Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans – Welcome to Germany! To help you get set up, you need a local phone number and mobile internet. For this you have two options. Either you get a phone contract that usually binds you for 24 months or you can get a cheap and affordable SIM card in Germany and choose the phone plan that suits you.

To help you choose and not feel overwhelmed by the confusing offers of mobile phone plans out there, we have selected the prepaid SIM cards in Germany in this guide and the best mobile contract providers in Germany in other ways.

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

At the end of the guide, we also offer a bonus option, which is the best of both worlds – a simple free contract, which you can cancel every month. I just switched to this supplier.

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If you’re short on time and just want some answers, here’s an overview of our comparison of prepaid SIM cards in Germany.

❗️Please note: This guide is for anyone moving to Germany. If you’re planning to visit Germany as a tourist, it’s a good idea to get a SIM card directly from one of the three network providers below when you arrive in Germany. German providers do not send international SIM cards.

According to the latest in-depth nationwide survey conducted by Connect magazine, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) is the best internet provider in Germany in terms of internet and phone reception. Vodafone is second and Telefónica (O2) is last.

Telekom, Vodafone, and O2 (owned by Telefónica) are the only three broadband providers in Germany. Deutsche Telekom used to be national and still has the best network. Vodafone and O2 are getting closer to closing the year gap but haven’t done so yet. Below you can see a map of the so-called dark spots of all three German providers (Telekom has 1,448 dark spots, Vodafone has 1,932, and O2 has 2,6000).

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As mentioned earlier, Telekom has the best 4G / LTE coverage and is used, however, to find out which SIM card is the best in Germany for the Internet, you should think about where you live and where you spend most of your time.

To find out which provider is right for your location, you can use the following online checks. Just enter your address.

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In general, Telekom and Vodafone have the most advanced 5G to date and the fastest Internet in general. O2 is used more in urban areas, although less in rural areas. If you live in Berlin and use the metro system a lot, O2 is the best choice, as it is the only network that covers the entire metro system in Berlin.

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

Prepaid SIM cards offer the best value for money when it comes to mobile connectivity in Germany. We’ve selected the top sellers from each network to give you an overview and the best options.

Sim Only Deals

Most of the website is in German; but they are very straight. We recommend using the Chrome Translate to English app for easy navigation.

Lidl Connect is a prepaid mobile service from the German retailer LIDL. It uses the Vodafone network and offers LTE internet speeds. Lidl offers different plans. The original Smart S plan has been rated as the best prepaid plan by leading magazines CHIP and Connect.

The Smart S plan offers unlimited calls and SMS and 3 GB LTE data. It costs 7.99 euros for 4 weeks. The biggest plan, Smart XL brings 12 GB of data for 17, 99. The card costs 9, 99 euros; however it comes with a fee of 10 euros. It is generally free.

When you add your card, you can select the data plan you want to choose from in your Lidl online account. You can change the rates whenever you want or add a data package if needed.

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With Lidl, you can send money yourself every 4 weeks to your account or activate an automatic refund from your bank account or via Paypal for 10 euros, whenever the amount of Yours is less than 10 euros.

I had Lidl Connect and was very happy with the value for money. However, I recently switched to SIMon mobile, the bonus option at the end of the guide.

Aldi Talk is a direct competitor of Lidl, not only in terms of prepaid phone services but also in its core product, the supermarket. Aldi offers similar products to Lidl; however, the main difference is that Aldi uses the O2 network, which is the smallest network in Germany. O2 reception in cities is good, but if you spend a lot of time in the countryside, this isn’t the best choice for you.

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Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

The Paket S plan offers unlimited calls and messages and 3 GB LTE data. It costs 7.99 euros for 4 weeks. The biggest plan, Paket L brings 12 GB of data for 17, 99. The card also costs 9, 99 euros; however, it is prepaid in the amount of 10 euros. So it is also free.

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If you compare mobile phone prices, those using O2 are cheaper than those using Vodafone or Telekom. So Aldi offers the same product at the same price with a smaller and cheaper network.

When you load your card, you can choose the data plan you want to choose from your Aldi account. You can change your plan online, whenever you want.

With Aldi, you can also send money manually every 4 weeks to your account or enter an automatic refund, say 10 euros every time your balance drops below – 10 euros.

Of course, you also have the option of buying a balance card from Aldi supermarkets. You will find them at the cash counter.

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Lebara is the only mobile service provider in Germany, which offers an English website and customer service. Lebara offers prepaid SIM cards as well as postpaid plans with free minutes to call 50 countries abroad! Lebara uses a Telefonica line.

The HELLO! The S Prepaid plan offers unlimited calls and 4 GB LTE data, and includes 50 minutes for calls to 50 foreign countries. The plan costs 9.99 euros for 4 weeks.

Lebara’s biggest prepaid plan is HELLO! Plan XXL Prepaid with 20 GB LTE data, unlimited calls and 1000 free minutes to call 50 countries abroad. The price is 29, 99 euros for 4 weeks. The SIM card is free.

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

With Lebara, you not only have an English tool to easily manage and increase your credit, but also free phone minutes to call your friends and family at home, without the need for internet.

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The SIMon mobile phone is Vodafone’s new model, which aims to compete with prepaid customers. SIMon mobile offers postpaid contracts; however, you can cancel it every month, so you still have your terms.

It is characterized by providing 10GB of data at a speed of 50 Mbits, unlimited calls and texts, and no fees. The main feature is the ability to suspend your contract for 3 months. This is important, whenever you leave Europe to travel. In addition, you now have the option to add 5GB per month for 3 euros forever or at a lower price because you can cancel this addition at the end of the month.

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The price structure is very straightforward. If you do not have a German phone number and want to get a new German phone number, you will pay 11.99 euros per month. If you already have a German phone number and want to switch to a SIMon phone, you have two options:

However, SIMon mobile offers a very good phone plan that is fast, modern, cheap and affordable. This is why I switched to SIMon mobile from LIDL connect. Almost the same price but you get 10 GB of data instead of 3 GB – that’s what I call value for money.

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💡No ID verification required! Another advantage of SIMon phones is that if you order your SIM card online, you don’t need to go through the IDENT video process to identify yourself. The card is activated when it is received in your mailbox.

Disclaimer: Paypal or credit card payments are not accepted. The most common method of payment is direct debit at the time of purchase. You can also transfer the paid amount to your Vodafone bank account every month.

Follow the link from one of the four mentioned retailers (Lidl Connect, Aldi Talk, Lebara, and SIMon mobile) to buy a SIM card online. You must enter your German address, and the card will usually arrive in 2-3 days by post.

Unlimited Data Sim Only Plans

You can buy Lidl Connect and Aldi Talk in individual stores. You can find some prepaid SIM cards at gas stations, kiosks and electronics stores.

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Once you have your card in your hand, you need to move it. As of July 2017, all SIMs are prepaid

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