Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update – This guide assumes you are already on firmware 1.5- the update process is exactly the same even if you are not on 1.5 and can still be followed.

DJI has released an important battery firmware update v1.6.0040 for the Phantom 3 Pro and Higher. It is strongly recommended that you apply this update to all batteries.

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

1. Firmware update v1.6.0040 is for Battery and MC only if you are already using 1.5. Checking the logs will show that the BATTERY (11) and MC (03) modules have been updated (if you haven’t already updated to 1.5.30). Subsequent battery updates will only show the BATTERY (11) unit as updated in the logs.

Troubleshooting Firmware Update Errors

2. The initial battery and MC update takes about 7 minutes if you are already on 1.5 and about 20 minutes otherwise. Subsequent batteries take about two minutes to update.

3. You will need to repeat the process for each battery you have (the DJI GO app will prompt you if the battery needs to be replaced).

4. The distinctive points of this firmware are as follows: a. Improved battery performance in low temperature condition, to avoid the rare problem of battery switching off in the air due to trigger protection.

5. DJI GO will display the aircraft firmware as 1.5.30+ (now 1.6.40) after the update is completed successfully (note the + symbol to distinguish from 1.5.30).

Dji Phantom 4 Advanced Repair Refresh Policy

6: It is recommended to update to firmware 1.5 before installing this update although this firmware contains all the updates that 1.5 did).

Make sure the smart flight battery has at least 50% power and the SD card is formatted using the DJI GO app (not a requirement 99% of the time but it doesn’t do any harm) .

2. Insert the SD card into your computer. Extract the downloaded firmware .BIN file to the root directory of the SD card. Remove the SD card from your computer.

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

Make sure the plane and controller are off, then insert the SD card into the card slot on the camera.

Phantom 3 Tutorials Upgrading The Aircraft Firmware On The Phantom 3 By Dji Support 大疆服务| Skypixel

Note: The video shows downloading firmware 1.3.20 for Phantom 3 Professional, you will need to download the latest version (v1.6.0036 for Pro/Advanced) for your specific model.

1. Make sure the remote control is turned off and then the airplane is on. The upgrade will start automatically after the aircraft is switched on.

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Note: The update time and exact sequence of event relays differs from the video, so use it as a reference only.

The update takes about 10 minutes to complete the first time (MC and battery will be updated). Sub-batteries take about 2 minutes.

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Note: During the firmware upgrade, the lights on the Phantom arms will flash different colors, beep in different patterns, and the gimbal may move and become weak. This is all normal so ignore it. Only when the light on the front of the axle goes out

When the light on the axis is SOLID GREEN (and you hear a DA…DADA sound), turn the Phantom off by quickly pressing and releasing the power button, then immediately press and hold for 2 seconds .

2. Check the upgrade status by opening the automatically generated “.txt” file on the SD card after the update (you need to reconnect the SD card to your computer for that). The last line in the LOG file should contain the word ‘Success’.

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

There is also another LOG file in a hidden directory on the SD card called /MISC/LOG. This file contains more detailed information about each hardware unit in the updated P3. Useful if something goes wrong.

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Additional battery firmware updates will appear like this in the hidden log file (modules to be updated are marked

Although this is just a battery update, it is recommended to perform the normal calibration after any firmware update.

1. Calibrate the IMU (even if the app says you don’t need to). Try running the IMU when the Phantom is cool and on a flat surface.

3. calibrate the remote control unit. This step is optional as the console will beep and indicate in the app if it needs calibration. No harm in doing this though.

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4. Before flying, calibrate the compass. Make sure you do this away from metals, magnets and other ferrous objects (in a large open field with grass only).

A. When the update fails, you get a constant red light and a squeal that hurts your head. Here is a short video showing the results of a failed update (in this case the BIN file was corrupt)

B. Make sure you have one firmware package file stored on your SD card at any time.

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Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

Dr. Only storage devices formatted for FAT32 and exFAT file systems are supported for remote control and aircraft firmware updates.

File:dji Phantom 3 Advanced In Its Box (6439).jpg

F. Turn on Airplane mode on your mobile device before updating the firmware on the console, as any incoming calls may interrupt the update process.

G. Don’t update the firmware while the plane is in the air (I can’t imagine anyone even doing that).

H. Be sure to update the remote control firmware to the latest version after upgrading the aircraft firmware (if required).

I. The remote control may be disconnected from the aircraft after the update. Reconnect the remote control and the aircraft.

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J. Confirm the update results based on the flashing pattern of the camera status indicator or the sound of the gimbal. It is normal for the aircraft to beep or the LED indicator flashes during the update process.

K. Always check logs whether they are complete or not. Subsequent reboots of the P3 with the firmware on the card will record “abort” given that the firmware is the same. If you get this, the update probably worked properly. Any concerns, post logs on this topic or support.

If, after following this guide, you are still unable to update the firmware or experience any issues, please report back by commenting in this thread.

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

My only disappointment with this release is that the only undo option is the one with known defects for 1.5.30

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I’m happily working on 1.4.10 because I have a third party app that plays well with that and not so much with 1.5.30

Mike.wildlight Posted 2015-12-22 19:55 Great job again Sploodge. My only disappointment with this release is that the only undo option is…

Keep in mind that this update addresses important aspects of battery management related to flying in cold weather (and in general IMO)… I’m not sure which third party apps it doesn’t work with 1.5 (I use Litchi and AutoPilot)

CaveDrone Posted 2015-12-22 19:38 Once again, you’re the guy! I really hope you get paid for what you do, this…

Dji Phantom 3 Crashes: How To Avoid

I am not a DJI employee or representative and have no affiliation with DJI other than being a customer like most of the customers here.

Thanks for the information I just did the update, it took about 10 minutes for the first battery and less than 3 minutes for the other two. My screenshot below

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Starting at the point where the update goes fine, after success (solid green), do I shut down, remove the battery, insert the new battery, and then turn it on ?

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

Or do I need to remove the SD card as well with first battery records and P3 update? Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I never understood it… and now I have two batteries.

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Also, will the P3 bypass refresh, when the second battery is booted and inserted, automatically refreshing only the battery?

Sploodge Posted 2015-12-23 06:05 Mention the fact that this update addresses important aspects of battery management…

Yes I agreed, 1.4.10 doesn’t seem to have battery issues (or not as bad) as 1.5.30, I usually flash early firmware as it usually means fixes and features, but with the this product I take care of to exercise extra care body.

I’m using MapPilot which has some issues with 1.5.30 which will be addressed in the latest version, not sure if changes in 1.6.40 will affect it.

Dji Phantom 3 Vision Professional

Besides how do you find autopilot? Some of the teaser videos look very interesting, but when I look at their main site, it seems that the released app is very limited.

Mordor Posted 2015-12-22 20:28 Just a newbie question … I know the whole update process, however, I have two batteries now. star…

Yes, turn it off, insert a new battery and turn it on again…wait for it to get the green coaxial light and a DA-DA.DA sound (takes about 2 minutes).

Dji Phantom Advanced Firmware Update

If you have any problems doing this (very rare), delete everything except the firmware file from the SD card.

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Pmason718 Posted on 2015-12-22 20:16 Thanks for the info I did the update which took about 10 minutes for the first battery and less…

How “cool” is it to calibrate the IMU? It’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’ll probably put it outside for 5 minutes and then calibrate.

Jackamick Posted on 2015-12-22 20:40 How “cold” is it

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