Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World – Mobile phones are a necessity in our daily lives. Cell phones vary widely in price, from the cheapest phones in the world to the most expensive phones in the world. In today’s society, there is nothing that people are more attached to than their mobile phones. A person’s mobile phone is his portal to everything that is happening in his life. With recent advancements in technology, it now seems like your phone can do everything a computer can do. No wonder your phone sells for so much money. If you’re in the market for a full-featured phone, you should expect to spend a lot of money.

The iPhone Princess Plus has a feature that is not much different from other Apple iPhones, making this phone one of the 10 most expensive phones in the world. This iPhone was designed by the famous Austrian designer Peter Aloisson. In addition to gold, this unique iPhone model features no less than 138 princess-cut diamonds and 180 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a weight of 16.50 – 17.75. According to Peter Aloisson, the quality of these diamonds is the best, so having such a machine is amazing. Its price is $176,400.

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

By quantity. Sony Ericsson ranks 9th among the most expensive black diamond phones in the world. Jaren Goh created this stylish concept for Sony. Features mirror details, polycarbonate mirror and organic LED technology. Of course, when it comes to Sony, no one can challenge the performance of the screen. It is decorated with two diamonds, one on the navigation button and the other on the back of the phone. The phone is priced at $300,000.

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobilephones In The World

Vertu Signature Cobra ranks eighth among the most expensive phones in the world. The designs are very special, with a cobra snake shape on the side of the phone. Designed by French jeweler Boucheron, this rugged phone features a pear-cut diamond, a round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. The phone is priced at $310,000.

This phone comes from the traditional luxury brand Gresso and is called the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. The phone was launched in Switzerland in 2005. It is made of pure gold weighing 180 grams. The back is made from African back wood that is over 200 years old. This wood is the most expensive wood in the world. Its keys are made of sapphire crystal. And it costs a whopping $1 million.

The smartphone is based on Windows CE and designed by luxury accessories manufacturer Peter Aloisson. This unique piece of art is worth $1.3 million and is considered the most expensive mobile phone in the world. The cover of this model is decorated with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are rare blue. Apart from that, it also has several parts made of bright gold color. It also provides protection against technical capture and capture.

Goldvish “Le Million” is designed by famous designer Emmanuel Gueit, who has designed many luxury watches and jewelry. The most luxurious and expensive mobile phone “Le Million” Piece Unique has been launched in Switzerland. This mobile phone was named the world’s most expensive mobile phone by Guinness World Records in September 2006 at the Millionaire’s Fair in Cannes, France. It’s often called the world’s most expensive phone, priced at $1.3 million, and the same goes for this designer phone’s 18k-accented white gold. 20 carat VVS1 diamond.

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The fourth most expensive phone in the world is still powered by a variant of the iPhone called the King Button iPhone 3G. The famous Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson is the creator of this phone. The phone is set with 138 diamonds and is worth $2.4 million. A beautiful 6.6-carat white diamond serves as the home button, enhancing the beauty of this phone.

The third most expensive phone in the world, Apple’s iPhone variant, the Supreme iPhone 3G costs $3,200,000. The iPhone 3GS Supreme has a case made of 271 grams of solid 22k gold and houses the screen. Cut from 53 1 carat diamonds. Additionally, the Home button is covered with a rare 7.1-carat diamond. But that’s not all, the iPhone 3GS Supreme’s chest is sculpted from a single block of granite and sports Kashmir Gold, with the interior lining made of top-grain nubuck leather.

The second most expensive iPhone in the world to date is the 32 GB iPhone 4 Diamond Rose designed by Stuart Hughes. The phone’s frame, estimated at R8 million, is made from roses and about 500 flawless diamonds, totaling more than 100 carats. The back is also in red gold, with an additional 53 diamonds emblazoned across the Apple logo, while the front navigation buttons are in platinum and set with either a 7.4-carat pink translucent diamond or an 8-carat rare flawless diamond in the center. Additionally, it ranks second on our list of the most expensive phones.

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

Another Stuart Hughes phone. He crafted the iPhone 5 out of gold and black diamonds, making it the most expensive smartphone in the world. The handcrafted installation took 9 weeks to build and complete. The phone’s case is said to be made of solid 24-karat gold, with the Apple logo and edges encrusted with 600 white diamonds. And the home button contains a 26-carat black diamond. A Chinese billionaire owns the world’s most expensive smartphone.

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Believe! Enjoy the world’s most expensive smartphones and high-end mobile phones listed above. How does it feel to own this phone? How much are you willing to pay? You want to own the “Black Diamond iPhone 5” – the most expensive phone ever. Cost approximately $15.3 million. Another phone from Stuart Hughes, the Diamond Rose iPhone, ranked second at $8 million. The Supreme Gold striker’s iPhone came in third place with a price tag of $3.2 million. Likewise, King’s iPhone 3G Button ranked fourth with $2.4 million.

These are among the most expensive phones in the world. Additionally, these are some of the most exclusive and luxurious phones around. You may also want to check out the list of the most expensive watches in the world.

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Year after year, the prices of high-end smartphones continue to rise. It all started in 2017 with the iPhone X, the first premium phone to cross the Rs 1 lakh mark, and ever since then, phones have become increasingly more expensive. In 2019, with more innovation from leading smartphone companies, we expect higher-end phones to cost more. As high-end smartphone prices continue to rise, here are the 15 most expensive devices of all time:

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The latest variant of Apple iPhone XS Max with 512GB storage is the most expensive iPhone launched in India, priced at Rs 1, 44, 900.

Vertu returns to the market with the Aster P. The phone starts at $5,000 (nearly Rs. 3.79 lakh) and those who want the gold-plated model will have to shell out $14,146 (nearly Rs. 10.44). One hundred thousand).

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Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

The iPhone XS 512GB mini storage model is priced around Rs 1.35 lakh in India, making it the second most expensive iPhone launched in the country.

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Huawei recently launched its new Mate 20 series, with the Porsche-designed Mate 20 RS basically being the Mate 20 Pro. It’s designed for those who are die-hard fans of the brand and can’t afford to be. It is priced at EUR 2,095, which translates to Rs 1.77 lakh.

The new Caviar iPhone XS series features an iPhone on one side and a mechanical watch on the other. The body is engraved with images and graphics in polished titanium or gold. The Titanium, Gold and Black editions are priced at $6, 320 (approximately Rs. 4.60 lakh) and $7,160 (approximately Rs. 5.26 lakh) respectively. The standard design iPhone XS Max will cost you $230 (approximately Rs. 16, 600) more.

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