Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

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Xbox is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year after two decades of hugely successful games. Due to their immense popularity, there are now endless gifts and novelties available for Xbox gamers.

Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

We’ve rounded up some of the best gift ideas for Xbox fans, from fun Xbox-themed gifts to practical accessories for your gaming rig.

The 27 Best Anniversary Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Add some style to your gaming setup with this LED Xbox stand. With seven color options and a multi-color setting, it can be an elegant way to customize your settings to your liking. Colors and brightness can be adjusted using the buttons on the base.

The base has four strips of eight LEDs that are powered directly from the Xbox’s USB port. It also has a spare USB port and an additional USB-C port so you can connect devices to the console even when it’s docked. The base construction allows ventilation from the console, and the base itself adds an extra layer of strength to the console. upright console.

A new special edition controller has been released to celebrate the Xbox’s 20th anniversary. The wireless controller harkens back to the original Xbox with its transparent shell and silver internals. The green handles and “20” on the front make this Xbox a unique product and a special gift for anyone who loves the brand.

The controller is battery powered and has a battery life of up to 40 hours. It has a hybrid D-pad that allows for extra precision in the game. It also has textured grips on the triggers, fenders, and rear case, so it could be a solid choice for a controller upgrade.

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Series, standing on a light-filled Xbox stand, arms outstretched to hold smartphones, controllers or other tech.

If that gamer in your life loves hot drinks, especially while gaming, you can’t go wrong with this Xbox themed mug. This attractive Paladone mug is heat sensitive. Cool, it features the button-filled black design of the iconic Xbox controller. When warmed up, the design changes to a bright green Xbox logo with a detailed illustration of the controller.

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An officially licensed mug would make a great collectible gift for any die-hard Xbox gamer. It’s ceramic, holds 300ml and would look great on a gamer’s table.

Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

Give the gift of gaming this year with a monthly Xbox Game Pass membership. Xbox Game Pass gives gamers access to more than 100 games that they can stream or download to their console, along with all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

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It looks almost exactly like the legendary Xbox controller, but it’s actually an alarm clock. This time and date display would make a fun and novel gift for Xbox gamers.

Whether used as an alarm clock or simply as a clock, it’s a fun yet functional gift idea.

With two rechargeable batteries, the Venom Charging Station is a great practical accessory for any gamer. The dock allows for easy charging – just place the controllers to let them charge.

For solo players, the dual station can ensure that the battery never runs out. Plus, it’s a convenient way for console sharers to play together to make sure their controllers are always ready.

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To show how much Xbox lights up their life, why not give that special someone an Xbox Logo Light? It works the same as the console: you touch the light and it turns on.

It can be powered by 3 AA batteries or the USB cable included in the box. It’s also made from Breakdown Plastic, a naturally degradable plastic that can help reduce landfill waste.

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Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

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By entering your information, you agree to our terms and privacy policy. You can unsubscribe at any time. I know you have a geek geek lover in your life (or maybe you do) – and aren’t they the best? Not only are avid video gamers always up to date with all the latest technological gadgets and gear, but they also usually have a unique internet sense of humor that even your favorite standup comedian can’t touch. So when it comes to gifting them, I know you want to spoil them to the core. That’s why I’ve come up with 25 cool gifts for gamers that are sure to be on every gamer’s wish list.

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No, you don’t actually need to know anything about video game culture to treat your loved ones to one of these must-haves.

Okay, yes, it would be useful to know what gaming consoles they have. (Imagine dropping some serious cash on some awesome game only to find out it’s not compatible with their Mac… Tragic.) But other than that, you should be prepared because these gamer gift ideas are pretty universal

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These new Logitech headphones. It’s made from a soft headband (that’s for glasses and earrings!) and I can totally make it my own by swapping out the ear pads and mic stand for different colors (hello, peachy pink and matcha green).

Give the gift of Pac-Man or another classic arcade game with this vintage-inspired t-shirt to rekindle that sense of nostalgia.

The gift of reliable and fast internet keeps on giving. With this little guy, they can extend their internet service to reach every corner of their home and stream, download and play on multiple devices at the same time. Never again will he utter the dreaded words, “I’m behind.”

Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

Enhance their coffee table with this comprehensive book about the classic Nintendo system and its games. And if you want to make it a really great gift, give them the whole set with Volume 2!

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Maybe they’d love a custom Xbox controller, and you can gift one through the Xbox Design Lab! Just let them design the controller of their dreams on the website (they can choose from many different colors, finishes, button styles and rubber grips – plus they can even personalize it with their gamer tag). When they’re done and added to their cart, ask them to send you a screenshot of the “View Details” section. From there you can create it to your liking and send it directly to them.

With this removable dry erase board, they can turn any wall or door into a giant Gameboy. I mean, name a cooler place to list your tasks and reminders. Waiting.

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Sitting upright for hours on end can be uncomfortable for anyone. Don’t let their beloved hobby cause back problems later in life. Instead, give them this stylish ergonomic gaming chair to keep them as comfortable as possible when they play day or night.

If you’re really stumped on what to get, you can never go wrong with a membership or game ticket. This three-month option with Xbox gives them access to Xbox Live Gold and more than 100 premium games. Of course, if they don’t have an Xbox, don’t worry; other consoles such as Nintendo or Playstation also make their own membership and gift cards.

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A dead controller is the absolute worst for a gamer. So make sure it never happens again with this dual max charger. I can play up to 45 hours (!!) on a full charge, and it comes with extra rechargeable batteries just in case.

Etsy has tons of sweet video game merchandise. I’m sure you’ll find something that matches their favorite franchises

If they always carry the Switch with them everywhere, make sure they have a (cute) protective case to carry it.

Things To Buy Gamer Boyfriend

I’m just saying they need to protect those precious eyeballs from getting tired when they spend all that time staring at a screen!

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Chances are they won’t be using their phone whenever they’re playing – why not give them a nice charging station/place for their cell phone?

Honestly, LED lights behind their TV would make games and even movie nights a lot cooler.

True PC gamers know that small mouse pads on almost any surface just won’t cut it. So get them a giant one that even lights up.

This super hard cushion costs a lot less than an ergonomic gaming chair! Your wallet and theirs

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