximately 4.25″ tall.

Funko Pop Daredevil Exclusive Launches With Variant Comic

For those who don’t know, Demon Slayer stars Tanjiro as he tries to avenge his family members and find a cure for his sister who has turned into a demon. This dark anime will challenge your expectations at every turn!

The Tanjiro Kamado Demon Slayer anime figure costs $12 with a choice of a $4 gift box or a protective clear plastic case for your figure for $8.

The Star Wars Funko Pop collection is quite extensive and instead of covering them all, we’ve chosen one of the best sellers from the Funko site. They offer several characters from the latest Star Wars movies, but we went with the classic furry friend that everyone recognizes and loves in our Funko Pop review.

Update 1 Funko Pop Review

This Funko Pop with Porg Star Wars vinyl figure is a great representation of the Chewbacca character. Brown fur is perfect in color and texture, depending on where you decide to display it.

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Dan The Pixar Fan: Onward: Funko

It was presented in 2017. Even if it’s not your favorite Star Wars movie, you can’t deny how awesome this Funko Pop figure is!

A porg looks like a small penguin with round black eyes, white body fur, black hand fur, and brown fur on top of its crown. It’s head-to-toe adorable and even sweeter because it fits in Chewbacca’s palm.

Chewbacca stands approximately 5” tall and wears brown fur with his signature bandolier across his chest, only missing his bowcaster blaster, which is sadly not part of this Funko figure.

Display this Chewbacca for $12 with the option of a $4 gift box, or get a protective clear plastic case for your figure for $8.

Action Figure Barbecue: Action Figure Review: Mantenna #67 From Pop! Retro Toys: Masters Of The Universe By Funko

Even though Star Wars is an old franchise, Marvel is also popular. Marvel Funko Pop fans are sure to love these comic book characters that are now being brought to life in superhero movies. Funko makes a ton of Marvel heroes for you to choose from, so we’ve featured one of Marvel’s best-selling characters currently available on the Funko site.

Guardians of the Galaxy has a long list of actors and heroes under its delicious sci-fi banner. However, one character stands out – and it’s not human! Funko Pop Groot Guardians of the Galaxy is the character we will be looking at in this section of our Funko Pop review.

This Groot figure is a plant version of the lovable character that grows out of a small pot. Starting at the top of the figure, her attractive plant sprouts act as the figure’s hair. Coming down, the wooden face with big eyes has an infectious smile and every time you notice Groot, it brings joy to your day.

Update 1 Funko Pop Review

Film, and let’s just say that Baby Groot’s dance definitely stole the show. This happy-go-lucky Funko Pop figure is meant to be used as a tree branch decoration and stands 3″ tall.

Pop! Marvel: What If…?

Unlike the other figures featured so far in this Funko Pop review, this one is made of resin and not vinyl. Get this little Groot for $10, or you can buy the keychain version for an extra $5.

When the Harry Potter books and movies captured everyone’s hearts, it was long before the brand Harry Potter was producing Funko Pop figures.

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Again, since there are so many Harry Potter characters to choose from, we’ve gone ahead and picked our favorite bestsellers in this Funko products category.

The legendary boy with the lightning bolt scar, Funko Pop Quidditch Harry is the main character of the Harry Potter franchise, playing the famous broomstick sport. This vinyl figure comes with a lot of detail, making it a truly great choice for any Potter fan.

Review: Lara Croft Funko Pop! Figure

Naturally, Harry came with his signature spectacles and bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. He also carries two very familiar objects – a Nimbus 2000 broom and a golden snitch with its wings open mid-flight. Finally, Harry donned the red robes of the Gryffindor Quidditch team with the house coat of arms on his chest.

Like we said, the detail on this figure is stellar and deserves to sit somewhere in any Potter fan’s home. The Harry Potter figure stands at approximately 4″ and costs $12 with the option of a $4 gift box or a protective clear plastic case for $8 for your figure stand.

The Mandalorian Funko Pop collection has a lot of characters from this TV and we could only pick one to review.

Update 1 Funko Pop Review

While still in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian was a huge hit on Disney+. The series has given us a small cast of unique characters, but one stands above the rest and is simply unforgettable. We’ve included one of the best-selling items from the company’s The Mandalorian catalog in our Funko Pop review.

One Piece Roronoa Zoro Funko Pop, Hobbies & Toys, Toys & Games On Carousell

None other than Baby Yoda, the cutest creature ever to appear in the Star Wars universe! However, we only learn his real name in the Mandalorian seasons. The Funko Pop Grogu with Cookies The Mandalorian figure became a rising star and now holds legendary status among many Star Wars fans.

Funko Pop Grog figure is made of durable vinyl like all Funko Pop products

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