Note 10 Plus 5g Review

Note 10 Plus 5g Review

Note 10 Plus 5g Review – In recent years, Samsung Notes has gained a reputation as a giant phone that is very fun. This phablet competes in a league of its own and can appeal to both casual users and dedicated devotees who appreciate the productivity-focused tools, extra-large screen, and premium features it offers. (Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review+)

The new Galaxy Note 10+ pushes the boundaries in every way. And just in case you hesitate to accept the plus size, Samsung also has the Note 10 as a backup, but it is clearly marked that the Note 10+ is more powerful than the two.

Note 10 Plus 5g Review

Note 10 Plus 5g Review

The new Notes will face different challenges than its predecessors. The smartphone landscape has changed dramatically since Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note, and many of the series’ unique features are popular now. For example, consumers are now accustomed to large screens with odd proportions and minimal bezels in all budgets. Also, powerful hardware including Qualcomm’s flagship chips are available in more affordable flagship phones and in the newer generation of dedicated gaming phones.

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In this environment, Samsung Note lineup still exist? In our Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review, we will share our experiences and opinions in detail, and try to answer whether Samsung’s 2019 flagship is a good buy or not.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with environmentally friendly packaging (no plastic and recycled paper). As for the contents of the box, the biggest omission is the audio jack with Type-c dongle. Here’s what you get in the Note 10 Plus box.

Samsung Notes have always been unusually large, but for good reason. The idea is (or at least it is) to offer more real estate than the average phone to fit more content, which is useful for, among other things, improving the performance of real work on the phone. Now that traditional phones are big enough, does the revamped Note 10+ finally feel silly? After living with the phone, we say no.

In terms of size, the new Note is larger than the Note 9 that completes it as well as the OnePlus 7 Pro that seems to go too far, but it is the smaller of the two, with a higher screen. ratio, and is lighter notice. In fact, the Note 10 Plus is lighter than its sibling, the Galaxy S10.

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We don’t appreciate Samsung’s craftsmanship with the Galaxy S10 enough, not until we sift through 2019 phones that can’t be matched in terms of ergonomics. The Galaxy Note 10+ showcases the same brilliance and it’s amazing how fast this phone grows with its massive 6.8-inch screen size.

It should be noted that the display is wider than usual to make a note that is outstanding and imposing. It’s a small detail that adds to the notesy feel, something fans of the series will definitely appreciate.

We have the Aura Glow color option with us and the effect is very elegant. The phone is mostly silver blue, but it reflects different colors with the light falling on it. The look is not that different from the ceramic finish we have on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus.

Note 10 Plus 5g Review

If you still have reservations or want a smaller phone, Samsung has a smaller and lighter Note 10 that lacks some important features, but you can’t live without it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Preview: Everything We Know So Far

Note 10 and Note 10+ lack a 3.5mm audio jack. The fact that this omission is on the card helps reduce the damage. The AKG Type-C and wireless headphones I’ve used lose some of that, but I still prefer wired headphones on the go, and on the Note 10 you won’t be able to charge and connect wired headphones at the same time.

Samsung has also removed the Bixby button or power button this year. What used to be the Bixby button doubles as the power button. The one-button approach makes sense, but we prefer that switch on the right edge. Samsung added the option to configure this controversial button as a regular power button, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The side frame is made of aluminum, which is the same as last year’s Note 9. Based on our experience with last year’s Note, the aluminum frame is nothing to worry about (our Note9 survived a nasty drop). Speaking of durability, the Note 10+ is also IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.

Just like in the Galaxy S10 series, the 3D touch home button (which we really like) has been replaced with an ultrasonic sensor on the display. The good thing is that the fingerprint sensor in the display is now located away from the bottom, which makes it much easier to access.

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Samsung’s ultrasonic sensor has its advantages, but it’s still slower and more inconsistent than the optical sensors we’ve tried on OnePlus and Huawei phones. Face Lock is relatively quick, but it’s still a two-step process because you’ll need to press the power button first.

As expected, Samsung uses a high-quality 2K AMOLED panel in the Note 10. The screen is HDR10+ compliant and protected by Gorilla Glass 6. It is a pleasure to consume multimedia content on the Note 10+ and enjoy bright colors and accurate details. while streaming HD content. The quality is from Netflix (yes, of course, the phone is DRM L1 certified).

The plastic film screen protector on our review unit wasn’t done properly, and the placement of the cutouts was a little off, which is probably why the circular notch in the middle looked a little distracting at times. We still like the continuous screen, but the slight deviation of the record is not a big deal and we will not have another cut out. The status bar on the left side of the selfie camera shows the app notification icon (it goes with 5 icons) and the right side is for the system settings icon.

Note 10 Plus 5g Review

Samsung didn’t add DC Dimming to the panel and like other AMOLED screens, the Note 10+ uses PWM to control the brightness which can make using the phone in the dark a nuisance for those who are sensitive to flicker.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

The good thing is that the default color profile on the Note 10+ is set to Natural instead of Vivid which comes with improved colors and relatively cool whites. A higher refresh rate would be better, but we don’t think a 60Hz refresh rate screen on a flagship is a deal breaker these days.

The iconic S Pen gets a new design and a six-axis gyroscope. Until last year, the S Pen was structurally weak at the joint between Samsung’s trademark silver click bar and the rest of the stylus. This is where the S Pen breaks under pressure (or maybe falls a little, as many users claim).

The S Pen on the Note 10+ has a continuous unibody design and should be more durable. However, used plastic feels cheaper. The S Pen gets some new features in air commands and can recognize gestures (up, down, clockwise and counterclockwise). However, we have to do a lot for these gestures to work. You will have to press the S Pen button before using the gesture and this will trigger the dedicated tap and double tap gesture unintentionally.

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Suffice it to say, the gesture of the S Pen is disgusting. While the new S Pen is more durable, it’s not smarter than what we had last year for all practical purposes. However, the software related to the S Pen in the phone is. Note 10+ can detect what you write and turn it into a Word document. The S Pen Air command that pops up whenever you draw has also been improved.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Vs. Galaxy S10 Plus

I, for one, draw the S Pen a lot when we are doing office work on our phone or in other situations when we need a precise touch (such as when using WordPress in the phone’s browser or when we change websites to their desktop interface while using. Chrome android).

Features such as Glance, Magnify, and the option to use the S Pen as a remote shutter release or the ability to quickly record even on the sleep screen are sometimes very useful. Augmented reality pictures are also fun. But what makes the S Pen absolutely indispensable is signing documents on the go. This is a legitimate claim of the company and it is sometimes cited by us as the only reason to buy Samsung Notes.

Performance, even over a long period of time, has not been a problem with Samsung’s flagship since the Galaxy S9. The Note 10+ is adept at handling demanding applications, including vigorous gaming and multitasking. This should not be surprising because Samsung is using higher quality hardware, which is the Exynos 9825 based on the 7nm process which is now paired with the fastest UFS 3.0 storage on the phone and 12GB of RAM for the base model. Unlike the smaller Note 10, the Note 10+ gets a dedicated card slot.

Note 10 Plus 5g Review

An interesting new addition is Samsung Dex support on PC. Only owned by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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